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ROG Tessen Mobile Controller Folds for On-The-Go Gaming

ROG Tessen Mobile Controller

Currently, ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) declared the ROG Tessen Mobile Controller to be available. With its programmable rear paddles, extra rubber support pads for phone case compatibility, mechanical switches for the face buttons and D-pad, and console-grade joysticks, the Tessen is the only foldable mobile controller currently on the market, offering gamers the best of both worlds in terms of portability and control. The ROG Tessen’s distinctive design and functionalities have already garnered recognition on a global scale. It won a 2024 Red Dot Award for product design and took first place in the Gaming/VR/AR category at the esteemed iF Design Awards.

Distinctive folding style

Users can easily fit the ROG Tessen into any purse or pocket thanks to its convenient foldable design. With its left side folding down to make it simple to slide the phone into the controller’s extended USB-C socket, the Tessen safely holds phones in landscape position. To lock the phone in place, flip up the left side of the controller and adjust the telescopic aluminium bridges. The Tessen can be quickly and easily linked to a phone in a protective case thanks to bundled rubber support pads and an expanded USB-C connector.

Dontrols at the console level

The Tessen is made to provide mobile players with console-quality gaming experiences. Its 22° precision control is provided by its 18 mm tall right stick, and its ergonomic hand grips include an outward-stretched design for longer gaming enjoyment. Last but not least, the D-pad and face buttons are situated atop premium mechanical switches that offer durable durability, quick response, and tactile feedback.

Aluminium back paddles

Gamers may perform intricate in-game orders or combos by programming the two aluminium rear paddles of the ROG Tessen on the fly with the ROG button or the Armoury Crate app. Advanced customization options and access to multiple settings, such as button remaps and lighting effects, are provided by Armoury Crate. Within the app, the Tessen’s ROG button can also be configured for rapid one-touch instructions to alter lighting effects, record gameplay, snap images, and open Armoury Crate.

USB-C port with 18-watt passthrough connectivity

Thanks to 18 W passthrough charging, gamers can play and charge their phones at the same time. As a result, players may concentrate on the action in the game rather from worrying about the battery life.

With a polling rate of 500 Hz, the USB-C connection guarantees very instantaneous input, allowing every command to be shown on the screen right away.

Have fun in style

With its Aura RGB lighting, the ROG Tessen offers unparalleled personalization and customization possibilities to produce an immersive gaming environment. The device has raised, micro triangle-textured marks on the back surface to aid grip, and small ROG emblems and slashes all over its face.

When not in use, gamers may showcase the ROG Tessen gadget thanks to its reusable, foldable controller stand, which is made from FSC-sourced eco-friendly packaging.

Access mobile gamers looking for a console-like experience while on the road, the ASUS ROG Tessen Mobile Controller is revolutionary. For true mobile fighters, this controller is a need because of its exceptional blend of premium features, mobility, and customisable controls. Let’s examine the specifics and discover what makes the ROG Tessen a formidable opponent.

Unleash the Potential of Mobility

The clever foldable shape of the ROG Tessen is what makes it unique. In contrast to large, conventional controllers, the Tessen folds neatly in half, greatly minimising its size. Its tiny size makes it excellent for travel and commuting because it fits in your pocket or purse. It can also be used to control mobile games when you have time.

Complete Control to Gain a Competitive Edge

The portability of the ROG Tessen does not come at the expense of control. It has premium parts that are comparable to those found in specialised console controllers.

Joysticks for consoles:

The two joysticks provide accurate and fluid analogue control, which is necessary for manoeuvring around intricate game areas and carrying out flawless operations.

Switches that are mechanical:

Mechanical switches are used in the D-pad and face buttons to provide a defined activation point and a pleasing tactile response. During intense games, this is a major improvement over the squishy touch controls commonly seen on smartphones, enabling faster and more accurate inputs.

Rear paddles with programming

An additional control dimension is added by the two aluminium rear paddles. Using the ROG Armoury Crate app or a dedicated button on the controller, these paddles may be instantly configured. By mapping crucial in-game actions to the paddles, you may improve your control over movement and aim by freeing up your thumbs. In quick-paced games, having this additional customizability may offer you an advantage over other players.

Designed to Allow for Smooth Mobile Gaming

There’s no need for complicated settings or adapters with the ROG Tessen because it interacts easily with your Android phone.

All-encompassing compatibility

Numerous Android phone models are widely compatible with the ROG Tessen. The majority of gadgets, including those with protective cases, fit snugly thanks to its adjustable grip and rubber support pads with different thicknesses. You’ll save time and stress by not having to take out your case each time you want to play.

Streamlined and Secure Connection

A USB-C port is used by the ROG Tessen to provide a dependable and safe connection to your phone. The connector’s elongated shape guarantees stability without compromising compatibility with the majority of phone cases.

18W Pass-Through Power Supply

Your phone won’t ever die in the middle of a game. With the ROG Tessen, you can charge your phone with 18W pass-through technology while playing games. This allows you to play uninterrupted for longer periods of time during gaming sessions.

Play stylishly with Aura RGB lighting that can be customised.

perfectly addition to its practical features, the ROG Tessen has an elegant style that fits perfectly with your gaming persona. An understated glow is produced on the controller’s face by the integrated Aura RGB lighting. Using the Armoury Crate app, you may alter the lighting effects to suit your tastes or produce a dynamic environment that improves gaming.

Armoury Crate: The Centre of Tailored Management

Your personal ROG Tessen control centre is the ROG Armoury Crate app. Here is where you can:

Adapt Button Mapping

You can customise the buttons and rear paddles to fit your play style and the demands of the game.

Joystick Sensitivity Adjustment

Adjust the joysticks’ sensitivity for the best responsiveness and control across a variety of game genres.

Control the Effects of Aura RGB Lighting

To customise the appearance of your controller, select from a range of lighting presets or design your own lighting system.

Ensure that your controller is current

To make sure your ROG Tessen stays compatible with the newest features and games, access firmware upgrades.

Constructed with Sturdiness and Comfort in Mind

The ROG Tessen has been designed to endure the demanding nature of mobile gaming. Premium materials ensure durability, and the ergonomic design makes long gaming sessions comfortable. Rugged grips prevent accidental drops even in the most fierce fights.

A Powerhouse in Mobile Gaming: The ROG Tessen

For mobile gamers that require optimal control, portability, and customisation, ASUS offers a comprehensive solution in the form of the ROG Tessen Mobile Controller. The ROG Tessen takes mobile gaming to new levels with its cutting-edge capabilities, premium construction, and intuitive design. The ROG Tessen gives you the ability to rule the battlefield from any location, regardless of whether you’re an avid player or a competitive esports athlete.


I/O portsUSB-C for charging
RGB lighting modesStatic, Color Cycle, Breathing, Rainbow, CometSupports Aura Sync
Customizable buttons2 x rear paddles (programmable on the fly or within Armoury Crate)1 x ROG Button
Joystick angle22° range of movement
Joystick lengthRight: 18 mmLeft: 16.6 mm
L2 / R2 triggersAnalog
Product conceptFoldable design
Dimensions191.5 x 92 x 40 mm (W x L x H)94 x 92 x 85 mm (when folded)
Weight136 g
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