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SCUF Nomad With Rear Paddles and Anti-Drift Thumbsticks


Presenting SCUF Nomad, which offers mobile players worldwide access to SCUF’s cutting-edge functionality and performance. Go Away and Play.

With pride, SCUF Gaming introduces the SCUF Nomad, its newest mobile gaming controller. The ergonomics and performance qualities that SCUF has honed with competitive gamers are now available in a mobile device thanks to this Made for iPhone Bluetooth controller.

SCUF gaming Controller

SCUF Nomad is designed to offer a top notch mobile gaming experience in a portable, foldable design, making use of SCUF’s many years of design experience and track record of competitive success with console and PC gamers.”Nomadic contours SCUF Gaming product marketing director Jake Tenorio says SCUF’s smartphone-modified paddle controllers inspired the grips and full-size triggers.

According to Tenorio, the Nomad controller is made to feel comfortable in your hands. Comfort is something that many mobile controllers overlook, which has a direct impact on how well you play games and how long you can play for. When clients take up the Nomad for the first time, they will see right away that SCUF prioritized ergonomics in its design process.

Full-sized thumbsticks from Nomad provide exact control and accuracy, while anti drift Hall effect parts provide long lasting performance. The positioning of Nomad’s two rear paddles, a patented SCUF invention that adds speed and control while reducing hand strain, complements the thumbstick arrangement.

This design represents a significant advancement for what SCUF considers to be the ideal way to play across all platforms by enabling players to utilize the thumbstick and back paddles simultaneously, much like the pros.

An iOS companion app for SCUF Nomad is available for free and doesn’t require a subscription. Users can simply access and play their favourite games, like Roblox, NBA 2K, and CoD: Mobile, with the SCUF App.

Play games from your PC or console straight with the help of Remote Play apps and quick launches from the App Store. To customize your Nomad’s trigger sensitivity, thumbstick responsiveness, and button remapping, create controller profiles.

You may quickly share games in your library with pals by assigning them profiles. Additionally, the SCUF app makes it easier for users to share and record gameplay highlights on mobile devices, allowing them to easily display their expertise.

“SCUF is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enable gamers to improve their performance and enjoyment on all platforms as gaming continues to evolve.” stated Tenorio. “With gaming continuing its rapid convergence across mobile, console, and PC platforms, mobile gaming is an intriguing new sector for SCUF.

SCUF Nomad

SCUF controller Cost, Availability, and Compatibility:

Now that SCUF Nomad is available for $99 MSRP, more players than before may take use of the advantages of a SCUF controller. Officially, the SCUF experience is now mobile.

Starting on May 30, 24, SCUF Nomad may be preordered online for $99.99, and it will also be available in select stores this summer. With additional customization and color options to come, Nomad is compatible with iOS 16+ and will begin in Black as its single colour.

SCUF Gaming makes top-notch gaming controllers and accessories. These goods are designed for professional gamers, esports athletes, and casual gamers who want to improve.

SCUF Gaming


  • Established in 2011; headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, USA.
  • In the gaming accessories industry, they offer customisable controllers, accessories, and gear.

Products and Features

Innovations that give SCUF Gaming an edge are well known. Special features of SCUF controllers include:

Paddle Control System: SCUF controllers have back paddles that can be mapped to buttons. This lets gamers do more without taking their fingers off the thumbsticks.

Trigger Control System: Adjustable hair triggers and trigger stops speed up first-person shooter shooting.

Thumbstick Options: SCUF controllers have thumbsticks of various heights and forms for different hand sizes and play styles. Long gaming sessions are more comfortable with improved grips and ergonomic features.

Aesthetics: Players can customise their controllers with many colours, styles, and finishes. SCUF offers wired and wireless controllers for several gaming systems.

PS5 SCUF Controllers

SCUF Gaming creates controllers for several gaming systems, such as: PlayStation (PS4, PS5) Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S).

Popular PC models

Popular SCUF controllers include:

  • SCUF Infinity4PS Pro: PS4/PC customisable controller.
  • SCUF Impact: A larger, more versatile PS4/PC controller.
  • SCUF Prestige: Xbox One/PC customisable controller.
  • SCUF Instinct Pro: Xbox Series X|S and PC controller with immediate triggers and interchangeable parts.

Community, Partnerships

SCUF Gaming has a significant gaming community presence thanks to relationships with professional esports teams, influencers, and content creators. They are preferred by competitive gamers that need precise and reliable peripherals.

Warranty and Support

SCUF Gaming offers controller and accessory warranties and customer assistance. They also repair and replace parts for longevity and performance.

Market Effect

Competition-standard features from SCUF Gaming have shaped the gaming controller market. Their customization and performance make them an industry leader.

Concerning SCUF

By staying innovative, SCUF Gaming maintains its position as a leader in the cutthroat gaming sector. Designed with professional players competing on esports venues in mind, they gave players unprecedented customization options, adjustable triggers, and rear paddles features that changed the game at their fingertips. Beyond pros, SCUF is still reaching out to content makers and domestic competitive gamers. Located little outside of Atlanta, SCUF gladly became a part of the Corsair family in 2019.

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