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Epic Games GTA 6: Explore the 8 Things

Epic GTA 6

8 desires for GTA 6 Improved NPCs, less sprawl, a well-written female character, mod support, and more.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming

Rockstar Games calls it “The next Grand Theft Auto” and will release the first trailer in December.

Some big GTA 6 leaks in 2022, including video clips, revealed a lot about the game. It appears to be set in Vice City in modern times (after GTA 5) and will have two protagonists to switch between, a man and a woman.

After that, anyone can guess, and we love guessing. There are 8 GTA 6 features we want.

They have enjoyed GTA Online for years, but he will wonder what it would be like without the mess. The multiplayer branch of GTA 5 exceeded Rockstar’s initial goals, and it shows every time you log in.

Different actions are tied to different menus depending on whether they were envisioned when the game was first made or added later. The inconsistent reward structures of different releases make older content feel unrewarding and unwanted. Groups are forced into weird ad-hoc corporations, which must be swapped out during the session if your friends want to be rewarded for their business investments.

Rockstar has a chance with GTA 6 to create an online mode worthy of GTA Online’s popularity and systems and structures that can support an evolving world. GTA Online could have been amazing, but it allowed for great moments around garbage mountains. If Rockstar fixes the infrastructure, GTA 6’s multiplayer could be unstoppable.

A strong female protagonist

Lucia appears to be one of GTA 6’s protagonists, based on leaks from last year. Even before the leaks, this seemed like a safe request for Rockstar’s next mega game. she want more than bare minimum an interesting woman who holds her own in the story and contributes to GTA’s satire of American culture without being the butt.

Maintain stereotypes. If Lucia is Latina, as rumored, she shouldn’t be femme fatale. If she’s bilingual, let Rockstar hire bilingual writers so she sounds like a person, not a sitcom.

Features Producer Mollie Taylor: After years of playing GTA Online as a woman, he want a strong, well-written female protagonist in the next mainline game. They love beating guys as her biker gal OC, and he think GTA 6 needs a badass woman. he want the ensemble cast trend to continue with a strong, smart woman who terrifies the other playable characters.

People say a female protagonist wouldn’t fit in with Rockstar’s universe, but that’s nonsense. Women can be criminals and gang leaders. Now give.

Mod support official

GTA has always been heavily modified, but the steps modders have to take to create them and the challenges players face when trying to run them are absurd when official mod support would make it so much easier.

The top GTA Online streams on Twitch are always heavily modded roleplay servers. Why not give streamers and fans a big set of modding tools since players and viewers love them? However, Rockstar tolerates mods (Take-Two does not), but tolerance is not support. When GTA 6 launches, she will hope their mod philosophy changes.

Those who enjoy non-violent activities enjoyed Red Dead Redemption 2’s sometimes irritating focus on treating Arthur Morgan as a human. Even though my Arthur kept saying “heeeey miSTER” too often, pulling left trigger to bark a few basic greetings at people going about their day was a good way to give a Rockstar protagonist some verbs other than run and shoot.

They enjoyed making bullets and polishing Arthur’s revolvers on long horseback rides. Grand Theft Auto could use more world interaction like this, and GTA Online’s roleplay servers show that players like mixing mundane tasks into chaos murder games.

She don’t mind the occasional five-star police escape, but she would like more non-violent activities in our next coastal city. Rockstar learned this in GTA Online. Creating a wardrobe or custom cars is a major draw. Rockstar added an official car meet mode last year (which players farm for XP). she had fun playing GTA5’s triathlons and golf courses, but GTA 6’s life sim would be better with work and leisure.

Euphoria-like NPC interactions

GTA 4, a technical leap from GTA: San Andreas, started the modern Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar North heavily featured Euphoria, a third-party physics technology, and made the world’s NPCs react more’realistically’ to events. Driving slowly near pedestrians who put their hands on the bonnet (and sometimes floor it and cackle) still thrills me.

Since Rockstar’s NPCs are still the best, Grand Theft Auto 6 must change how we view them. Video games still repeat, use inappropriate lines, and ignore the world’s atmosphere and your character’s actions.

A simple woman with a customized apartment worth billions. He like building. Build things in the Sims. Building in Valheim, Minecraft, and any game that lets me. He fight to unlock tat and trophies for that space.

GTA Online and Red Dead Online give players limited control over their space through themes they can buy and apply to their properties. If they are making the biggest and best GTA 6, they want to design and tweak properties in its online and singleplayer modes.

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