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Qualcomm AI Hub: Boost AI Device Development

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. displayed its latest AI innovations at MWC Barcelona. Qualcomm Technologies is transforming user experiences and allowing developers across a wide range of Snapdragon and Qualcomm platform-powered devices with the Qualcomm AI Hub, cutting-edge research, and an exhibit of AI-enabled commercial goods.

They popularized mobile devices AI with the Snapdragon X Elite for PCs and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for cellphones. Durga Malladi, senior vice chairman and director of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s technology strategy and edge solutions, said the Qualcomm AI Hub will allow developers to fully utilize these cutting-edge technologies and create engaging AI-enabled apps. “Based on the assist from the extensive AI model collection offered by the Qualcomm AI Hub, programmers can quickly and effortlessly integrate pre-optimized AI models into their mobile apps, resulting in more rapid, dependable, and confidential user experiences.”

Qualcomm AI Hub helps developers improve on-device AI

Qualcomm AI Hub
Image Credit to Qualcomm 

The Qualcomm AI Hub offers pre-optimized AI models for Snapdragon and Qualcomm platform-powered devices. This package offers developers over 75 AI and generative AI models, including Whisper, ControlNet, Stable Diffusion, and Baichuan 7B. These models improve on-device AI performance, memory use, and battery efficiency and exist in various form factors and runtime packages. Optimizing each model for hardware acceleration across all Qualcomm AI Engine cores (NPU, CPU, and GPU) speeds up inference by 4X. The AI model library works directly with the Qualcomm AI Engine direct SDK, seamlessly translating models from source framework to popular runtimes and optimizing hardware-awarely. Developers can simply incorporate these models into their applications to speed up time to market and provide on-device AI solutions that save money, are fast, reliable, private, and customizable.

Hugging Face,the GitHub, and Qualcomm AI Hub have enhanced models today. In addition to new models, the Qualcomm AI Hub will support various platforms and operating systems. Developers may register today to run Qualcomm AI Hub models on Qualcomm Technologies’ cloud-hosted devices to get early access to new features and AI models.

Hugging Face cofounder and CEO Clement Delangue said, “We are excited to host Qualcomm Technologies’ AI models on Hugging Face.” “These factors popular models for artificial intelligence, tailored for across-device machine learning and prepared to use across Snapdragon & Qualcomm systems, will make possible the next batch of cell phone programmers and edge applications that utilize AI, bringing AI cheaper and more readily available for everyone.”

Innovations in AI Research

Qualcomm AI Research is demonstrating Large Language and Vision Assistant (LLaVA), a 7+ billion parameter large multimodal model (LMM) that can generate multi-turn conversations about an image with an AI assistant and accept text and images for the first time on an Android smartphone. This LMM’s responsive token rate improves device cost, customization, privacy, and reliability. LMMs with verbal understanding and visual comprehension may identify and debate complex visual patterns, objects, and situations, among other uses.

Qualcomm AI Research presents the first Android smartphone Low Rank Adaptation demonstration. Stable Diffusion using LoRA lets users create creative or customized photographs. LoRA reduces AI model trainable parameters, improving on-device generative AI scalability, flexibility, and efficiency. LoRA may be used with customized AI models like massive language models to create personalized assistants, improved language translation, and more. It also lets you customize language vision models (LVMs) for creative styles.

Qualcomm AI Research is demonstrating a 7+ billion parameter LMM on a Windows PC for the first time. This LMM can generate multi-turn talks about audio inputs like music or traffic noises and text inputs.

Fostering Generative AI across All Devices at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Shown are HONOR Magic6 Pro, OPPO X7 Ultra, and Xiaomi 14 Pro commercial AI smartphones. They all use Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform. Every device has exciting new generative AI features like photo object eraser (OPPO), video production and calendar creation (HONOR), and AI-generated image magnification (Xiaomi).


The Snapdragon X Elite’s 45 TOPS NPU allows on-device AI, which will change computer usage. Qualcomm Technologies will demonstrate that you can create any picture and generative AI will build it in 7 seconds, 3 times faster than x86 competitors, using the free image editor GIMP and the Stable Diffusion plug-in.


The Snapdragon Digital Chassis Platform showcases both traditional and generative AI capabilities to give drivers and passengers more powerful, effective, private, secure, and customized experiences.

Consumer Internet of Things

Humane’s Snapdragon-powered AI Pin lets consumers carry AI in a novel, conversational, screenless form factor.


The Snapdragon X80 Modem-RF System’s second-generation 5G AI engine boosts speed, coverage, latency, and battery life. They also introduced the Qualcomm FastConnect 7900 Mobile networking System, the first AI-optimized Wi-Fi 7 system that improves local wireless networking performance, latency, battery usage, and flexibility.

5G Infrastructure

Qualcomm Technologies will demonstrate three AI-based network management innovations: an AI-generated generative AI assistant to assist radio access network (RAN) engineers with network and slice management tasks, an AI-powered open RAN application (rApp) to reduce network energy consumption, and an AI-powered 5G network slice lifecycle management suite.

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