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Qualcomm FastConnect 7900: First AI-powered Wi-Fi 7 System

The Qualcomm FastConnect 7900 Mobile Connectivity system was launched today by Qualcomm Technologies.

It is the first processor with Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth, and Ultra Wideband and AI-optimized performance. FastConnect 7900 uses artificial intelligence (AI) to adapt to different use cases and settings, resulting in significant improvements in power consumption, network latency, and throughput. FastConnect 7900 is a potent suite of proximity technologies that facilitates security-rich device discovery, access, and control. It combines Bluetooth Channel Sounding, Wi-Fi Ranging, and Ultra Wideband technology.

In addition to its technological prowess, Qualcomm FastConnect 7900 makes use of a new class of RF front-end modules and next-generation High Band Simultaneous technology, which is the cornerstone of Qualcomm Expanded Personal Area Network (XPAN) and Snapdragon Seamless experiences and a major Wi-Fi 7 era innovation at the heart of multi-device experiences.

Qualcomm FastConnect 7900
Image credit to Qualcomm

Qualcomm Technologies, vice president and general manager for mobile connection Javier del Prado stated, “FastConnect 7900 is a technological feat, leveraging AI to raise the bar and deliver leading Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth capabilities while integrating Ultra Wideband all on a single 6nm chip.” “FastConnect 7900 introduces a new way to connect, building on the history of our first-generation Wi-Fi 7 offering, which is available in millions of devices today. The system upgrades the gadgets we like with cutting-edge AI, proximity, and multi-device experiences.

With AI optimization, this 6nm single-chip connectivity solution combines Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth, and Ultra Wideband (UWB) for unmatched performance in mobile, computing, and XR applications.

With the industry-leading 6nm production node, the Qualcomm FastConnect 7900 Mobile Connectivity System is an AI-enhanced connectivity system that combines Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth, and UWB in a single-chip 2×2 solution. FastConnect 7900 is brimming with premium innovation, building on an advanced implementation of High Band Simultaneous (HBS) Multi-Link with UWB and Bluetooth Channel Sounding to effortlessly find nearby devices like earbuds, smart tags, or other mobile devices. It delivers ultra-high speeds and sustained low latency across Wi-Fi, leading Bluetooth Audio, and all-new proximity awareness capabilities.

Redesigned Wi-Fi 7 with AI optimization

With a new design and all-new AI-optimized Wi-Fi 7 engineered for maximum power efficiency, FastConnect 7900 is now a tiny 6nm device. Longer battery life and improved power savings are features of new RF FEMs.

Entire proximity awareness functionalities

Wi-Fi Ranging, Bluetooth Channel Sounding, and UWB are just a few of the technologies that Qualcomm FastConnect 7900 provides in order to give users complete proximity capabilities.

Multi-device, next-generation experiences

Improved KPIs, high efficiency, low power consumption, and support for high-throughput HBS are all features of the brand-new RF FEMs. Elevate the amount of seamless absorption in your multi-device activities with Qualcomm FastConnect 7900’s proximity awareness features. For unmatched connection, HBS and HBS Multi-Link are also the foundation of experiences like Qualcomm XPAN and Snapdragon Seamless.

Innovative new sound experiences made possible with Snapdragon Sound and Qualcomm XPAN

Qualcomm FastConnect 7900 provides incredible new audio experiences by supporting both the Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite and the ground-breaking new Qualcomm XPAN. These technologies allow for the delivery of ultra-low power, high-bitrate audio streaming via Wi-Fi, with coverage across the whole house, building, and campus, starting at 96kHz and scaling up to 192kHz. High-quality audio may also be supported by Qualcomm XPAN, and HBS makes use of two concurrent high-band connections to provide the highest audio quality and durability.

Qualcomm FastConnect 7900 Features

  • Support for 5GHz, 2.4GHz, and 6GHz
  • 320MHz channel bandwidth and 4K QAM modulation allow for a maximum data throughput of 5.8 Gbps (single channel or 160 + 160 with High Band Simultaneous).
  • Utilizing several streams of widely accessible 5GHz airwaves, a total channel bandwidth of 240MHz and 4K QAM may reach up to 4.3 Gbps.
  • With 40% less power consumption than previous generation Bluetooth 5.4, HBS technology offers multiple connections of 5 and/or 6GHz performance, spatial audio, and ANT+ connectivity.
  • Support for Qualcomm XPAN LE Audio and Snapdragon Sound for broadcasting and sharing personal audio allows listeners to join or share streams.
  • Support for multiple streams of audio in true wireless earbuds.

Qualcomm FastConnect 7900 Specifications


Peak Speed: 5.8 Gbps

Generation: Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7

Standards: 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11a, 802.11ax, 802.11be

Spectral Bands: 6 GHz

Channels: 320 MHz

Peak QAM: 4K QAM

Encryption: 256-bit AES-GCMP, 128-bit AES-CCMP


WPA3 Enhanced Open, FIPS 140-2, TLS, WPA2, AES-CCMP, PAP, MS-CHAP, PEAP, EAP-TLS, 128-bit WEP, MS-CHAPv2, WPA2-PSK, EAP-TTLS, 64-bit WEP, 256-bit AES-GCMP, Protected Management Frames, WPA3 Personal, WPA3 Enterprise, WPA3 Easy Connect, 128-bit AES-GCMP


Passpoint, TDLS, OFDMA (UL/DL), Wi-Fi QoS Management, MU-MIMO (UL/DL), Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity, Wi-Fi Aware R3, Wi-Fi Location, Miracast, Voice-Enterprise, High Band Simultaneous (HBS) Multi-Link, Target Wake Time, XPAN Technology


Specification Version: Bluetooth 5.4


Qualcomm aptX audio technology support: Qualcomm aptX Adaptive, Qualcomm aptX Voice, Qualcomm aptX Lossless

Audio Processing Technologies: Snapdragon Sound technology, Low latency Gaming mode with Voice back-channel, LE Audio, Spatial Audio

Other Audio Capturing Technologies: Stereo Recording


Standards: IEEE 802.15.4z, Fine Ranging (FiRa), Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)

Transmit Chains: 1

Receive Chains: 3

Features: Time of Flight (ToF), Angle of Arrival (AoA)


Part Number(s): WCN7880, WCN7881

Peak Speed5.8 Gbps
GenerationWi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7
Standards802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11a, 802.11ax, 802.11be (Wi-Fi 7)
Spectral Bands6 GHz
ChannelsUp to 320 MHz
AI-optimized performanceYes
HBS Multi-LinkYes
Bluetooth5.4 with LE Audio and ANT+ support
Ultra WidebandYes


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