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New DaVinci Resolve 19 Tools With RTX Empower Editors

DaVinci Resolve

Working with and editing video is now easier than ever thanks to NVIDIA RTX-accelerated AI technologies.

As an illustration, consider the new AI features that Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 19 incorporated, which expedite workflows for video editing. Enhanced for NVIDIA RTX PCs and workstations, these new features and all its other AI-powered effects gain a major boost.

The only programme in the world that can do all of these tasks in one is DaVinci Resolve, which integrates editing, colour correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post processing! New users may learn its attractive, modern interface quickly, yet professionals can use it powerfully. Because you don’t need to master various apps or move between programmes for different jobs, DaVinci Resolve allows you to work more quickly and with greater quality.

It implies that you can use original, high-quality photos straight out of the camera throughout the whole procedure. A single app is like a post-production studio! The best part is that you can learn how to utilise the exact same tools that Hollywood pros use by mastering DaVinci Resolve!

Editors apply visual effects (VFX), colour correction, motion graphics, and other techniques to their high-resolution film and audio snippets using Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, one of the top nonlinear video editing platforms.

There are numerous integrated tools in Resolve. Some are corrective in nature, enabling editors to eliminate elements that weren’t intended to be in a scene, reframe film after it has been shot, or match colours from two sets of footage. Others provide editors the ability to work with video and audio in novel ways, such as upscaling and creating fluid slow-motion effects.

Many of these tools used to take a lot of time and effort for users to implement. Many of these operations are now accelerated by AI in Resolve, giving users more time to concentrate on creative rather than batch processing.

Better still, speed is increased by two times thanks to the app’s complete optimisation for NVIDIA TensorRT deep learning inference software, which maximises the use of GPU-dependent effects and other capabilities.

Novel in DaVinci Resolve 19

Two new AI technologies that improve the efficiency of video editing are included in DaVinci Resolve 19, the most recent version: UltraNR, which employs AI for spatial noise reduction, and IntelliTrack, an AI point tracker for object tracking, stabilisation, and audio panning.

DaVinci Resolve 19

With over 100 feature updates, DaVinci Resolve 19 offers strong new DaVinci Neural Engine AI tools! Editors can locate speakers and alter timeline clips directly from transcribed audio. With the help of the ColorSlice six vector palette and the new film look creation effect, colorists may create rich tones reminiscent of photometric film processes and create visually striking images. The IntelliTrack AI in Fairlight can be used to automatically pan audio and track motion. A new multipoly rotoscoping tool and an extended collection of USD tools are available to VFX artists in Fusion. New broadcast replay capabilities for live multi-camera broadcast editing, playout, and speed-controlled replay are available on the cut page.

Engineering of the Future Generation

Including some of the most advanced technologies available in the market right now is DaVinci Resolve 19. Many of the software’s most potent tools are powered by the sophisticated machine learning engine known as the DaVinci Neural Engine, which is fully supported in the Apple M series. Customers may enjoy HDR on compatible monitors, including laptops, thanks to the inclusion of the most recent version of Dolby Vision. You may work on media from any source with the future-proof DaVinci Wide Gamut and Intermediate log grading environment. You are able to meet all current projection, monitoring, and archiving standards. Furthermore, the only programme available for editing and grading 8K video in real time is DaVinci Resolve!

Stabilising video while editing is simple with IntelliTrack AI. It can also be used to track subjects on screen and automatically produce audio panning within a scene by following objects or people as they move across 2D and 3D areas in Resolve’s Fairlight tool. Editors may easily pan, or move audio across the stereo field, numerous characters in a scene, controlling their voice positions in the mix environment, with AI audio panning to video. Although all of this may be completed by hand, IntelliTrack’s AI acceleration makes the process go more quickly.

Resolve’s spatial noise reduction palette includes an AI-accelerated denoise mode called UltraNR. With it, editors can significantly lessen digital noise unwanted variations in colour or brightness that obfuscate details in a frame while preserving image clarity. For even better denoising in moving images, where variations may be more obvious, they can also use the technique in conjunction with temporal noise reduction.

On NVIDIA RTX workstations and PCs, IntelliTrack and UltraNR both experience significant performance improvements. With a GeForce GTX 4090 laptop, TensorRT allows users to operate up to three times faster than the Macbook Pro M3 Max.

In actuality, NVIDIA TensorRT accelerates every DaVinci Resolve AI effect on RTX GPUs. Additionally, the latest version of Resolve has GPU acceleration for the Watercolour, Beauty, and Edge Detection effects, which doubles their performance on NVIDIA GPUs.

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