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Devin AI: The World’s First AI Software Engineer vs ChatGPT

You may be asking which of ChatGPT vs. Devin AI is superior in the constantly evolving field of artificial intelligence, where a new game-changer is introduced every week. ChatGPT is without a doubt the industry leader at the moment. And we’ll attempt to address it as thoroughly as possible.

ChatGPT is the most popular AI tool with 189 million users. Since its November 2022 mainstreaming, it has dominated AI discussions. Devin AI, in contrast, has only been operational for a short while. With $21 million in venture finance from Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, it emerged from stealth.

What distinguishes Devin AI from other AI systems?

Devin’s versatility and independence in a variety of jobs are its USPs. It demonstrates notable breakthroughs in AI technology, from system debugging to code contribution to open-source projects. In one instance, Devin’s developers had it accept a job offer from Upwork to improve a computer vision system, do the assignment, and be paid all without the need for human help. Devin looks to manuals for answers when confronted with problems; although it’s not yet ready to take the position of more experienced software engineers, it already demonstrates the abilities of a highly skilled junior developer.

Having early access to Devin, Andrew Kean Gao has written a thorough X thread summarizing his experiences. It displays some of its drawbacks as well as its potential. Devin is the creator of the fully functional Chrome extension Gao and has put in 80% of the effort on a map showing the sea temperatures in Antarctica over the last 50 years. It’s not flawless for instance, it was unable to complete the development of a chess website that allows users to compete against LLMs but it does represent a significant step toward the development of agent-based AIs.

AI-assisted coding is a feature of both tools, thus it’s important to compare them and determine their similarities and differences. Let’s look into it and see whether Devin AI, the challenger, has what it takes to unseat the present monarch!

Devin AI vs. ChatGPT: Emergence

This week, Devin, the newbie from Cognition AI, has garnered a lot of attention. It was developed by a coding team that includes brothers Scott and Andrew Wu, who have been winning international coding contests since they were in their teens, and it is expected to raise the bar for software creation with AI assistance.

Conversely, ChatGPT is the industry leader and innovator. a cutting-edge, adaptable large language model (LLM) with shown performance in speech-assisted querying, writing, coding, and imaging. Right now, every other AI software is evaluated against it as a standard.

Devin AI vs ChatGPT – Coding

Devin’s Ability to Code

Devin’s degree of independence surpasses ChatGPT’s conversational capabilities, which need human involvement. Rather, Devin’s provides a unique feature: the capacity to organize, carry out, and cooperate on difficult software engineering assignments. It has been dubbed “The World’s First AI Software Engineer” for its creative ability. Devin seems to be unmatched in this area. While there are many AI tools available to assist with coding, Devin has the potential to usher in a new age of AI coding if it lives up to the promise.

Three Illustrations of Devin’s Mastery in Coding:

Devin Creates Pictures With Text Hidden

One of Devin’s engineers, Sara, shows off the tool’s capacity to insert a secret text message into a picture in below video. She gives Devin the picture resolution (1080p), asks Devin to hide her name in the concealed text, and links him to an appropriate blog page that demonstrates how to do this. She then lets Devin finish the assignment.

Devin Eliminates Software Errors

A Cognition engineer named Neil gives Devin instructions on how to resolve an issue on a GitHub repository in this video. He gives Devin the link, describes the issue, and lets Devin figure it out.

Devin is an Upwork freelancer

Devin became popular on social media as a result of this video. Walden, a cognitive engineer, talks on how Devin finished a task on Upwork. The assignment was to configure a computer vision system. Devin understood, corrected, and updated the client’s code, among other things, and dealt with them all. After that, Devin provided example photos and a final file outlining how the work had been accomplished.

Use of ChatGPT for Coding

Though its capabilities as a general-purpose LLM are well known, ChatGPT is also a rather intelligent code generator. An overview of its coding skills is provided below:

Code Generation: In response to user commands, ChatGPT may produce code snippets in a variety of programming languages. It’s a very helpful tool for many common programming difficulties and for prototyping.

Bug Fixing: OpenAI’s LLM can help with issue identification, solution outlines, and bug fix recommendations.

Code Explainer: ChatGPT is an extremely helpful tool for anybody learning to program because of how well it generates and explains code snippets.

Advice & Suggestions: Practical recommendations, counsel, and detailed directions for finishing ordinary code. The ChatGPT is a great development companion since it has your back.


Devin works in a sandboxed environment that is similar to the workplace of a developer. It has access to standard development tools inside that sandbox, including a code editor, a browser, and the shell. Within such setting, it is capable of autonomous planning and execution. It continues the useful practice of providing the user with updates in a chat window about its progress while it’s doing this.

On the other hand, ChatGPT offers a conversational interface that requires users to continually provide voice commands or text prompts. ChatGPT operates outside of a visible development environment, even though it explains what it’s doing and complies with user requests to write code.

Real-time cooperation

Devin AI’s skills as a model particularly built to assist with software development are shown by its capacity to cooperate in real-time, take input, and modify its behaviors appropriately. It enables developers to collaborate with Devin as if they were human teammates. A developer may allow Devin to do tasks on its own since it exhibits such a high degree of autonomy and knows it will only need minimal input and course correction.

As we explain in our ChatGPT review, ChatGPT, on the other hand, lacks expertise in software development but may iteratively improve its results depending on user feedback. It has to communicate back and forth with the user in order to proceed. It cannot function autonomously as a consequence. Although it may and does provide helpful support, it cannot—as of yet—be regarded as collaborative in the same sense as Devin.

Devin AI vs. ChatGPT: Learning

Devin AI and ChatGPT are both capable of picking up and using new knowledge. Because Devin was created with software engineering in mind, he can build and debug software, learn new technologies, read manuals, search the Internet for pertinent information, and contribute to code repositories. This independence and capacity for quick problem-solving constitute a very noteworthy advancement in this field.

While ChatGPT may learn new topics, its learning process is mostly focused on using its extensive corpus of taught information as an LLM. This is either the result of human input (pasting an article, uploading a picture or PDF, or fine-tuning on a particular dataset). Devin is more knowledgeable than ChatGPT, but ChatGPT is more passive. It doesn’t look for fresh information on its own or pick up knowledge from encounters in real time. In spite of this, it demonstrates an extraordinarily thorough comprehension of a wide range of topics and is a priceless learning aid and specialist resource.

Adoption and Accessibility

ChatGPT’s large and expanding user base has already changed AI and the globe. This product is already one of history’s most important. Its technology has found broad use, and the OpenAI’s partnership with Microsoft is driving the company’s expansion.

Conversely, Devin AI remains under limited access; the only information available about it is from demonstrations and anecdotal reports. It still has a lot to prove in this sense. If it meets expectations, it might be a major product.

Which is superior, Devin AI or ChatGPT?

Devin AI is a very good coder, however ChatGPT is a much more comprehensive information base. With its diverse conversational capabilities, it has a usefulness that Devin, with its more focused features, lacks.

Devin AI and ChatGPT are two very different methods to AI coding, each with unique advantages. Devin AI expands the possibilities for self-sufficient software creation, and ChatGPT provides a flexible and user-friendly interface that can be used by a large number of people. Both of these technologies are a part of an ever-accelerating trend that is continuing to change our everyday lives via the use of AI products and services.

ChatGPT vs Devin AI feature comparison

FeatureDevin AIChatGPT
PurposeAutonomous AI Software EngineerGeneral purpose Large Language Model
AutonomyCan plan, execute, and collaborate on
complex software tasks, including building,
debugging and testing applications
Coding assistance and explanations
with human supervision.
IntegrationSandbox environment with access
to developer tools (shell, code editor, browser)
Coding assistance, explanations
text-based interaction, no integration
Collaborates in real-time accepts feedback
adjusts accordingly.
Improves based on user input,
lacks real-time feedback loop
and software specialization tools
LearningCan self-learn to complete tasksCan learn and apply new information
Adoption180 million active users, widely availableClosed access, awaiting full release
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