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ServiceNow and NVIDIA Partner on Next-Gen AI for Telecom

Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management, which is built on the Now Platform, uses NVIDIA AI to increase agency productivity, expedite time to resolution, and improve time to value.

ServiceNow and Nvidia partnership

Mobile World Congress Today, NVIDIA  and ServiceNow, the top digital workflow company improving everyone’s productivity, announced that they are expanding their collaboration by introducing generative AI solutions designed specifically for telcos to improve customer experiences.

Based on the Now Platform, the first solution, Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management (TSM), leverages NVIDIA AI to improve customer experiences, expedite time to resolution, and increase agent productivity. Telcos are using AI and automation in an effort to cut costs and find new business opportunities. According to an IDC survey, the top transformation priority for 73% of global telecom service providers is investing in AI/ML to support operations.

According to Rohit Batra, general manager and vice president of telecom, media, and tech at ServiceNow, “GenAI is a game-changer for telcos looking to boost productivity, improve customer experiences, and drive cost savings with its ability to learn and improve with each use.” “Together, ServiceNow and NVIDIA will quickly enable telcos to realize previously unheard-of levels of business value and impact. The industry is about to undergo a significant transition, and we are thrilled to be leading the way.

As AI leaves its mark on businesses worldwide, the telco sector is changing quickly, according to Chris Penrose, global head of business development for telco at NVIDIA. “Our collaboration with ServiceNow will enable telcos to use GenAI to address their particular problems and create stronger, more effective experiences.”

Many features of Now Assist are fueled by large language models that ServiceNow has fine-tuned. NVIDIA Triton Inference Server and NVIDIA NeMo are also used, and both are part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, which is used to develop and implement production-grade AI applications, including generative AI. With cutting-edge innovation for business-critical use cases, telcos can quickly and safely harness the power of generative AI with the industry-first Now Assist for TSM solution.

These use cases include:

Customer Service: It is required of Telco customer service representatives to give clients precise, prompt assistance. Agent assistance features and chat summarization powered by GenAI increase productivity and are essential for call deflection. In addition to providing agents with the best course of action, GenAI can compile case activity, work notes, and customer interactions. This results in faster customer service from agents as they can concentrate on handling complex inquiries that call for individualized attention.

Service Assurance: GenAI offers a simplified, precise, and quick understanding of incidents to service assurance teams, stakeholders, and customers. Consider a fiber cut, a typical use case for service assurance that can cause issues and cost telcos money. Handling these incidents presents a number of challenges for incident management teams, including handling technical data and the possibility of misunderstandings owing to specialized terminology and acronyms. GenAI simplifies technical jargon and summarizes complicated information to speed up problem-solving, save costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Based on the particular requirements of each customer, ServiceNow and NVIDIA intend to develop more GenAI use cases tailored to the telco industry. The businesses are collaborating to find solutions to the most pressing issues facing the sector and to propel telcos’ worldwide business transformation.

Cooperation for Safe and Responsibly Applied AI

The telco use cases build upon the partnership between NVIDIA and ServiceNow, which was first announced in May 2023.

Currently Available

TSM assistance is currently accessible.

Servicenow Consulting services

What is Servicenow developer?

A cloud-based, AI-driven platform for automating various management workflows in businesses is offered by the software company ServiceNow. The company’s areas of expertise are IT business management, IT operations management, and IT service management.

Roles in ServiceNow

Businesses can drive innovation on a single cloud platform and transform their IT value chain from planning to operations, all while improving alignment with their business priorities.

Automates Continual Operations

ServiceNow dramatically reduces the amount of time spent on administrative work by automating repetitive tasks, which streamlines employees’ daily workload.

Automatically assigns and prioritizes tasks

Incoming work requests are automatically assigned to and prioritized by ServiceNow according to agent capacity, availability, and skill level.

Sustains Unobscured View for Stakeholders

ServiceNow offers a unified platform for openness and cooperation on all projects, keeping all company stakeholders fully informed.

Combines Multiple Systems into One Architecture

Your business can combine multiple IT systems into one platform thanks to ServiceNow’s flexibility and integrations, which is advantageous in today’s networked workplace.

Concerning ServiceNow as a Business

Developer Fred Luddy founded Santa Clara-based ServiceNow in 2003. Initially marketed as an ITSM solution, ServiceNow was quickly adopted by IT professionals. However, its sophisticated, user-friendly platform design has allowed ServiceNow to be integrated into more service and business units in more industries.

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