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Steam Deck SSD Upgrade Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Seagate SSDs

Due to its strong and portable gaming experience, Valve Steam Decks are popular among gamers. The supplied SSD may be replaced with a Seagate SSD to increase capacity and speed on this tiny gaming PC, which is more portable than a laptop.

The finest Steam Deck SSD increase storage, read/write speed, and longevity. The benefits of adding an SSD to your Steam Deck and how to choose the best one.

Steam Deck SSD Upgrade

The Valve Steam Deck’s SSD may not be enough as your game collection expands. Seagate M.2 NVMe SSDs serve long-term benefits.

A Seagate M.2 NVMe SSD improves gameplay by increasing storage capacity and read/write speeds. Games must load faster as they get bigger and more complicated. The growing library of games may exceed the storage capacity of your Steam Deck’s pre-installed SSD, needing an upgrade.

By upgrading your SSD, your Steam Deck can handle modern gaming and store all your favourite games efficiently.

Tips for Choosing a Steam Deck SSD

Not all SSDs have the functionality and specs your Steam Deck needs. Consider these factors while choosing a gaming SSD:

Capacity requirements

To ensure a smooth gaming experience, carefully assess your SSD capacity needs before upgrading your Steam Deck SSD. Consider these crucial factors:

Present and Future Game Library

Consider the size of your current game library and plan for future additions. Some current games require 100GB of storage. Choose an SSD size that fits your games and allows growth.

Other multimedia content

Store videos, music, and images on your Steam Deck in addition to games. These files take up a lot of storage, therefore include them in your capacity calculations.

The OS and its files

Remember to allocate room for the Steam Deck OS and system files. These take up a small fraction of the SSD, but they must be left room to run well.

Usage Patterns

Consider your gaming habits and usage patterns. If you often install and remove games or switch titles, you may need more storage without continually maintaining it.


For future-proofing your Steam Deck, consider upgrading to a larger SSD. Ample storage lets you play a variety of games without worrying about running out of space as game sizes grow and new titles are launched.


Align capacity needs with budget. Some high-capacity SSDs are expensive, so assess the benefits of extra storage.

You can choose the capacity for your Steam Deck SSD upgrade wisely by carefully weighing these elements, making sure it fulfils your present requirements as well as your future goals for mobile gaming.

Performance Read/write speeds

Performance matters for the greatest gaming experiences. Consider these crucial points:

Read/Write Speeds

Look for SSDs with excellent read/write speeds to reduce loading times and ensure seamless gameplay. Faster SSDs speed up data access, making game starts and transitions smoother.

Gaming Experience

Faster SSDs enhance responsiveness, especially in open-world games with big environments or textures and content. Improved performance reduces stuttering, speeds texture streaming, and smooths gameplay.


Ensure compatibility with Steam Deck hardware and OS. Choose gaming-specific SSDs with smooth architectural integration.

Price vsResults

Performance gains should fit your budget. Top-tier SSDs may offer the best gaming experience, but they may be expensive. Choose an SSD that balances gaming performance and cost.

Compatible with Steam Deck

Valve Steam Deck only supports NVMe 2230. Make sure your SSD fits the Steam Deck storage slot by checking its size. We’ve listed two top Seagate NVMe SSDs for your Steam Deck.

Durability, dependability

To protect your game library and extend drive life, choose an SSD that is durable and reliable. Modern SSDs are reliable due to their strong structure and lack of moving parts. Device temperature and workload affect longevity. Seagate SSDs have 1.8 million hours between failures, providing years of trouble-free operation. An SSD with 1500G or higher stress resistance protects your games and data during intense portable gaming.

Shock-resistant and durable

Steam Decks incur more physical abuse than stationary gaming systems since they are handheld. SSDs must be as sturdy as Steam Decks, which are built to withstand shocks and falls.

SSDs outperform other storage media in stress tolerance and durability. Shock resistance should be checked before buying an SSD for your Steam Deck to withstand drops and bumps.


Choose an SSD with plenty of storage and decent performance to guarantee it lasts. Choosing a model with more storage saves you from storage limits as your game library grows and file sizes increase. This proactive approach ensures you have ample capacity for games and movies in the future.

You don’t want to buy an SSD for your Steam Deck and run out of space. Even if you don’t need more storage, buy a big SSD.

Best SSD for Steam Deck

Consider these Seagate SSDs for your Steam Deck update. These meet all Steam Deck specs:

Seagate FireCuda 520N

Seagate FireCuda Steam Deck NVMe SSD has 1TB of storage and 4,800MB/s high-octane read/write capabilities
Image credit to Seagate

Seagate FireCuda Steam Deck NVMe SSD has 1TB of storage and 4,800MB/s high-octane read/write capabilities. It works with other portable devices.

Seagate FireCuda 520N 2TB SSD

  • 2TB storage
  • Form factor M.2 2230
  • 5,000/3,200MB/s sequential read/write speeds
  • Compatible with PCIe G4 ×4 interface (backward compatible with G3).
  • Includes Seagate’s three-year Rescue Data Recovery Services and five-year, industry-leading guarantee.

Best Fit

This approach is ideal for Steam Deck users who require future-proof storage for modern games.

Installing M.2 NVMe SSD in Steam Deck

Installing an SSD in a Steam Deck is easy. Changing the SSD takes only a few minutes and a screwdriver.

How to replace the internal SSD:

  • Remove eight screws from the Valve Steam Deck back panel.
  • Remove the inner metal sheet.
  • Disconnect the Steam Deck battery.
  • Remove SSD by unscrewing.
  • Screw in the new SSD card.
  • Reattach the rear panel, including all eight screws, after plugging in the battery and metal shield.
  • Install Steam on your new SSD.

Find the Best Steam Deck SSD

Seagate SSDs improve Steam Deck performance and gaming console longevity with powerful, high-capacity SSDs and exceptional data recovery and drive warranty coverage.

Upgrade your Valve Steam Deck storage with an SSD today!

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