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Samsung Galaxy AI Watch with One UI 6 Software Update

Samsung Galaxy AI Watch

With the release of the Galaxy S24 series earlier this year, Samsung heralded the arrival of the mobile AI age and promised to expand the reach of Galaxy AI over a larger variety of devices. As promised, Samsung is now improving the well-liked health functions of the Galaxy AI Watch with Galaxy AI. Samsung is moving towards creating some of the most individualised and secure health experiences to date by fusing potent on-device AI with the comprehensive Samsung Health app.

Higher Intelligence for More Motivation and Holistic Understanding

Using insightful and useful data to help you better understand your health trends is the first step in Samsung’s ambition to provide an upgraded health and wellness experience. Now that Galaxy AI and Samsung AI Health have been combined, new health features will give you more thorough health information and inspirational support to help you enhance your everyday wellness.

Through a combined analysis of personal health metrics, such as sleep time average, consistency, bed/wake time consistency, sleep timing, activity the day before, sleeping heart rate, and heart rate variability, Energy Score helps you take on your day by providing you with a better understanding of your daily condition. Additionally, Wellness Tips assists you in achieving your individual health objectives by providing motivational advice, insights, and direction tailored to your particular aim.

Samsung's ambition to provide an upgraded health and wellness experience
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Increased Accuracy and Precision

The most intelligent health experiences are built on the foundation of precise and thorough health metrics. When paired with AI, improved health algorithms and cutting-edge tracking systems will offer more comprehensive, tailored, and useful insights.

As getting a good night’s sleep is essential for overall health, Samsung is improving its sleep AI algorithm to offer more detailed sleep insights. In order to help you better understand your sleep patterns and develop healthier habits, newly enhanced sleep indicators for Sleep Insights provide you with a more thorough and precise study of your sleep quality. Along with previously supported measurements including blood oxygen level, sleep cycle, and snoring hours, these additional metrics include movement during sleep, heart rate, respiration rate, and sleep latency.

New fitness features, which are typically offered by extremely sophisticated equipment, provide intelligent and simple physical capacity measures for more individualised training. New comprehensive Aerobic Threshold (AT) / Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) Heart Rate Zone measures assist efficient running while also providing fast performance analysis, in addition to the five running intensity levels of the Personalised Health Rate Zone.

Additionally, cyclists can maximise performance with a personalised power index based on AI data analysis and train like pros by calculating Functional Threshold Power (FTP) metrics in just 10 minutes. You may more conveniently track your workouts and development with the aid of fitness tracking tools. Combine different exercises for a customised workout with the new Workout Routine, and move fluidly to the next activity without pausing. Using Race to compare your present and previous performance on the same routes can help you stay motivated and track your development whether you’re running or cycling.

According to Junho Park, vice president and head of Samsung Electronics’ MX Business Galaxy Ecosystem Product Planning Team, “we’re looking to open up all new possibilities with optimised and connected experiences that offer users greater personalisation and intelligence” by extending the power of Galaxy AI throughout the ecosystem. “This process is just getting started, and they can’t wait to show off even more integrations across our Galaxy portfolio very soon,” said the company, introducing Galaxy AI to the Galaxy Watch.

Later this year, One UI 6 Watch, the next generation of Galaxy Watches, will include these new functions. Beginning in June, a select group of Galaxy Watch owners will get early access to the beta programme. This is just a small sample of what Galaxy AI Watch users may expect from us; they are eager to demonstrate the full potential of Galaxy AI in conjunction with the cutting-edge hardware enhancements that the upcoming Galaxy AI Watch series will bring. Keep checking back for more.

Certain Samsung AI capabilities could need logging into your Samsung account. Regarding the correctness, comprehensiveness, or dependability of the output produced by AI features, Samsung makes no claims, warranties, or guarantees. Galaxy AI functions may not be available on all device models. Free Galaxy AI features will be available on compatible Samsung Galaxy devices till the end of 2025. For third-party AI functionality, different terminology might apply.

Only intended for general well-being and physical conditioning. Compatible with Android smartphones running OS Android 10 or higher; Samsung Health app version 6.27 or higher is needed. The Samsung account must be logged in. The Samsung Health app must be synchronised with the health data tracked from the Galaxy AI Watch (Galaxy Watch4 or later released Galaxy AI Watch series) in order to verify the Energy Score. requires at least the activity, sleep, and heart rate data from the day before.

Not meant to take the place of conventional techniques for diagnosis or treatment.

Compatible with Android smartphones running OS Android 10 or higher; Samsung Health app version 6.27 or higher is needed. The Samsung account must be logged in. Not meant to be used for any medical condition’s detection, diagnosis, or treatment. The outcome is solely for your personal use. For advice, please see a medical practitioner.

When choosing an outdoor run activity, the Heart Rate Zone personalisation option is enabled. It must run steadily for over ten minutes at a speed of at least four kilometres per hour.

A power metre needs to be linked to a Galaxy smartphone in order to measure personalised FTP. The Galaxy AI Watch must be connected to a smartphone in order to compute a more precise FTP. When pedalling at a mid-to-high intensity level for longer than four minutes while wearing a cycling power metre mounted to your bicycle, the FTP is automatically computed. More people that bike frequently will result in more precise and customised FTP values being calculated through machine learning. You can purchase the cycling power metre separately. On professional equipment, the typical FTP study takes up to one hour.

Only outdoor cycling and running are eligible for the race. That needs to run on the same path as the pre-generated path in order to compare measurements. By choosing a record from a period of up to 14 days ago, users can compare. Only when beginning at the same place as the prior record’s start point may records be compared via the Race. If the starting points differ, it will automatically switch to the running mode.

Users of the Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic, Galaxy Watch5, Galaxy Watch5 Pro, Galaxy Watch6, and Galaxy Watch6 Classic in the US and Korea will get access to a single UI 6 Watch beta programme through the Samsung Members app.

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