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Apple’s best iMessage Apps for Apple phone and ios

Apple created iMessage apps for its smartphones.  It lets consumers send free text messages, photos, movies, and other documents to other Apple users over the internet and other papers. It is popular among Apple iPhone and iPad users because to its functionality and the attractiveness of keeping talks inside Apple.

What is an imessage app?

IMessage apps are little programmes that enhance the features of Apple devices’ Messages app. They let you do things like make polls, play games, exchange GIFs, and even transfer money right from a chat.

Key features of iMessage include:

  • You may send free text messages, images, and videos to other Apple users with an internet connection. This is a great way to cut message costs.
  • End-to-end encryption: iMessage apps protects your digital messages from unwanted access. This means only the sender and recipient can view the messages.
  • Group texting allows several people to chat. This is great for communicating with friends and family.
  • Some iMessage apps: You may add several iMessage apps to Messages. These apps are downloadable. These apps let you send GIFs, play games, and exchange money.
  • You can check when your messages were delivered and received using delivery and read receipts. Knowing whether someone saw your message may be helpful.

However, iMessage has restrictions:

For compatibility reasons, iMessage can only be used between Apple devices. Windows and Android can’t receive iMessages.

Being green with Android users is possible: If you send an SMS or MMS to someone without an iPhone or iPad, your carrier may charge you. These messages will be green in iMessages instead of blue.

Apple adds new features to its popular iPhone texting software, iMessage, practically year. It seems that most iPhone users are uninformed of the iMessage apps purpose. Users may create stickers by stacking emoticons and email them to friends and family. If you’re unfamiliar with iOS 17, use the hidden feature on your iPhone.

There is a very cool hidden feature in iMessage for iOS devices that allows you to create a sticker out of emojis.

imessage sticker app

A function that was only recently found is somewhat comparable to the emoji kitchen on Android, although it is far less complicated. There are, nevertheless, significant distinctions between the two. To provide an example, the emoji kitchen application for Android can generate a brand-new emoji, but the iMessage app on the iPhone may just produce a sticker by stacking one emoji on top of another. On the other hand, it is astounding that the functionality has stayed concealed inside the iMessage programme for iOS.

Since it doesn’t work on SMS messages, you’ll need Apple’s iMessage programme to test it. You must first send an emoji to a family member or close friend. From now on, just open up the keyboard, choose an extra emoji, and drag it over the one you gave the recipient. It is possible to construct a sticker by repeating the technique with a number of different emojis.

The most advantageous aspect of the tool is that it is really easy to use, and all that is required of users is to just drag and drop their preferred emoji on top of each other. The sticker may also be made bigger by using the other finger, which is another option available to you. Simply keep your other finger on the emoji and move it outward while holding it. The emoji will turn along with you if you spin your finger in the appropriate direction.

Top imessage apps

These popular iMessage applications are among many amazing ones:


GIPHY makes iMessages fun and personal. You can search and share GIFs from the internet with GIPHY.

Zen Koi 2

Play this calm iMessage game with friends.Zen Koi 2 allows you swim across a beautiful aquatic landscape as a koi. For unwinding after a hard day, the game is peaceful and engrossing.

iMessage Polls

Get instant input from friends using iMessage Polls. You may build 10-option polls using Polls for iMessage. After creating your poll, send it to friends over iMessage.


Awesome for finding and sharing iMessage stickers. Sticker.Place features humorous, adorable, and seasonal stickers.


Venmo is wonderful for sending and receiving money with pals. Venmo makes it easy to share bills, pay for supper, or transfer money.

Having a good time and entertaining


A variety of games, like as card and board games and casual games, are accessible as iMessage applications. Several well-liked choices consist of:

You may challenge your pals to a round of scrabble in the timeless word game Words With pals Forever.

Cobi Hoops is an entertaining and competitive hoops game that you may play with your pals.

A timeless party game that’s great for playing via iMessage with pals is truth or dare.

These are some of the best iMessage applications. Many applications are available, so you’re likely to discover one you like. Browse the App Store for more iMessage applications.

Gowri Priya
Gowri Priya
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