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Microsoft Mobile Game Store Rivals Apple & Google play store

Yes, it is correct! This July, Microsoft will make its debut in the mobile game store market. Microsoft studio games like Candy Crush Saga will launch on their own shop. It will be web-based, thus no app is needed. With this move, the company intends to compete with mobile gaming leaders Apples App Store and Google Play Store. Microsoft wants users to join with the promise of more games and cheaper in-game purchases. This follows recent regulatory reforms that enable businesses to avoid the fees imposed by Apple and Google on purchases made through respective app stores.

Microsoft mobile game store

Here’s additional information about the opening of Microsoft’s mobile game store:

  • Date of Launch: July 2024 [Various sources] Platform: Browser-based and web-based [many sources]
  • First Offerings: Titles developed by Microsoft, such as Candy Crush Saga and maybe Call of Duty: Transportable upcoming Plans: Allow other publishers to access the shop [many sources]
  • The goal of the launch was to compete with the Google Play Store and Apple App Store by providing a cheaper option than their respective costs [various sources].
  • This action follows the Digital Markets Act of the European Union, which permits businesses to establish their own app stores in order to avoid paying fees to Apple and Google.
  • Though its success is still unknown, Microsoft store has the potential to significantly impact the mobile gaming industry.

A mobile game store may have the following features

  • A large selection of games: This is the most important aspect of any gaming business. The store should have several strategic, RPG, puzzle, simulation, and other games.
  • User-friendly interface: The store must be easy to use. Users should easily browse new releases, read reviews, and find games.
  • Secure payment methods: The shop should accept PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards for safe payment.
  • App purchases: Many mobile games let players buy virtual money, power-ups, and characters. It should be simple and safe for customers to make these purchases at the business.
  • Reviews and ratings: Before downloading a game, users ought to be able to read reviews and ratings. This can assist users in choosing games to play with knowledge.
  • Social features: Users can connect with friends and check what games they are playing in certain mobile game store. Finding new games to play and competing with friends can be enjoyable with this.
  • Cloud saves: This feature lets players store their game progress online. This implies that even if users switch devices, they can continue where they left off.

Microsoft store mobile games

  • Parents can limit their kids’ games and features with parental controls. This can help parents ensure their kids play age-appropriate games.
  • Some mobile games can be played offline. This is useful for folks without permanent internet access.
  • Play free games: Many free mobile games store offer in-app purchases. Playing a game this way before buying it is great.
  • Demos: Before downloading a game, consumers can test it out at certain game stores’ demo sections.
  • Pre-registration: Customers can sign up in advance for upcoming games at certain gaming retailers. By doing this, you may let them know when the game is out.
  • Customer service: In the event that customers run into any issues, the store ought to provide customer service.

Mobile game stores primarily fall into two categories

Authorized Retailers: These are run by the operating system developer of your phone and come pre-installed.
Play Store is the official Android app store: There are thousands of premium, free, and freemium games with in-app purchases. Downloads require a Google account.
App Store is the official iPad and iPhone app store: Like Google Play, it offers free, premium, and freemium games. Any download requires an Apple ID.
Independent businesses not directly tied to a phone’s OS are called third-party stores.

Game store mobile app

Popular third-party app store for Android smartphones is called Aptiode. provides a greater assortment of programmes than the Google Play Store, some of which might not adhere to Google’s publishing standards. There’s a greater chance of infection when downloading from third-party retailers, so proceed with caution.

The scene for is getting more competitive as Microsoft joins the fray with well-known heavyweights like Apple and Google. Gamers may profit from this rivalry by having access to a greater selection of games, possibly at a reduced price, and increased innovation in the stores.

In addition, Microsoft’s web-based strategy might provide greater accessibility and flexibility than conventional app store downloads. When July rolls around, it will be interesting to watch how this affects the market and what new options gamers have.

Game store mobile app Development

Game store mobile app will determine how much it will cost to construct a mobile gaming shop.

  • Development costs include hiring designers, programmers, and testers to build the business. This can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a basic store or millions for a complex one with many features.
  • Infrastructure costs include servers and other business-related equipment and software. How many users you expect may influence this.
  • App store fees: Google and Apple charge for app store listings. These fees may take up 30% of in-app purchase revenue.

Microsoft mobile game store pricing

The following extra variables may also have an impact on the price of creating a mobile gaming store.

  • A mobile game store might cost $50,000 to $1 million or more to create.
  • The store’s complexity and size: Obviously, developing a larger, more feature-rich store will be more expensive than developing a smaller, less feature-rich one.
  • Location of the development team: Developers in more expensive nations will demand a premium over developers in less expensive nations.
  • Experience of the development team: More seasoned developers will bill more than less seasoned developers.

Microsoft mobile game store Release date

Microsoft plans to open its mobile gaming shop on the web in July 2024.

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