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Qualcomm Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 Gets Mid-Range 5G Boost

Snapdragon 6s Gen 3

Qualcomm expects the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 mobile platform will boost mid-range smartphone gaming, worldwide 5G connection, and performance. The news release highlights significant developments, but a deeper look reveals more.

Moderate Enhancement of Performance

The Qualcomm Kryo CPU in the 6s Gen 3 is marginally faster than that of its predecessors. All are talking about a 4.5% boost in clock speed, which results in somewhat quicker performance on daily chores. The Adreno GPU is still in use, most likely the Adreno 619. This implies more seamless programme switching and overall use, but don’t anticipate revolutionary advances in graphics processing.

Power Savings and Quick Charging

Positively, the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 uses a 6nm manufacturing technique, which saves power. Better battery life and cooler phone functioning result from this. Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+, which charges phones up to 50% in 15 minutes, returns.

AI-Powered System for Wiser Conversations

The Qualcomm AI Engine is a sophisticated feature of the platform. This results in a phone that is more sensitive and capable of utilising on-device machine learning for functions like speech recognition and sophisticated photography functionality. With capabilities like always-on speech recognition, the low-power Qualcomm Sensing Hub is part of the specialised AI engine, which can improve security and convenience.

Camera Features: A Varied Selection

Using the Qualcomm Spectra ISP, the 6s Gen 3 allows users to take 720p 30 frames per second films and triple-concurrent 13-megapixel pictures. While this is a good arrangement for daily photography, it may not be particularly effective in low light. Support for better resolution video capture is conspicuously lacking, which is odd given that the year is 2024.

Playing Games While Travelling

The platform’s capacity to deliver fluid gaming at up to 120 frames per second in Full HD resolution would be appreciated by gamers. If the games are calibrated for the platform’s capabilities, this combined with the Qualcomm FastConnect 6200 Mobile Connectivity System with 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 should result in a lag-free gaming experience.

Capacity for Processing

An octa-core CPU that blends efficiency and performance cores to manage speed and battery consumption is the brains behind the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3. CPU architecture includes:

Superior Functioning Cores

At up to 2.4 GHz, four powerful Cortex-A78 cores were clocked. These cores provide rapid and fluid performance by handling taxing tasks like gaming, multitasking, and large apps.

Cores of Efficiency

Up to 1.8 GHz could be reached with four Cortex-A55 cores. Because these cores are designed for lower-demanding applications, they contribute to increased battery life and overall power efficiency.

Because to improvements in power efficiency and thermal management brought forth by the 6nm manufacturing process, prolonged performance is possible without noticeably overheating.

Gaming and Graphics

Modern smartphone systems must have good graphics performance, and the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 delivers. It has the most recent Adreno 620 GPU, which performs 25% better than the model it replaced. Important visuals and gameplay elements consist of:

Elevated Clarity Images

Support for high-dynamic-range gaming (HDR) delivers deeper colours and enhanced contrast for a more captivating visual experience.

Optimising Games

Improved compatibility with well-known gaming engines and tools guarantees seamless gameplay with lower latency and greater frame rates.

Support for Vulkan 1.1

Enabling efficient performance and cutting-edge graphics rendering in a range of games.

AI Proficiencies

Modern smartphone technology is led by artificial intelligence, and the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 makes major advancements by utilising Qualcomm’s AI Engine:

Processor Hexagon

Compared to the previous version, the integrated Hexagon 770 processor gives up to 50% higher AI performance. This makes it possible to execute AI-related tasks like predictive text, image recognition, and natural language processing more quickly and accurately.

Better AI Functionalities

Support for voice assistants, on-device AI apps, and AI-based camera improvements that cut down on cloud processing and speed up response times.

Robotic Learning

Designed to operate with TensorFlow Lite and other well-known machine learning frameworks, allowing programmers to build and use complex artificial intelligence models right on the gadget.


The Snapdragon 6s Gen 3’s connectivity is a main feature, and Qualcomm has incorporated its most recent innovations to guarantee dependable and quick connections:

5G Internet Access

Support for mmWave 5G and sub-6 GHz networks is available, offering faster internet access and more dependable networks. This guarantees that customers may benefit fully from the expanding global 5G infrastructure.

Six WiFi

Wi-Fi 6 compatibility improves latency, speed, and performance in busy areas.

Bluetooth 5.2

Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity for more dependable connections with peripherals, longer range, and higher quality audio streaming.

Improvements to the Camera

Smartphone cameras are still a big selling point, and the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 improves upon this in a number of ways.

ISP Spectra

With the triple Spectra 460 Image Signal Processor (ISP), sophisticated camera functions like 4K video recording at 60 frames per second, enhanced low-light performance, and support for up to 192 MP images are made possible.

AI-Powered Better Photos

AI technologies for noise reduction, real-time upgrades, and automatic scene recognition guarantee that users can take excellent pictures and movies under a range of circumstances.

Reduced Multi-Frame Noise

Especially in low light, this technology combines numerous frames to improve image quality and eliminate noise.

Battery Performance

Smartphone customers continue to have serious concerns about battery life, which the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 attempts to solve with a number of important innovations:

Control of Power

Longer battery life is ensured by advanced power management technologies that optimise battery utilisation across a variety of tasks and applications.

Fast Charge 4+

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4+ technology speeds up charging to reduce power source time.

Effective Parts

The platform’s usage of more power-efficient parts to increase battery life without sacrificing functionality, from the CPU and GPU to the networking modules.

Features of Security

Another crucial issue for mobile platforms is security, and the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 has a number of capabilities to safeguard user information, including:

Secure Processing Unit from Qualcomm

A separate, secure processing unit for managing transactions and sensitive data, guaranteeing the privacy of personal data.

Security Based on Hardware

Improved hardware-based security controls to guard against data breaches and illegal access.

AI-Powered Defence

AI algorithms for real-time threat detection and response, assisting in the more efficient identification and mitigation of security threats.

Ecosystem Support and Software

The extensive ecosystem that the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 offers to developers and customers is made possible by its seamless compatibility with a broad range of applications and services:

Compatibility with Android

Complete support for the most recent iterations of Android, guaranteeing alignment with the most recent functionalities and enhancements from Google.

Developer Resources

Extensive support for the SDKs and development tools offered by Qualcomm, allowing programmers to design optimised apps that take full advantage of the Snapdragon platform’s capabilities.

Integrating Across Platforms

Support for a variety of cross-platform services and technologies, which enables developers to more easily design apps that function flawlessly across many ecosystems and devices.

Possible Repercussions for the Mobile Sector

The Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 Mobile Platform is expected to change the mobile industry, especially mid-range. Qualcomm is changing what users expect from mid-tier smartphones by adding flagship-level features.

Advantages for Clients

Customers won’t have to buy pricey equipment in order to enjoy better performance, better connectivity, and cutting-edge camera features. This democratisation of technology may lead to a rise in the use of 5G and AI-powered applications.

A Competitive Setting

Following the debut of the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3, smartphone manufacturers are likely to become more competitive, leading to a wave of new, more reasonably priced models. This could result in a market that offers consumers additional options and is livelier and more dynamic.

Prospects for Developers

Through the utilisation of the advanced capabilities of the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3, developers will have the ability to create increasingly intricate and powerful applications. This may inspire the creation of fresh, cutting-edge applications that improve customer satisfaction.

Market Growth

The smartphone industry may grow as a result of the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3‘s enhanced features and performance, especially in developing nations where cost is a major consideration. Global connectedness and digital inclusion may increase as a result of this.

Conclusion: A Careful Improvement

The Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 is a capable mid-range chipset that comes with support for 5G connection, better battery life, and some performance enhancements. It is, however, a little disappointing update for 2024 due to the lack of notable advancements in GPU and camera technologies, especially the lack of higher definition video recording. Customers who are seeking a significant increase in power or photographic capabilities may be better off looking elsewhere.

For mid-range smartphones, the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 delivers a conservative boost. It incorporates elements like AI and 5G connectivity while placing an emphasis on efficiency and fundamental performance enhancements. Although this chipset is an excellent choice for average users, individuals looking for the fastest processing speed or the best camera performance may want to look at other options.

Agarapu Ramesh was founder of the Govindhtech and Computer Hardware enthusiast. He interested in writing Technews articles. Working as an Editor of Govindhtech for one Year and previously working as a Computer Assembling Technician in G Traders from 2018 in India. His Education Qualification MSc.


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