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OPPO Makes AI Phones More Accessible for 50 Million Users

OPPO Makes AI Phones

OPPO made clear that it is committed to ensuring that AI phones are affordable for all, highlighting the impending full-stack technical revolution and ecosystem reorganisation of AI phones. In addition, OPPO revealed a preview of the more intelligent and practical life that AI phones, in collaboration with Google, MediaTek, and IDC, are expected to bring.
By integrating generative AI into every product line, OPPO promises to democratise AI phones.

Motivated by the conviction that smartphones represent the most significant personal artificial intelligence gadget, OPPO is integrating generative AI into all of its smartphone product lines with the goal of enabling everyone to own an AI phone.

In addition to building its own AI capabilities, OPPO will work with partners in the industry like as Google, MediaTek, as Microsoft, and others to provide improved AI phone experiences.

OPPO is using generative AI to increase productivity and creativity. It will also provide full-stack transformation and ecosystem restructuring to AI phones, enabling consumers to take full use of AI.

Smartphones are positioned as the most significant personal AI device due to its wide worldwide reach, sophisticated connection, and multimodal capabilities. Even if smartphones are widely used, OPPO thinks that AI should be available to more people worldwide and not only be reserved for high-end models and a select few consumers.

Billy Zhang, President of Overseas MKT, Sales, and Service at OPPO, stated, “OPPO aims to make AI phones accessible to everyone with their relentless efforts and commitment.” “OPPO is introducing generative AI to all of its product lines for the first time in the industry. They hope to make generative AI features available to around 50 million users by the end of this year.”

A recent research paper from IDC titled “Time to Democratise the Impact of AI Tech” highlights this market’s enormous potential. IDC projects that by 2024, shipments of AI phones in the sub-$1000 range will have increased by 250% to 35 million units. With phones becoming more and more commonplace, generative AI is improving experiences in entertainment, mobile gaming, and other areas.

Increasing AI Phone accessibility via cooperation and innovation

About 70% of the more than 5,000 patents that OPPO has filed in the last ten years are explicitly connected to AI imaging. Large vision models, multimodal technologies, and the creation of OPPO’s own language models have all been areas of focus for the company since 2020. Furthermore, OPPO is the first smartphone manufacturer to directly install an LLM with 7 billion parameters on the handset. OPPO has introduced more than 100 generative AI capabilities to its phones this year as a result of its advancements in AI technology.

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve AI phone experiences, OPPO is collaborating closely with leading industry players to develop a Hybrid AI Architecture that combines AI capabilities on-device and in the cloud. The Google Gemini family LLMs will be included into OPPO’s Reno12 series and the next Find X Flagship in a partnership with Google. This will provide OPPO users with even more cutting-edge and practical AI services, like AI Toolbox, which includes AI Writer and AI Recording Summary functions. Both parties are fine-tuning processors in partnership with MediaTek to improve chip storage and computational efficiency on upcoming OPPO flagship models.

Additionally, as a result of its collaboration with Microsoft, the upcoming OPPO phones will be outfitted with Microsoft features that will enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and naturalness of speech and text conversion as well as the connectivity between desktop AI and phones.

In order to explore how AI phones will allow more people to benefit from AI, OPPO invited industry experts to a panel discussion. These experts included Francisco Jeronimo, Vice President, Devices EMEA at IDC, Philipp Ennen, Principal Research Manager of MediaTek, and Susara van den Heever, Director of AI, Customer Engineering EMEA at Google Cloud.

Giving consumers access to cutting-edge AI phone experiences

OPPO’s AI phones come with a plethora of cutting-edge capabilities that are designed to ignite creativity and increase productivity.

In terms of productivity, users may digest more information and benefit from real-time translation when LLMs are combined with technologies like quick transcription. Additionally, cross-device collaboration between desktop AI and phones has increased productivity even further.

Multimodal generation and motion generation technologies have also revolutionised creative fields such as photo editing and personalised creation. For example, users may swiftly generate missing content and delete undesired things with ease using the OPPO AI Eraser tool. At the moment, it is utilised an average of fifteen times a day. Simultaneously, multimodal technology facilitates the creation of imaginative textual and visual material for social media platforms.

In the long run, the shift from smartphones to AI phones will be a gradual development that permanently changes the mobile experience. It is anticipated that the intelligent operating system will incorporate artificial intelligence agents and facilitate multimodal communication, while also offering third-party services with greater adaptability. This will cause the AI phone ecosystem to be restructured and undergo a full stack revolution.” According to Nicole Zhang, OPPO’s general manager of AI products.

As it welcomes the coming of the new AI phone era, OPPO will continue to build the best AI phone experiences through its own invention and collaboration, driven by its ambition to make AI phones accessible to everyone.

Gowri Priya
Gowri Priya
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