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AMD Develops AI on Windows 11 with Ryzen AI Tools

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has given the computer industry transformational powers. But in order to fully utilise AI, cutting-edge technology and thorough software support are both necessary. Recognizing this, AMD and Microsoft have joined forces to develop the essential building blocks that will enable developers and consumers to leverage AI effectively both now and in the future.

Optimizing AI Workloads with Dedicated AI Engines

While conventional central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) can handle certain AI tasks, they may not always provide the ideal performance for machine learning inference workloads. As AI models and workloads continue to evolve, specialized AI engines specifically designed for AI tasks become crucial for delivering optimal performance and user experiences. The new AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series processors with Ryzen™ AI introduce a groundbreaking dedicated on-die processing block designed exclusively for AI workloads. This innovation is the first of its kind for x86 Windows 11 laptops, and it empowers ultrathin laptops with exceptional AI performance that surpasses what traditional processors can offer.

Integration of AMD Ryzen AI in Windows Ecosystem

Microsoft is actively integrating AI into the Windows ecosystem, and the AMD Ryzen AI has been developed to support these exciting new innovations. For instance, Windows Studio Effects now supports AMD Ryzen AI, enabling advanced effects such as Eye Contact, Automatic Framing, and background blur. These effects enhance different aspects of video calls, which have become increasingly significant in both professional and personal settings. Powered by machine learning algorithms, Windows Studio Effects requires a neural processing unit (NPU) like Ryzen AI to deliver optimal performance.

These advanced Windows-based features are available on laptops equipped with select AMD Ryzen 7040 Series processors with Ryzen AI. While AI adoption is still in its early stages, the importance of dedicated AI engines like Ryzen AI will only grow over time. AI is already revolutionizing various domains, from content creation to video conferencing. As the demand for artificial intelligence increases, so does the need for hardware and software that can efficiently accelerate these workloads. Supporting the nascent AI market involves not only catering to consumer-facing applications but also empowering developers.

As part of its AI strategic direction, AMD is granting early access to the Ryzen AI software to Windows developers. This enables AI researchers and developers to run AI workloads on select Ryzen™ 7040 Series processors with Ryzen AI using the open-source AI framework Vitis AI Execution Provider (EP). The package is seamlessly integrated into ONNX Runtime with support for Microsoft Olive, providing superior CPU support and gradually enhancing AMD XDNA™ AI Engine acceleration with minimal impact on usability. Developers are encouraged to visit GitHub to get started.

Unlocking the Potential of AI in the Windows Ecosystem

Microsoft’s CVP Windows Silicon and Systems Integration, Pavan Davuluri, emphasizes the importance of dedicated AI processing engines in delivering amazing AI experiences on Windows 11. The Ryzen 7040 Series processors with AMD Ryzen AI provide an excellent platform to experience Windows Studio Effects and enable developers to run AI workloads using the ONNX Runtime today.

AI is poised to drive continuous innovation in the Windows ecosystem, benefiting both customers and developers. The AMD Ryzen 7040 Series processors with AMD Ryzen AI represent a new generation of silicon that offers outstanding performance, remarkable power efficiency, and exclusive experiences not available on other x86 processors. The developer tools provided by AMD facilitate the integration of AI functionality, making AI-powered applications more accessible to the general public. With over 80 AMD Ryzen AI-powered laptops, these processors stand as the top choice for those seeking powerful and modern notebooks.

Based on AMD’s internal analysis as of May 2023, select Ryzen™ 7040 processors for mobile devices equipped with dedicated AI hardware are the only x86 PC processors to offer this capability. PHX-3

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