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Dominate Performance: Enermax Revolution D.F.12 850W

Enermax Revolution

Enermax Revolution D.F.12 850W

With a depth of just 122 mm, the Enermax Revolution D.F.12 850W is the smallest ATX v3.1 power supply available today. Although the ATX specification calls for up to 200%, which is already excessive for today’s GPUs, it promises tolerance of up to 235% power swing.

  • PCIe 5.0 & Intel ATX 3.1 Compatible
  • Compact Size ATX, 122mm
  • Fully Modular, Gold Certified 80 PLUS
  • 12+4 Pin 12V-2×6 Native 600W PCIe 5.0 / Gen 5 Cable
  • Maximum Power Excursion: 235% & Maximum GPU Power Excursion: 300%
  • 100% Japanese, industrial-grade capacitors rated at 105°C
  • Rotation Technology Without Dust with Switch Button
  • Cables with mesh sleeves
  • Small but powerful, semi-fanless technology provides complete silence at 50% load.

The Market’s Tiniest ATX 3.1 Power Supply

In keeping with the sustainable concept, the Enermax REVOLUTION D.F. 12 is among the smallest PSUs on the market, measuring just 122mm deep, with the goal of reducing material waste during the manufacturing and packaging processes. It has a 6-pole motor and an integrated 115mm PWM fan with industrial-grade dual-ball bearings for improved cooling effectiveness and longevity.


  • Fits neatly into the smaller PC cases of your choice.
  • More room for convenient cable organisation.
  • Make sure the excess volume doesn’t obstruct airflow.


All Intel ATX 3.1 requirements are satisfied by the Enermax REVOLUTION D.F. 12, ensuring compatibility with modern hardware setups. Maximum power of 600W can be easily channelled by the native 12V-2×6 connector, guaranteeing excellent performance from high-end graphics cards.


The power supply cables have been replaced with high-quality, individually sleeved cables, which offer exceptional cable management thanks to their soft, bendable points and improved cable routing.

Enermax Revolution 850W

Accredited with 80 PLUS GOLD

At standard loading, the Enermax REVOLUTION D.F. 12 has an efficiency of over 90% and is certified as 80 PLUS Gold. It lowers greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of electricity by wasting less energy. Additionally, it generates less heat, which extends the life of electronic components and devices and improves reliability.

Maximum Power Excursion of 235%

The Enermax REVOLUTION D.F. 12 can handle more than twice its rated wattage for a brief period of time due to its ability to accommodate up to 235% power excursion. This feature allows it to meet the demands of high-end graphics cards without letting the system drop power and possibly crash the computer.

Japanese capacitors only

In order to ensure reliable and consistent performance, the Enermax REVOLUTION D.F. 12 uses only 100% industrial-grade Japanese capacitors made using premium components and manufacturing techniques.



With a power-on activated switch next to the power switch, the power supply fan features the ENERMAX’s patented Dust-free Rotation (D.F.R.) self-cleaning technology, which reduces dust accumulation and prolongs system lifespan.


To activate the “Dust-Free Rotation Function,” press the D.F. switch button located on the power switch side. This will cause the power supply fan to spin backwards for ten seconds, effectively eliminating dust.


By lowering fan noise when cooling demand is low, the integrated fanless technology minimises noise levels and enhances overall system acoustics. The fan can remain stopped under 50% working load or over-temperature


With a 6-pole motor and 3-phase fan, the Enermax REVOLUTION D.F. 12 operates with very little vibration, low power consumption, and smoothness.


A high-performance fan with industrial-grade dual-ball bearings powers the Enermax REVOLUTION D.F. 12, effectively reducing unnecessary friction to maximise performance. With these premium dual-ball bearings, the Enermax REVOLUTION D.F. 12 achieves outstanding quality and increased stability. This design not only increases the unit’s lifespan but also optimises system performance for your most demanding requirements.

Protections for Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade

  • Protection Against Over Current
  • Protection Against Over Voltage
  • In the Voltage Protection
  • Protection Against Over Power
  • Protection Against Over Temperature
  • Protection from Short Circuits

Future builds should consider the ENERMAX REVOLUTION D.F. 12 850W PSU for the following reasons:

Elevated wattage

Even the most demanding processors and graphics cards on the market can be supported by it with 850W, and it probably has enough headroom for more high-end components in the future.

Ready for PCIe 5.0 and ATX 3.0

Complying with the most recent version of ATX 3.0, the PSU has the new 12VHPWR connector, which is anticipated to become the standard on high-power graphics cards in the future. Compatibility with PCIe 5.0, the upcoming PCI Express interface generation, guarantees that your PSU won’t impede future hardware that utilises it.

Enermax Revolution DF

However, the following are some points to consider moving forward:

Efficiencies gains

Higher efficiency ratings on more recent PSUs could result in long-term electricity cost savings. Certified 80 Plus Gold, the Enermax Revolution DF 12 has an excellent rating but falls short of the highest possible.

More recent features

PSU manufacturers are always coming up with new features, so the latest models might have integrated displays or better fan noise control.

All things considered, the Enermax Revolution DF 12 850W PSU is a solid choice for a future-proof PC build, but it’s always a good idea to keep up with the most recent developments in hardware to find out if any newer features or efficiency gains are available.



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