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NPU Monitoring for Ryzen 8040 in New Windows Update!

The need for system NPU monitoring solutions that can monitor the performance of the new NPUs (Neural Processing Units), which are available on some Ryzen 8040 Series mobile CPUs, is rising as AI PCs gain popularity. A neural processing unit may extend battery life by delegating AI activities that would typically be handled by the CPU or GPU to an integrated or on-die AI engine.

AMD and Microsoft have been collaborating to enable the AMD NPU (Neural Processing Unit) enabled Ryzen 8040 Series of mobile CPUs with MCDM (Microsoft Compute Driver Model) infrastructure. A variation of the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM), MCDM is intended for computing devices other than GPUs, such the NPU. Through MCDM, NPUs may use the current GPU device management framework, which includes memory management, scheduling, power management, and performance debugging using the Task Manager and other tools. As a foundational layer, MCDM makes sure that AI workloads on NPU devices run smoothly.

Monitoring application activity benefits from being able to see which system components are busy and how resources are being allocated in real-time. This kind of monitoring is especially crucial for laptops, since end users may choose to optimize battery life by deciding where certain workloads run or by changing the general power settings using an OEM-provided program or the Windows Settings menu.

AMD included an NPU in certain Ryzen 8040 CPUs in order to support suppliers in developing fresh, AI-powered experiences and applications. It makes sense for everyone from developers and system manufacturers to the individual end-user to include this capabilities as real-time device usage monitoring may facilitate software development.

Task Manager’s integration of NPU monitoring highlights the significance of these devices for computing’s future. There are similarities to 2017, when Task Manager gained GPU monitoring from Microsoft. The decision was made in response to demands from customers and demonstrated the growing significance of the GPU as a fundamental system component.

When considered in the long run, the choice to include NPU monitoring in Task Manager is indicative of how Windows software has evolved to match the increasing complexity of PCs. Microsoft has gradually expanded the quantity and variety of system components it can track at the same time during the last several decades. By supporting NPU in addition to CPU, GPU, storage, and network monitoring, Task Manager becomes more useful and indicates to the greater developer community the potential significance of these devices in the future.

AMD is assisting AI research on x86 platforms, in part by collaborating with Microsoft to provide the Ryzen 8040 processor line with first support for NPU monitoring. Other initiatives include the newly released Ryzen AI software upgrades, a technical overview of AMD XDNA architecture and NPU design, and the Pervasive AI developer challenge, which is focused on generative AI, robots, and Ryzen AI-equipped PCs.


Why is an NPU significant, and what does it mean?

A specialized microprocessor called an NPU, or neural processing unit, is designed to speed up AI tasks. The NPU in Ryzen 8040 CPUs performs functions like voice recognition, video editing, and picture recognition more effectively than the CPU or GPU, resulting in longer battery life and better performance.

What is the relationship between NPU monitoring and MCDM?

Windows can control non-GPU computational devices like NPUs thanks to a framework called MCDM, or Microsoft computational Driver Model. This makes functionality in programs like Task Manager like as scheduling, power management, and performance monitoring possible.

Why is Task Manager now equipped with NPU monitoring?

Keeping an eye on NPU utilization gives developers and consumers useful information:

Users are able to observe how AI activities affect system performance and battery life, which gives them the ability to change settings or choose applications that make effective use of the NPU.

Developers: By monitoring NPU resource allocation and performance in real-time, they may troubleshoot and improve AI programs.

When will the NPU monitoring Task Manager upgrade be released?

Although a specific release date hasn’t been disclosed, AMD and Microsoft are working together on the project, so it should happen soon.

Will there be support for NPU monitoring on every Ryzen 8040 processor?

It’s probably restricted to certain models with the NPU. To be sure, verify the specs of your CPU.

Which additional tools are available to me for tracking NPU performance?

Apart from Task Manager, AMD may provide other utilities or monitoring tools tailored to Ryzen CPUs. Additionally, third-party apps that monitor NPU use may be available.

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