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Alleged Galaxy FE Watch: Affordable Samsung Watch

Samsung makes many smartphones. Besides phones, it releases smartwatches, earphones, etc. Samsung’s Watch series is popular among smartwatches.

Galaxy FE Watch

The fact that the Watch series smartwatches have amazing features is one of the primary reasons for the great sales of these units. Have discovered significant hints about Samsung’s next wristwatch, the Samsung Galaxy FE Watch (Fan Edition). It is anticipated that this next wristwatch model would have capabilities like to those seen in the Galaxy Watch 4.

There were rumours that Samsung may rerelease the Watch 4 and Tab S6 Lite in 2024. Indeed, a new CPU was included in the Tab S6 Lite product introduction. It is important to note that the latest iteration of the Watch 4 has not yet been released. The Android Headlines team is discovering startling features regarding this wristwatch, despite the fact that there is currently no information available about it. Under the moniker “Galaxy FE Watch,” the revised version of the Galaxy Watch 4 will be made available to consumers.

Galaxy FE Watch will be sold worldwide, including in the U.S. and Korea. For the new smartwatch, the model numbers are SM-R866F, U, N. Each model number ends with F, U, or N, representing Global, U.S., or Korea. Furthermore, the model number of the Galaxy Watch 4 is SM-R860F. The model numbers’ resemblance indicates that a new Galaxy Watch 4 version will be released.

Regarding functionality and style in particular, they anticipate that the Galaxy Watch FE will resemble the Galaxy Watch 4. It’s quite probable that the wristwatch will have a circular shape, a revolving bezel, and Google Wear OS.

All of these capabilities and an affordable pricing are anticipated for Samsung’s Galaxy Watch FE when it launches. Users on a tighter budget will therefore be able to get a smartwatch that has the newest technologies. A fan edition of the Galaxy Watch is denoted by the letter “FE” at the end of the name. Price must be kept low for a Samsung Watch that is only available to Samsung fans. The Galaxy FE Watch will be much anticipated by those searching for a smartwatch that combines the newest technologies with an economical price tag.

Galaxy Watch FE

Smart watch OLED

The Organic Light-Emitting Diode is OLED. High-end smartwatches use it for its benefits:

Organic materials glow as an electric current runs through OLED panels, creating rich colours and deep blacks. Pixels may be entirely turned off for genuine blacks and great contrast. Screen lettering and colours are crisper and richer.

OLED panels are thinner and lighter than LCD displays in certain smartwatches. Manufacturers can make slimmer, more comfortable smartwatches.

OLED pixels only light up when required, saving electricity compared to LCD panels. This helps smartwatches which need to maximise battery life.

OLED technology has downsides for smartwatches

With continuous usage on static features like the watch face, OLED displays may burn in picture. A faint ghost image of the watch face persists when a different picture is shown. Most smartwatches have burn-in prevention features.

Manufacturing OLED panels costs more than LCD screens. This is evident in smartwatch prices, with OLED models running more than LCD ones.

So, although OLED has a better viewing experience and better battery life, it has drawbacks. Your preferences and money determine the best smartwatch display technology.

Below is a summary of their current understanding:

Comparable to Galaxy Watch4: The Galaxy Watch FE should feature comparable specifications. This means it may have the same display size (1.2 or 1.4 inches), weight, and most health metrics sensors.

More Affordable: The pricing is going to be the primary element that differentiates the FE from the Watch4 in terms of its affordability. In order to make it simpler for individuals to join the market for smartwatches, it is anticipated that the FE will be a pocket-friendly alternative. You may think of it as the Samsung equivalent of the Apple Watch in SE form.

Release and Specifications: Samsung has not yet provided an official statement on the FE Watch. It is anticipated to launch in 2024, perhaps ahead of the next generation of Galaxy Watch series(Watch 7). Its precise specifications are similarly unknown, although rumours suggest that it will prominently include features from the Watch4.

If it comes out, the Samsung Galaxy FE Watch might be a terrific low-cost wristwatch with plenty of features. This is merely rumours, so they will have to wait for Samsung’s official announcement.


Is the Galaxy Watch FE real?

Rumours and leaks claim Samsung’s Galaxy Watch FE exists.

What does FE stand for?

FE may be “Fan Edition” like Samsung’s Fan Edition phones, which are cheaper flagships.

What will the Galaxy Watch FE be similar to?

A number of features, like as display size, sensors, and potentially even battery life, are anticipated to be shared by the Galaxy Watch4 and the Watch FE.

How will the Galaxy Watch FE be different?

Most certainly, the price is the most significant difference. In comparison to the Galaxy Watch4, it is said that the Watch FE is a more cost-effective consumer choice.

Galaxy Watch FE Possible Specs (based on Galaxy Watch 4) Rumored

Display Size1.2″ (30.4mm) or 1.4″
WeightAround 28g
SensorsAccelerometer, Barometer, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, Electrical Heart Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Light Sensor, Optical Heart Rate Sensor
BatteryUp to 40 hours
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