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The Future of Gaming is Here: GeForce RTX Graphics on Smartphones

Nvidia Partnership to Boost MediaTek’s Flagship Mobile Processors

Industry sources have revealed that MediaTek, a leading mobile processor manufacturer, is set to integrate an Nvidia GPU into its next-generation flagship mobile processor as early as 2024. This collaboration aims to enhance the AI capabilities and gaming functionalities of MediaTek’s application processors, solidifying their position in the highly competitive mobile market.

In addition to co-developing mobile handset platforms, MediaTek and Nvidia will also join forces to develop WOA (Windows on Arm) platform products for notebook applications. The combination of Nvidia’s GPU and AI technologies with MediaTek’s expertise will pave the way for powerful and efficient notebooks, targeting both consumer and professional markets.

TSMC Secures Follow-Up Foundry Orders for Nvidia Chips

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has continued to secure follow-up foundry orders for Nvidia’s A100/H100 and A800/H800 chips. These orders will enable TSMC to maximize its production capacity, utilizing its advanced 7/5nm process technology. Additionally, Nvidia has secured CoWoS packaging capacity at TSMC, ensuring efficient manufacturing and delivery of their GPUs.

Geforce RTX on Smartphones

MediaTek’s Expansion into the Notebook Market with WOA Platform Products

The co-development of WOA platform products, featuring Nvidia’s GPU and AI technologies, will play a crucial role in MediaTek’s expansion into the notebook market. By leveraging the power and efficiency of these innovative solutions, MediaTek aims to establish a strong presence in the midrange to high-end notebook segments. Currently, MediaTek primarily focuses on the entry-level Chromebook market, where it holds a notable 20% market share.

Industry estimates suggest that global Chromebook shipments will reach approximately 20 million units in 2023, maintaining the same level as the previous year. This indicates the sustained popularity and demand for Chromebooks, which serve as affordable and versatile computing solutions for educational and general use.

 The partnership between MediaTek and Nvidia promises to bring about dramatic improvements in mobile CPUs and laptop systems. MediaTek is prepared to provide cutting-edge solutions that excel in AI capabilities, gaming performance, and overall user experience thanks to the integration of Nvidia’s potent GPU and AI technology. Additionally, MediaTek’s strategic entry into the laptop market will put the business in a position for expansion and allow it to serve a wider spectrum of customer demands. The industry may anticipate sustained demand for these accessible and portable computers in the upcoming year as the Chromebook market continues to grow.

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