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MSI PROJECT ZERO: The Cleanest Look in PC Building

MSI PROJECT ZERO motherboard

Greetings from a new era in PC construction, where style and utility blend seamlessly. Introducing a groundbreaking development in computer hardware design, the PROJECT ZERO series motherboard. The PROJECT ZERO motherboard has a revolutionary Back-connect design that moves connectors to the back of the board, in contrast to conventional layouts. This greatly streamlines the construction process and improves the motherboard’s visual appearance.

The days of having to turn your case upside down to attach connections and battling with cable management are long gone. Thanks to PROJECT ZERO’s innovative Back-connect architecture, connecting wires is a breeze. Eliminate the stress of stumbling over cables in confined areas or blocking other parts when installing them. Even inexperienced builders will discover that the assembly method is easy and uncomplicated.

In keeping with its innovative spirit, MSI presents its PC case designed specifically to work with the MSI PROJECT ZERO motherboard. With its 270-degree tempered glass panels, this case provides an all-around immersive view of your immaculate interior components.

Welcome to the MAG PANO series, where a panorama of elegance surrounds your technology, showcasing it in all its glory. Additionally, cable management has never been simpler because of its user-friendly design. A neat and orderly build will greet you in place of tangled cords.

The MAG PANO case makes your computer a work of art by providing a dedicated area for exhibiting models, bringing its beauty to everyone’s attention. It serves as a personal display for your painstakingly constructed PC build rather than just being a case.
MSI is always pushing the boundaries of PC design. With our reliable support for AMD and Intel platforms, as well as our assortment of motherboard form factors.

With their soon-to-be-released MAG CORELIQUID I Series, which promises an unparalleled visual experience and has an amazing Infinity mirror on two sides, they’re putting the finishing touch. Watch this space for the next evolution of PC design.

MSI is dedicated to refining the PROJECT ZERO idea and providing an ecosystem that makes your tech life more exciting. Come along as they continue to expand the possibilities for PC construction and open up a whole new world of style and usefulness.

The MSI PROJECT ZERO motherboard Z790

With its innovative back-connect design, the Z790 PROJECT ZERO simplifies cable management, giving the system a more organised and attractive appearance. It supports DDR5, works with Intel Processors 13th, 14th, and 12th, and has a 2.5G LAN and Wi-Fi 7 solution built in. It’s a great option among ATX motherboards because of this.

  • DDR5 Memory is supported at up to 7200+(OC) MHz.
  • Enhanced Power Design: Dual 8-pin CPU power connectors, Core Boost, Memory Boost, and a 14+1+1 Duet Rail Power System
  • Thunderstorm Quick gaming experience: PCIe 5.0 slot, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, Lightning Gen 4 x4 M.2
  • Superior Thermal Solution: M.2 Shield Frozr and Extended Heatsink Design are made for high-performance systems that run continuously.
  • Sound Enhancement: Enjoy studio-quality sound to please your ears.
  • Superior PCB: This 6-layer PCB is constructed using server-grade materials and 2 ounces of thicker copper.
  • B650M AMD Ryzen 8000 and 7000 Series Desktop Processors are supported by PROJECT ZERO
  • DDR5 Memory is supported at up to 7600+(OC) MHz.
  • Premium Thermal Solution: AMD Wi-Fi 6E Solution and 2.5G LAN are designed for high performance systems and continuous operation. Extended Heatsink Design with M.2 Shield Frozr improved network solution intended for multimedia and business applications. provides a quick, dependable, and safe network connection.
  • Lightning M.2: Optimising performance for NVMe-based SSDs by operating at PCIe Gen 4
  • USB 20G Lightning: Integrated USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 port provides a transmission speed of 20Gbps, which is 4 times faster than USB 3.2 Gen 1 Audio Boost. Give your ears a treat with MAG studio-quality sound. Supported motherboards for PANO M100R and M100L PZ / WHITE Micro-ATX Back-connect Project Zero.

Examining the Most Recent Developments in PC Building: Specifications

This might be a blog entry, a collection of articles, or perhaps a movie explaining the fascinating new developments in PC construction. The following specifications could be used to provide more detail to your content:

Main Point:

  • Intended audience (overclockers, hobbyists, and newbies)
  • Particular advancements (AI-powered cooling, DDR5 RAM, modular designs)
  • Overarching theme: eco-friendly construction, performance, and aesthetics

Content Digestion:

Introduction: Talk briefly about the history of PC construction and the buzz around recent advancements.

Extensive Analysis of Innovations

Describe the notions of tool-less component swapping, liquid cooling integration, and scalable layouts for modular designs.

  • DDR5 RAM: Draw attention to the advantages of increased bandwidth, quicker memory rates, and possible overclocking possibilities.
  • AI-powered Cooling: Talk about developments in machine learning-based automatic fan control for the best possible temperature regulation and noise abatement.

Additional Innovations:

Choices for pre-built customisation provided by manufacturers.

  • Improvements in liquid cooling technologies that feature simple maintenance and pre-filled loops.
  • The development of potent Small Form Factor (SFF) computers that have effective cooling.
  • Advantages for Builders: Describe how these developments facilitate simpler, more effective, and more customised building. (For instance, simpler cable management, silent operation, and future-proof construction)
  • Issues & Difficulties: Talk about the possible downsides or restrictions of new technology (such as price, compatibility, and learning curve).
  • Future Prospects: Briefly discuss the upcoming advancements in PC construction (such as the incorporation of artificial intelligence for overclocking and additional component miniaturisation).

In your conclusion, highlight the important lessons learned and the fascinating opportunities presented by creating a PC in this modern day.

Extra Details:

Add pristine photos of the newest parts and creative ideas.

Think about including pertinent films that demonstrate the new functionality in use.

If the audience is novices, include a glossary of terms or a section with resources for additional education.


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