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NVIDIA AIOps Partner Ecosystem Combines AI for Businesses

AIOps software

IT professionals deal with a never-ending stream of problems in today’s intricate corporate contexts, ranging from minor problems like employee account lockouts to serious security concerns. The task of ensuring seamless and safe operations becomes more difficult when faced with scenarios that call for both tactical defenses and fast remedies.

AIOps benefits

This is where AIOps enters the picture, fusing IT operations and artificial intelligence to improve security protocols while also automating repetitive jobs. Teams can address small problems quickly with this effective technique, but more crucially, they can detect and react to security risks more accurately and swiftly than previously.

Best AIOps tools

AIOps becomes a vital tool for both enhancing overall security and optimizing operations via the use of machine learning. Businesses trying to incorporate sophisticated AI into their teams are finding that it changes everything and keeps them one step ahead of any security threats.

IDC projects that the market for IT operations management software will expand at a 10.3% annual pace and reach $28.4 billion in sales by 2027. This expansion highlights the growing dependence on AIOps for improved operational effectiveness and as a vital part of contemporary cybersecurity plans.

A wide range of NVIDIA partners are providing AIOps solutions that use NVIDIA AI to enhance IT operations, as the fast expansion of machine learning operations continues to revolutionize the generative AI era.

NVIDIA provides accelerated computation and AI software to a wide range of AIOps partners. This includes tools such as NVIDIA NIM for rapid inference of AI modes, NVIDIA Morpheus for AI-based cybersecurity, and NVIDIA NeMo for bespoke generative AI. NVIDIA AI Enterprise is a cloud-native stack that can operate anywhere and serves as a foundation for AIOps. This program enables search, summarization, and chatbot capabilities powered by GenAI.

AIOps strategy

By combining Davis CoPilot with causal, predictive, and generative AI approaches, Dynatrace Davis hypermodal AI enhances AIOps. This combination provides accurate and actionable, AI-driven solutions and automation, which improves observability and security across IT, development, security, and business processes.

For semantic and vector search, Elastic provides Elasticsearch Relevance Engine (ESRE), which combines with well-known LLMs like GPT-4 to enable AI Assistants in their Observability and Security products. A next-generation AI operations tool called the Observability AI Assistant aids IT teams in comprehending complicated systems, keeping an eye on system health, and automating the resolution of operational problems.

By using its machine learning, generative AI assistant frameworks, and extensive experience with observability, New Relic is developing AIOps. IT teams may minimize alarm noise, enhance mean time to detect and mean time to fix, automate root cause investigation, and create retrospectives with the aid of its machine learning and sophisticated logic. With the ability to recognize, clarify, and rectify problems without switching contexts, as well as propose and apply code solutions straight inside a developer’s integrated development environment, New Relic AI, its GenAI assistant, expedites the process of resolving issues.

By automatically generating high-level system health reports, evaluating and summarizing dashboards, and providing plain-language answers on a user’s apps, infrastructure, and services, it also increases issue visibility and prevention for non-technical teams. Additionally, full-stack observability is offered by New Relic for AI-powered apps that take use of NVIDIA GPUs.

With the integration of a generative AI assistant inside Slack, PagerDuty has unveiled a new feature in PagerDuty Copilot that streamlines the incident lifecycle and lessens the amount of human work that IT teams must do.

ServiceNow’s dedication to developing proactive IT operations includes improving service management, identifying abnormalities, and automating insights for quick issue response. It is now advancing toward generative AI in partnership with NVIDIA to better enhance technology services and operations.

AIOps services

Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Splunk’s technology platform improves IT productivity and security posture by automating the processes of detecting, evaluating, and addressing operational problems and threats. The main AIOps service from Splunk is called IT Service Intelligence, and it offers integrated AI-driven issue prediction, detection, and resolution all in one location.

By using the scalability and flexibility of cloud resources, cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) allow businesses to automate and improve their IT processes.

AWS provides a range of services that are helpful for AIOps, such as AWS Lambda for serverless computing, which enables response action automation based on triggers, Amazon SageMaker for repeatable and responsible machine learning workflows, AWS CloudTrail for tracking user activity and API usage, and Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring and serviceability.

Through services like Google Cloud Operations, which offers monitoring, logging, and diagnostics for both on-premises and cloud-based applications, Google Cloud enables AIOps. Vertex AI, which trains and predicts models, and BigQuery, which quickly searches SQL databases by using Google’s infrastructure’s processing capacity, are two of Google Cloud’s machine learning and AI offerings.

Azure Monitor, a tool from Microsoft Azure that allows for thorough application, service, and infrastructure monitoring, makes AIOps easier. The integrated AIOps features of Azure Monitor aid in capacity utilization prediction, autoscaling enabling, identifying application performance problems, and seeing unusual behavior in virtual machines, containers, and other resources. A cloud-based MLOps platform for properly training, deploying, and maintaining machine learning models at scale is provided by Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (AzureML).

The primary goal of platforms that specialize in MLOps is to streamline the machine learning model lifecycle, from development to deployment and monitoring. Although their primary goal is to increase machine learning’s accessibility, effectiveness, and scalability, their tools and processes also help AIOps by strengthening AI’s role in IT operations:

The Ray-based platform from Anyscale makes it simple to scale AI and machine learning applications, such as those used in AIOps for automatic remediation and anomaly detection. Anyscale enables AIOps systems handle massive amounts of operational data more effectively by providing distributed computing, which allows for real-time analytics and decision-making.

Models that anticipate IT system failures or improve resource allocation may be developed using Dataiku, which has capabilities that enable IT teams to rapidly implement and refine these models in real-world settings.

Users may create AI applications with their data thanks to Dataloop’s platform, which offers complete data lifecycle management and a flexible approach to plug in AI models for an end-to-end workflow.

IT operations teams can quickly develop, implement, and manage AI solutions with DataRobot, a complete AI lifecycle platform that boosts productivity and performance.

With the help of Domino Data Lab’s platform, businesses and their data scientists can create, implement, and oversee AI on a single, comprehensive platform. Teams can work together, keep an eye on production models, and define best practices for controlled AI innovation by having data, tools, computation, models, and projects centrally managed across all environments. This method is essential to AIOps because it strikes a compromise between perfect reproducibility, comprehensive cost monitoring, proactive governance for IT operational demands, and the self-service required by data science teams.

Weights & Biases offers collaboration, experiment tracking, and model optimization tools all essential for creating and optimizing AI models used in AIOps. Weights & Biases ensures that AI models used for IT operations are transparent and efficient by providing in-depth insights into model performance and encouraging team collaboration.

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