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Azure Operator Nexus: Telecommunications Hybrid Cloud Future

Azure for Operators

I’ll be sharing a lot of interesting news about Azure for Operators cloud-based solutions portfolio in this blog, which helps operators boost productivity and creativity in the network. With pride, Azure announces the addition of more customers and the integration of AI into all Azure for Operators solutions.

Azure Operator Nexus

Utilize a hybrid carrier-grade platform, AI-powered automation, and analytics to modernize networks

The key to using AI-powered automation and analytics to unleash increased productivity, scalability, security, and dependability is a deep network connectivity with the Azure cloud. Since the carrier-grade, hybrid platform Azure Operator Nexus was made generally available.

Azure has made the following progress:

  • Extra 5G standalone rollouts are supported by Azure Operator Nexus deployments as the main platform.
  • Extending capacities to meet demands for national security across many areas.
  • Expanding the assistance for shared operational needs and improving the DevSecOps models’ methodology to facilitate the deployment of network functions across many vendors.
  • More form factors to accommodate higher workloads and RAN.
  • As a service model to assist with the installation of partner and client labs in Microsoft data centers.
  • Expanded the Nexus Ready program to include more than 80 network functions and more than 20 certified partners.

With Azure Operator Nexus , administrators can operate workloads on Azure or on-premises, effortlessly controlling and deploying any aspect, including the network, tenant, and bare metal.

Azure Operator Nexus : Designed specifically for tier operators and verified by them to handle mission-critical workloads

  • Quickens the launch of new services.
  • Reduces the ownership’s total cost (TCO).
  • Promotes resilience and operational efficiency.
  • Importantly, improves the security of software-based networks that are widely dispersed.

Azure is thrilled to work closely with Microsoft as they advance service innovation and customer experience excellence as part of e& UAE’s transition to become a digital telecom. Azure’s core network will be supported by Azure Operator Nexus and Azure Operator 5G Core, which will improve their ability to take advantage of automation and artificial intelligence while opening up new revenue streams.

As part of Azure’s next phase of 5G SA rollout, AT&T is installing Microsoft’s Azure Operator Nexus platform across their network as part of their cloud migration. To maintain its position as a pioneer in cloud networking, AT&T is using cloud-native DevOps technologies to push advancements in automated network testing, vendor-agnostic frameworks, one-touch deployment, CI/CD integration, in-service upgrades, and sophisticated security and compliance monitoring. They were able to greatly reduce, automate, and enhance the deployment cycle time for cloud infrastructure software and setup in Azure’s data centers thanks to Azure Operator Nexus’ API-driven solution.

Azure Operator Insights: AI-powered operator insights

Operators may increase network operations’ accuracy, speed, and efficiency with the help of Azure Operator Insights and Copilot. For network engineers, the Copilot in Azure Operator Insights, which is now available in a restricted preview, is revolutionary. By effectively detecting, mitigating, and resolving network faults, Copilot in Azure Operator Insights will enable network engineers to spend more time addressing and less time diagnosing customer problems. With this service, operator-focused generation Operators may transition from reactive to proactive and predictive network management with the help of AI-infused products.

The ability to continually monitor network health across many underlying management systems makes it possible to identify aberrant health data and more clearly depict the interactions between intricate services. Alerts on network health proactively update the LLM-based prompts, which expedites the mitigation process with recommendations derived from data sources including user manuals, support websites, product manuals, and troubleshooting guides. The operator’s subscription data is used to refine the AI model based on accumulated experiences.

As of right now, clients like 3UK and collaborating partners Amdocs, Accenture, and ServiceNow are receiving AI-infused insights to improve network efficiency via Azure Operator Insights and Copilot in Azure Operator Insights.

Massive amounts of network data collected from intricate multi-vendor network operations may be collected and analyzed using Azure Operator Insights, which eliminates data silos and provides relevant business insights. By using ingest and query technologies created specifically for Azure, Azure Operator Insights can analyze data streams up to several petabytes in size every day in a manner that is not possible with traditional toolkits. Handling intricate situations like network health, performance, security, end-to-end customer experience, and operational efficiency is made easier for operators with Operator Insights.

With the use of a cutting-edge data mesh architecture, Azure Operator Insights can divide large, complicated domains into smaller, more manageable subdomains known as data products that combine enormous datasets from many suppliers and sources. Operators, network equipment suppliers, and solution integrators may now create customized data products using the data product factory feature. These products can be published to the Azure Marketplace or customized for specific client needs. We are thrilled to have Amdocs and Accenture as our first partners on the Azure Operator Insights data product factory.

“Through the Copilot in Azure Operator Insights solution, 3UK is using Azure Operator Insights to take advantage of the most recent AI developments. This is a fascinating advancement that combines the most recent advances in generative AI and bolsters its dedication to providing every client with greater connection every day.

Thota nithya
Thota nithya
Thota Nithya has been writing Cloud Computing articles for govindhtech from APR 2023. She was a science graduate. She was an enthusiast of cloud computing.


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