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Azure Arc: Bridging the Gap Between On-Premises & the Cloud

Utilize Azure to innovate anywhere

With the help of Azure Arc, you can expand the Azure platform and create services and applications that can operate in multicloud environments, at the edge, and across datacenters. Create cloud-native apps using a unified approach to development, management, and security. Azure Arc is compatible with virtualization and Kubernetes platforms, hardware that is both new and old, Internet of Things gadgets, and integrated systems. Utilize your current investments to modernize with cloud-native solutions, and accomplish more with less.

  • Dependable development and management expertise to run cloud-native applications on any Kubernetes platform, anywhere.
  • Deployment of cloud-native data services, such as SQL and PostgreSQL, in the environment of your choice for data insights.
  • Azure governance and security for infrastructure, data, and apps in a variety of settings.
  • Adaptable connectivity and infrastructure choices to satisfy your latency and regulatory needs.

Create cloud-native applications and use them anywhere

  • Create and update Kubernetes-based cloud-native applications.
  • Complement your DevOps toolkit with Azure security, compliance, and monitoring.
  • GitOps and policy-driven deployment and configuration across environments help decrease errors and boost innovation.
  • Launch right away using your current workflow and tools, such as Visual Studio, Terraform, and GitHub.
  • Write to the same application service APIs so they can be used consistently in edge environments with any version of Kubernetes, on-premises, and across multiple clouds.
  • Reduce expenses with Azure Hybrid Benefit of free Azure Stack HCI and Azure Kubernetes Service running on Windows Server for users with CSP or Windows Server Software Assurance subscriptions.

Utilize data insights from the edge to the cloud

  • With an end-to-end solution that includes local data collection, storage, and real-time analysis, you can create applications more quickly.
  • Integrate data security and governance tools to lower risk exposure and management overhead.
  • Boost operational effectiveness by using AI tools, services, automations, and consistent data.
  • Install PostgreSQL (in preview) or an Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance on any cloud or Kubernetes distribution.
  • With Azure Machine Learning’s one-click managed machine learning add-on deployment, you can get started in minutes and train models on any Kubernetes cluster.

Protect and manage infrastructure, data, and apps in a variety of settings

  • Make use of Microsoft Defender for Cloud to get threat detection, response, and analytics on the cloud.
  • Manage a variety of resources centrally, such as SQL server, Windows and Linux servers running on Azure, Azure Kubernetes services, and Azure Arc-enabled data services.
  • Manage the virtual machine (VM) lifecycle for your VMware and Azure Stack HCI environments from one central location.
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) and Azure Lighthouse are used to manage security policies and assign access to resources.
  • Utilize the Azure portal to manage your various environments in order to streamline multicloud administration and increase operational effectiveness.

Adapt to changing regulatory and connectivity requirements

  • Meet requirements for residency and sovereignty using a range of infrastructure solutions, such as Azure Stack HCI.
  • Utilize Azure Policy to adhere to governance and compliance standards for data, infrastructure, and apps.
  • Get low-latency applications with a streamlined edge computing infrastructure.
  • Use a full, sporadic, or no internet connection to operate.

Services enabled by Azure Arc

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Install containerized Windows and Linux applications in datacenters and at the edge, and run AKS on customer-managed infrastructures that are supported. To maintain Kubernetes cluster synchronization and automate updates for both new and old deployments, create GitOps configurations. Give your workloads access to features like traffic management, policy, resiliency, security, strong identity, and observability with service mesh.

Application services

Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure API Management, Azure Event Grid, and Azure Container Apps are just a few of the application services available for selection.

Data services

Install essential Arc-enabled data services on-premises, in multicloud environments, or on any Kubernetes distribution, such as SQL managed instances and PostgreSQL.

Machine learning

Train machine learning models and achieve reliability with service-level objectives with Azure Machine Learning training . Use Azure Arc-enabled machine learning to deploy trained models with Azure Machine Learning.

Azure Arc-enabled infrastructure


Use bare-metal servers, virtual machines (VMs) running Linux and Windows, and other clouds with a consistent server management experience across platforms. You can view and search for noncompliant servers thanks to built-in Azure policies for servers.


Kubernetes clusters can be tagged, organized, and built-in policies and inventory can be added using the container platform of your choice. Use GitOps to deploy applications and configuration as code, offering pre-built support for the majority of CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)-certified Kubernetes.

Azure Stack HCI

Connect your datacenter to the cloud, install cloud-native applications and computational resources at your remote locations, and control everything through the Azure portal. Reuse hardware that satisfies validation requirements, or select from over 25 hardware-validated partners.


With VMware virtual machines (VMs), manage their entire lifecycle and use Azure RBAC to provision and manage them whenever needed through the Azure portal. Using Azure VMware Solution, Kubernetes clusters, VMware Tanzu Application Service, or your own datacenters, you can access governance, monitoring, update management, and security at scale for VMware virtual machines.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)

Using Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), configure and oversee the components of your datacenter as a single fabric. Hosts and clusters for VMware and Hyper-V virtualization can be added, configured, and maintained. Find, categorize, provision, assign, and distribute local and remote storage. To build and launch virtual machines (VMs) and services on virtualization hosts, use VMM fabric.

Entire security and conformance, integrated

Every year, Microsoft spends more than $1 billion on research and development related to cybersecurity.

More than 3,500 security professionals who are committed to data security and privacy work for us.

Azure Arc cost

Although there are fees for additional Azure management services, Azure Arc is provided free of charge for managing Azure Arc-enabled servers and Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes. A SQL Managed Instance with Azure Arc enabled is typically available for an extra fee. Currently available in preview and provided at no additional cost are additional data and application services.

Start by registering for a free Azure account

Begin without cost. Receive a $200 credit that you can use in 30 days. Get free amounts of over 55 other services that are always free in addition to many of our most popular services while you have your credit.

Proceed to pay as you go to continue building with the same free services after your credit. Only make a payment if your monthly usage exceeds your free amounts.

You’ll still receive over 55 always-free services after a year, and you’ll only pay for the extra services you use over your free monthly allotment.

Thota nithya
Thota nithya
Thota Nithya has been writing Cloud Computing articles for govindhtech from APR 2023. She was a science graduate. She was an enthusiast of cloud computing.

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