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Google Kubernetes Engine Playbooks for Troubleshooting

In the realm of troubleshooting, Google Cloud is constantly striving to discover innovative ways to simplify the process for our valuable customers. Today, we are thrilled to introduce a new and exciting feature that aims to enhance your troubleshooting experience: recommended interactive playbooks for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Improving Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) with Interactive Playbooks

When faced with unfamiliar issues that have been commonly observed in the past, our new playbooks serve as invaluable resources, allowing you to swiftly resolve problems and expedite your Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

Simplifying the Troubleshooting Process for GKE

Let’s delve into an example scenario involving a GKE cluster and an application that is requesting more resources than what is currently available, such as memory or CPU. In this situation, it often occurs that one or more Pods become marked as ‘unschedulable.’


The issue of Pods being marked as ‘unschedulable’ is a prevalent one, and our extensive documentation covers it comprehensively. However, let’s explore how we can streamline the troubleshooting process even further.

Analyzing Logs and Metrics for Effective Troubleshooting

By examining the logs and metrics, we can determine that the Pods within the Deployment have requested a higher amount of memory than what is presently available. However, the node itself has an abundance of resources, and there are no maximum limits imposed on Pods. To resolve this particular issue, we have two viable options: adjusting the amount of memory the Pod requests or increasing the size of our cluster.

Customizable Dashboard for Tailored Troubleshooting

Our newly introduced dashboard offers customization capabilities, allowing you to personalize your troubleshooting experience according to your specific needs and organizational requirements. Feel free to add or remove components based on relevance and relevance to your unique situation.

Available Playbooks and Future Updates

At present, we are pleased to offer two playbooks: “Unschedulable Pods” and a playbook designed to address the issue of repeated deployment crashes, commonly referred to as “CrashLoopBackOff.” In the near future, we will also provide playbooks for addressing Memory and CPU scaling issues.

  • EmailNotification.
  • Playbook
  • Alert Configuration

These playbooks will appear as notifications whenever issues are detected within your clusters. We genuinely hope that this new feature will prove instrumental in your troubleshooting journey. As always, we value your input and encourage you to share any questions or feedback regarding our product by utilizing the question mark icon on the page.

In conclusion, our commitment to simplifying troubleshooting remains unwavering. With the introduction of recommended interactive playbooks for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), we aim to empower you with efficient tools to tackle challenges, ultimately maximizing your productivity and ensuring a seamless experience.

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