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Introducing Copilot+ PCs: A New Era of Windows Computing

Copilot+ PCs, AI-optimized Windows PCs, were launched at a special event at new Microsoft campus today.  

Copilot+ PCs are the fastest and smartest ever. Copilot+ PCs let you do things no other PC can with powerful new silicon capable of 40+ TOPS (trillion operations per second), all-day battery life, and the most advanced AI models. Recall helps you find and recall what you saw on your PC, Cocreator generates and refines AI graphics in near real time on the device, and Live Captions translates sounds from 40+ languages into English. 

Microsoft Surface and their OEM partners Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung bring these experiences to life on thin, light, and attractive devices, with pre-orders starting today and availability on June 18. Copilot+ PCs are great value at $999.

This first Copilot+ PC wave is just the start. Over the past year, cloud AI has advanced rapidly, with Copilot letting us achieve things we never thought imaginable. Microsoft start a new chapter with device AI innovation. Microsoft redesigned the PC from silicon to the operating system, the application layer to the cloud, with AI at the centre, marking the biggest update to Windows in decades.

The quickest, safest Windows PCs ever

Microsoft created a new system architecture to combine the power of the CPU, GPU, and high-performance NPU. Copilot+ PCs can now perform like never before thanks to Azure Cloud’s long language models (LLMs) and small language models (SLMs). Industry-leading AI acceleration is delivered by their 20x power and 100x efficiency for AI workloads. They exceed Apple’s MacBook Air 15″ by 58% in sustained multithreaded performance and have all-day battery life.  Copilot+ PCs can play local videos for 22 hours or browse the web for 15 hours on a single charge, which is 20% more than the MacBook Air 15”.

Starting with Qualcomm, Windows has the finest app implementation on the fastest chip. Microsoft’s quickest Microsoft 365 app implementations Teams, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, and OneNote are native Arm64 experiences. Chrome, Spotify, Zoom, WhatsApp, Blender, Affinity Suite, DaVinci Resolve, and others now run natively on Arm for optimal performance. Slack will be released later this year. Today, 87% of programme minutes are spent on native Arm versions. Prism, a powerful new emulator, runs native and emulated apps well.

Every Copilot+ PC is factory-secured. All Copilot+ PCs will have the Microsoft Pluton Security processor on by default, and Windows 11 has many new features, upgrades, and defaults that make security easy. Microsoft’s personalised privacy controls let you protect what matters.

Unique, powerful AI experiences 

Copilot+ PCs unleash new experiences you can run locally on the device with strong processors and several state-of-the-art AI models, including many of Microsoft’s world-class SLMs. This reduces latency, cost, and privacy constraints to boost productivity, creativity, and communication.

Recall instantaneously

Looking for anything Microsoft have seen on their PC is one of the most aggravating difficulties they face daily. Today, Microsoft must recall its file folder, website, or read through hundreds of emails to find it. 

With Recall, you may virtually recall what you saw or did on your PC like photographic memory. Like us, Copilot+ PCs organise information by relationships and associations specific to their experiences. This helps you remember things you may have forgotten so you can discover what you need fast and instinctively using your memories.

You may navigate through your timeline to find material in any app, website, document, or more. Use screenshots and screenray to intuitively take the next step with object recognition-based suggestions. Return to a specific Outlook email or Teams chat.

Recall uses your device-built semantic index. Your PC stores your photos. You can delete the snapshots, alter and delete time periods in Settings, or pause from the Taskbar System Tray icon. You may also prevent apps and websites from saving. You have complete control and reliable privacy.

Windows has AI-powered image creation and editing

Nearly 10 billion images have been made since Image Creator launched, letting more individuals create their ideas by using natural language. Today’s cloud services may limit the quantity of photos you may create, delay artwork processing, or raise privacy concerns. Microsoft is providing new experiences to your favourite creative apps like Paint and Photos using NPUs and powerful local small language models.

Use Cocreator to create images in real time from ink strokes and text prompts. The artwork evolves with you, making it easier to tweak, edit, and evolve your ideas. Highly efficient diffusion-based algorithms optimise output quality over minimum steps to make you feel like you’re creating with AI. Choose literal or emotive artwork with the creative slider. After choosing your artwork, you can iterate on it to express your ideas, regardless of your creativity.

Improve photo editing and creation. Restyle Image combines image production and photo editing in Photos to restyle your personal photos. Use a pre-set style like Cyberpunk or Claymation to change the backdrop, foreground, or entire image to create a new one. Start your next creative endeavour with Image Creator in Photos and gain visual inspiration. Copilot+ PCs let you make unlimited, rapid, custom-tailored photos and store your favourites to collections.

Your favourite creative apps provide innovative AI experiences

Microsoft is also teaming with some of the world’s most popular apps to use the NPU to create new AI experiences.


Together with Adobe and Microsoft are excited to provide Photoshop, Lightroom, and Express to Copilot+ PCs today. Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more arrive this summer. Their partnership to optimise AI in these apps for the NPU continues. Adobe Creative Cloud members may express their creativity faster than ever with Copilot+ PCs’ full capabilities.

Resolve Studio 

Easily apply visual effects to objects and people in DaVinci Resolve Studio with NPU-accelerated Magic Mask.


CapCut NPU Auto Cutout removes the background from any video clip quickly.


The new NPU-powered camera pipeline in Cephable makes adaptive input controls like head movement and facial expressions faster and more responsive.


Use NPU-based AI to annotate documents faster and smarter, keeping LiquidText data private.

djay Pro

Experience enhanced music remixing with the special NeuralMix feature in Algoriddim’s djay Pro for NPU users.

Easy communication with live captions

Windows aspires to unite individuals in a globalised environment. Microsoft want more people to enjoy your favourite international podcast, watch your favourite sports team, or collaborate with friends and colleagues around the world. 

Live Captions now translates all audio that comes through your PC into a single, English-language caption experience on your screen across all your apps in real time. Live or pre-recorded audio from over 40 languages in any app or video platform can be translated into English subtitles instantaneously, automatically, and offline. With the NPU and available on all Copilot+ PCs, you can trust your words are comprehended. 

Improved Windows Studio Effects

Look and sound your best automatically with Quick Settings’ simple controls. Portrait light automatically brightens foreground pixels in low-light environments and improves perceived illumination in gloomy environments. New graphic, animated, and watercolour filters add style. Eye contact teleprompter aids screen reading. New voice focus and portrait blur improvements keep you in focus. 

Your daily AI companion, Copilot

Every Copilot+ PC comes with your personal powerful AI agent, only a tap away on keyboards with the new Copilot key. Customers will now enjoy the whole application experience in a streamlined, simple, powerful, and personal form. You may get the latest AI models with Copilot. In the following weeks, Microsoft OpenAI partners will provide the latest models, like GPT-4o, for more natural voice chats.

Responsible AI advancement

Microsoft is committed to ethical, safe, and secure AI development. These new experiences were developed using our responsible AI principles, and all AI elements meet our requirements. Find out here.

Microsoft Surface and partners reveal Copilot+ PCs

Microsoft partnered with Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Surface to bring exciting new Copilot+ PCs to market on June 18. These devices start at $999, $200 less than similar-spec products.

In the Windows ecosystem, Surface produces software and hardware to give customers and enthusiasts unique designs and meaningful experiences. The new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are Surface’s first Copilot+ PCs.

Surface Pro and Surface Laptop
Image credit to Microsoft

The new Surface Laptop is a powerhouse with razor-thin bezels, a dazzling touchscreen display, AI-enhanced camera, premium audio, and a haptic touchpad.

Choose a 13.8” or 15” display and four gorgeous colours. Surface Laptop 15” and Surface Laptop13.8” offer 22 and 20 hours of local video playback, great performance, and new AI experiences.

Surface Pro, the most flexible 2-in-1 laptop, is now faster and more battery-efficient to support new AI experiences. It offers an optional OLED with HDR display and ultrawide field of view camera for Windows Studio Effects. For the first time, the Surface Pro Flex Keyboard can be utilised attached or detached. An integrated Surface Slim Pen storage and charging system and a quiet, tactile touchpad improve stability.

From June 18, the largest brands will offer Copilot+ PCs:

Acer: The Swift 14 AI 2.5K touchscreen lets you sketch and edit your vision with increased accuracy and colour accuracy. Use the AcerSense button to launch and explore AI-enhanced features like PurifiedVoice 2.0 and Purified View.

ASUS: The ASUS Vivobook S 15’s Snapdragon X Elite Platform and Qualcomm AI bring AI experiences to life. It has 40+ NPU TOPS, dual-fan cooling, and up to 1 TB of storage. Windows Studio Effects v2 and ASUS AiSense camera with presence-detection for Adaptive Dimming and Lock are next-gen AI advancements. Its ultra-slim, light all-metal design, high-capacity battery, and luxury styling with a single-zone RGB backlit keyboard make it portable.

Dell: The XPS 13, Inspiron 14 Plus, Inspiron 14, Latitude 7455, and Latitude 5455 are five new Copilot+ PCs from Dell that offer innovative battery life and AI experiences for consumers and businesses. The Latitude 7455 has a gorgeous QHD+ display and quad speakers with AI noise reduction, while the XPS 13 has Snapdragon X Elite processors and a premium, futuristic design. Snapdragon X Plus 1 and lightweight, low-carbon aluminium make the Inspiron14 and 14 Plus energy efficient with EPEAT Gold rating.

HP: The OmniBook X AI PC and HP EliteBook Ultra G1q AI PC with Snapdragon X Elite are small and stylish, offering increased performance and mobility for a more personalised computing experience. AI-powered productivity tools like real-time transcription and meeting summaries and long battery life are included. For better virtual interactions, Poly Studio’s crystal-clear audio supports a 5MP camera with automated framing and eye focus.

Lenovo launches two AI PCs: Yoga Slim 7x for consumers and ThinkPad T14s Gen 6 for businesses. A 14.5” touchscreen with 3K Dolby Vision and optimised power for 3D rendering and video editing make the Yoga Slim 7x efficient for creatives. With a webcam privacy shutter, Wi-Fi 7, and up to 64GB RAM, the T14s Gen 6 delivers enterprise-level AI performance and work experiences.

Samsung: The ultra-thin, light Galaxy Book4 Edge has a 3K 2x AMOLED display with Wi-Fi 7. The 22-hour video playback battery makes it ideal for business or leisure on the go.

Discover new Copilot+ PCs and pre-order today at, major PC makers, and other top retailers.

Start commercial deployment testing today

Businesses get the fastest Windows 11 devices with AI to boost productivity, collaboration, and efficiency with Copilot+ PCs. Companies may install and operate a Copilot+ PC as a Windows PC using the same tools and processes, including IT controls for new features and AppAssure support. Microsoft propose IT admins evaluate and prepare for deployment to give your workers access to sophisticated AI features on high-performance devices.

Neural Processing units(NPU)
Image credit to Microsoft

Windows ecosystem AI innovation

Windows has always provided a platform for ecosystem partners to build on.

The initial Copilot+ PCs will use Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus CPUs, offering superior performance per watt with Qualcomm Oryon CPU for unmatched battery efficiency. Snapdragon X Series offers 45 NPU TOPS SoCs. The integrated Qualcomm Adreno GPU provides excellent graphics for immersive entertainment. Through deep Intel and AMD cooperation, starting with Lunar Lake and Strix, Microsoft hope to expand. Later, Microsoft will provide new Copilot+ PC experiences. By pairing this technology with powerful graphics cards like NVIDIA GeForce RTX and AMD Radeon, Copilot+ PC experiences will reach more experienced gamers and developers. 

This is the moment when the PC will accelerate AI innovation. Microsoft thinks the best AI experiences will come from cloud and device collaboration. Microsoft is shaping Windows innovation for the next decade alongside their partners.

Since June 2023, Drakshi has been writing articles of Artificial Intelligence for govindhtech. She was a postgraduate in business administration. She was an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence.


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