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Hamina Finds Huge Cost Savings and Productivity with Google


Like many other towns worldwide, Hamina is actively navigating a moment of substantial change. They were forced to reconsider how they approached technology as duties shifted away from the towns and financial constraints changed.

Distributing ChromeOS devices to every employee in Hamina

Their journey towards effective and user-friendly cloud technology began in the education divisions of Hamina. Up until they seen the effects of ChromeOS devices, Google Cloud, and Google Workspace, Hamina thought they would begin and end with their schools. They observed a sharp decline in support tickets and a sharp increase in user output. Teachers and administrative staff were actually motivated to raise questions about how to improve the experience once they had access to ChromeOS devices.

Hamina in IT questioned whether they might help other town departments save money and improve user experience. The response was an emphatic “yes.” Hamina’s 70 ChromeOS devices that they piloted in various departments produced two wins. The test not only verified ChromeOS’s operation, but it also uncovered a hidden gem: a user base ready to unlock their devices’ full potential and revolutionise their use.

Hamina were able to bring IT support in-house and stop depending on the 150-person external support team because of the lower costs and support requirements. Their teachers’ enhanced productivity was a direct result of the lighter support load.

ChromeOS, Google Cloud, and Google Workspace enable employees to work from anywhere, at any time. People may now work securely from home or elsewhere in their company without the need for VPNs. Just as IT professionals realised that ChromeOS devices might free up countless hours of management time, employees saw them as a way to revolutionise their work.

Hamina’s choice to spread the word about ChromeOS’s advantages was solidified by the feeling of independence and genuine enthusiasm. Currently, 3,700 Acer ChromeOS tablets are used by all city departments. Their IT staff also enjoys this independence because they don’t have to spend hours servicing employee devices. Their workplace right today is designed for the future.

How Google products interact

Together, Google Workspace, ChromeOS, and Google Cloud have made it possible for them to achieve Hamina‘s vision of an agile and effective workplace. Based on Google’s cloud architecture, ChromeOS and Google Workspace allow employees to work remotely while staying connected and collaborative with their colleagues. In order to enable users to access desktops and traditional apps in the same manner as cloud applications, They developed a browser-based desktop as a service in collaboration with Google Cloud Platform and outside solutions.

The days of expensive endpoint security and complicated application administration are long gone. Almost all employee apps are available through the recognisable Chrome browser thanks to ChromeOS, Google Workspace, and contemporary VDI on Google Cloud Platform. This gives their IT staff centralised control while also streamlining the user experience. It can control browser extensions, settings, and security rules from a single dashboard, making sure that everyone is working in a uniform and safe environment.

VPNs are eliminated thanks to this integrated strategy with ChromeOS and Google Cloud. Not only does the move away from traditional endpoint connections simplify things, but it also decreases their overall costs for IT management and security.

A 60% decrease in the price of technology

By eliminating the requirement for server and network infrastructure, ChromeOS, Workspace, and Google Cloud Platform enabled Hamina to simplify the operational environment, cut expenses, and improve operational efficiency.

They have saved up to 60% on their local IT expenses because to the different ChromeOS and Google solutions. For all devices, they don’t need to purchase thousands of software licences. ChromeOS comes with built-in security, which reduces the need for expensive security gear and software.

The technology that restricted the work of Hamina personnel has vanished. With as much power, security, and storage as required, ChromeOS has evolved into a platform for doing anything they need, whenever they need it. They’re eager for their company and their staff to benefit from the upcoming changes.

Improved Cooperation and Exchange of Information

Google Workspace integration has allowed Hamina to greatly enhance teamwork. Regardless of where they are physically located, team members can collaborate on papers and communicate efficiently using Google Meet, Gmail, Drive, and Google Docs. Workflows have become more efficient as a result, and coordination and communication time have decreased.

Savings on Costs

For it, the switch to Google Workspace has resulted in significant cost reductions. The business has cut costs on software licencing, maintenance, and IT infrastructure. Google’s cloud-based solutions cut overhead by doing away with the requirement for expensive software updates and on-premises servers.

Enhanced Output

The smooth integration of tools and intuitive UI of Google Workspace have increased Hamina’s overall productivity. Workers are able to access their work from any location, allowing for flexible work schedules and ongoing business operations. Workflow automation, task management, and shared calendars are a few more features that make procedures more productive.

Safety and Trustworthiness

Google’s strong security protocols provide improved data safety and dependability for Hamina. The architecture of Google minimises the risk of data loss or breaches by making sure that data is protected and backed up.

The ability to scale

Because of Google’s excellent scalability, It may readily modify its utilisation as the business expands. Because of its adaptability, the business can expand without fear of outgrowing its IT infrastructure.

Thota nithya
Thota nithya
Thota Nithya has been writing Cloud Computing articles for govindhtech from APR 2023. She was a science graduate. She was an enthusiast of cloud computing.


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