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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: Bold Design, Classic Features

Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra

New renders of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra have surfaced, which OnLeaks and Smartprix were able to obtain. It is a replacement for the metal timepieces in the Classic line. With a revised square-shaped case and an additional button, this model now resembles the Apple Watch Ultra in appearance.

While these images still show a round-screen model, March speculations suggested square Samsung watches. The higher bezel around the screen may provide rotation or touch-sensitive capabilities, although the images are unclear. As reported last month, Samsung was producing a larger “Pro” watch model, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra appears to be hefty.

This new watch will likely have some additional features, such as a third button that resembles the Action Button on the Apple Watch Ultra, a new array of health sensors, larger speakers (at least in terms of grille size), and additional holes that may house additional microphones to enhance speakerphone clarity.

The next Samsung Unpacked event, which could unveil further information about the company’s watches, sixth-generation foldable phones, and new Galaxy Ring, is scheduled for June 10th in Paris.

Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra

Bold New Design:

Squarish Body with spherical Display: The Ultra model ditches the spherical form factor for a squarish body with a higher bezel and round display. This innovative design integrates the classic watch face with a rough, modern look, perhaps reaching more people.
Possible Apple Inspiration: With its squarish shape and possible equivalent functions, it may resemble the Apple Watch Ultra.

Better functionality:

  • Extra Button: Leaks show a third button on the side, possibly the Apple Watch Ultra’s Action Button. This could provide easy access to features or customizable shortcuts.
  • Advanced Health Tracking: Rumors say a better health sensor array could enable more health and fitness tracking.
  • Possible Speaker Upgrade: Larger speaker grilles suggest louder, clearer calls and music.

Unknown Facts:

  • Release Date: The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris on July 10th may be the formal announcement, though leaks haven’t confirmed it.
  • Price and specs: Pricing and technical specs are kept secret until the announcement.
  • A new style and potentially interesting new features make the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra stand out from prior models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra features

Leaks suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra is a major improvement over earlier iterations, including features aimed at the daring user:

  • Rugged Design: Rumours point to a bold, square-shaped case with a round display surrounded by a raised bezel, doing away with the traditional round design. This may have been influenced by the Apple Watch Ultra and potentially provide better outdoor durability.
  • Extra Button: The leaked renders show an enigmatic third button. It might work something like the “Action Button” on the Apple Watch Ultra, giving users easy access to frequently used features when working out or going on outdoor excursions.
  • Better Health Tracking: There have been rumours that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra will include a new array of health sensors. Further sensors for more thorough health tracking or sophisticated functions like blood pressure monitoring (which may not be available in every area or under all rules) could be included in this.
  • Greater Speaker and Microphone: The larger speaker grille in the leaked photos suggests better audio quality for calls and music streaming. There may also be more microphone holes, which would indicate improved audio pickup for phone calls when riding a bike or going on a walk.
  • Extended Battery Life: Although specifics are few, the emphasis on a “Ultra” model raises the possibility that Samsung may give extended battery life a priority in order to satisfy customers who stray from the norm.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra is portrayed by the leaks as a feature-ri0ch smartwatch ideal for individuals leading busy lives. It might provide a special combination of enhanced health tracking, robustness, and possibly extended battery life.

Samsung Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra official specifications

Although official specifications are still pending, the following is what leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra seem to indicate:

  • Display: Like the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, it is anticipated to keep a circular display with a diameter of perhaps 1.5 inches.
  • casing: According to leaks, there will be a major redesign featuring a square-shaped casing with an elevated bezel. It may be composed of a sturdy material for better protection.
  • New Button: There’s a third physical button on the right side. It’s possible that it works similarly to the “Action Button” on the Apple Watch Ultra to provide quick access to functionalities.
  • Health Sensors: Rumours suggest that the array of health sensors may have been improved. The standard heart rate sensor, the SpO2 sensor, and even novel sensors for more thorough health tracking could be examples of this. It is possible to monitor blood pressure, however availability may be governed by restrictions.
  • Battery: Although specifics are unknown, Samsung may prioritise better battery life for longer hikes or excursions based on the “Ultra” moniker.
  • Additional specifications: According to rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra may keep its spinning bezel for navigating the interface and have upgraded speaker grilles, which could indicate higher-quality audio.
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