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XPG, a rapidly expanding supplier of systems, parts, and accessories for gamers, pros in esports, and tech enthusiasts, has introduced a number of products aimed at the discerning, low-cost gamer. XPG has introduced a new range of entry-level Gold efficiency power supply units and ARGB PWM fans in an effort to meet the demands of PC builders of all skill levels. It’s now easier than ever to upgrade your system with the new XPG CORE REACTOR II VE and XPG VENTO PWM fans.


Finding the right balance between performance and cost is never easy, but XPG prioritises the needs of its customers above all else. Despite being marketed as a Value Edition product, the CORE REACTOR II VE’s specifications are anything but low-cost. This power supply uses XPG’s unique PSU topology, which is inspired by the design of the award-winning CORE REACTOR II, to achieve performance that exceeds Intel ATX 3.1 requirements. With its DC-DC circuit design, gold efficiency, and dedicated 12V-2×6 connector, this power supply unit is ideal for all of your modern gaming needs. The XPG CORE REACTOR II VE, available in 650W, 750W, and 850W models, is the ideal base for a current generation build.


The stock fans from XPG have been upgraded to support pulse width modulation, or PWM. From high-end devices to the entry-level end of their portfolio, XPG is expanding its compatible offerings in response to the growing demand for software support in all things PC DIY. Without going over budget, you can easily meet all of your fan needs with the new VENTO 120 ARGB PWM and VENTO R 120 ARGB PWM. You can precisely customise your airflow to meet the requirements of your build and gaming environment by combining regular and reverse VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fans.

It only takes a few clicks to synchronise the RGB lighting on all of your fans thanks to daisy-chain compatibility. When connecting all of your Vento ARGB PWM fans to the XPG VENTO PWM you can precisely control the lighting and fan performance by using the RGB software from any popular motherboard brand or by using XPG’s own PRIME ecosystem management software.


These new XPG products work best with the cases they were designed to go with, even though they can be used with a wide variety of chassis options from almost every brand on the market. With its bezel-less tempered glass front and side panels, something like the iF design award-winning and media acclaimed XPG INVADER X mid-tower chassis would be the ideal way to display the vibrant synchronised lighting of your new VENTO 120 R ARGB PWM fans. In the meanwhile, handling the cables from your CORE REACTOR II VE is simple thanks to the built-in wiring channel and pre-installed cable straps.

XPG is enabling more gamers and creators to create setups they can be proud of, both inside and out, and they can do so with money left over to actually buy some games by expanding their entry level product offerings.


Your system is empowered by the effective power delivery of XPG CORE REACTOR II VE. It sports a dedicated 12V-2×6 connector for the newest graphics cards and is compliant with Intel’s most recent ATX 3.1 design guidelines. This device has a DC-DC circuit design for improved consistency, stability, and performance. It also has outstanding ripple control and hold-up time that exceeds Intel’s specifications. Its eight industrial protections strengthen its robustness and protect your system as well as the unit.

Compatible with ATX 3.1

The seamless integration of XPG CORE REACTOR II VE with ATX 3.1 standards improves both performance and dependability. It delivers advanced power delivery and efficiency, and its dedicated 12V-2×6 connector guarantees optimal compatibility with the most recent graphics card requirements.

12V-2×6 Connector

By ensuring direct and effective power delivery to crucial components, the included 12V-2×6 connector maximises system performance and stability. For the demanding needs of your system, this connector ensures consistent and reliable power by minimising voltage drops and optimising efficiency.

DC-DC Circuit Architecture

The DC-DC circuit design of the XPG CORE REACTOR II VE optimises efficiency and dependability by converting power directly to the necessary output voltage. This increases hardware lifespan, lowers heat generation, and improves system stability.

Minimal Ripple Noise Architecture

The low ripple noise design of the XPG CORE REACTOR II VE exceeds Intel’s specifications, with ripple levels of less than 40 mV at +5V and +3.3V and less than 60 mV at +12V. This guarantees consistent power supply, reduces electrical interference, improves system efficiency, and offers a smooth computing environment.

15 milliseconds of hold time

The XPG CORE REACTOR II VE has an outstanding hold-up time, exceeding Intel’s specifications with a continuous power delivery time of more than 15 milliseconds. This makes it the ideal option for high-performance computing setups because it guarantees dependable operation even in demanding circumstances.

With the help of eight industrial-grade protections, XPG CORE REACTOR II VE

protecting your system from short circuits, overcurrent, undervoltage, and more. Even in the wake of electrical anomalies, you can depend on continuous performance with peace of mind thanks to this all-inclusive protection suite.

140 mm in length

The 140mm length of the XPG CORE REACTOR II VE is compact, maximising space efficiency without sacrificing performance. Its compact design makes it simple to integrate into different PC configurations and chassis while providing unwavering power and dependability.


Featuring a 4-Pin PWM connector, ARGB lighting effects, and a rifle bearing for long-lasting durability and quiet operation, the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM cooling fan is built for maximum performance and style. Its ability to daisy-chain, along with its high static pressure and auto-restart function, guarantee ideal cooling effectiveness. It is compatible with all major ARGB management software and provides an infinite number of configuration choices. With the help of the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan, improve your cooling setup.

4-Pin PWM Socket

Precise control over the fan’s speed is possible with the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM, which adapts dynamically to variations in system temperature. This minimises noise and power consumption while ensuring optimal cooling performance catered to your PC’s needs.

Daisy Chain Capable

The XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan offers dazzling lighting effects across multiple units for an enhanced cooling experience without clutter, and its daisy-chain feature and ARGB lighting effect synchronisation make installation simpler.

Bearing Rifle

Using a rifle bearing, the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan ensures long-lasting, dependable performance in addition to low noise levels.

Cooling Efficiency

With its outstanding cooling efficiency of 50.27 10% CFM airflow and 1.5mm H2O static pressure, the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan is a great choice. You can anticipate ideal temperature control even during long gaming sessions.

Mechanism of Auto-Restart

The fan has an auto-restart feature that protects against possible malfunctions brought on by problems with rotation. This feature not only guarantees continuous cooling but also guards against damage to the fan and related electrical equipment. It guarantees safety and dependable operation in the majority of situations by guarding against any electrical damage to the rotational motor.

Compatibility of ARGB Software

The majority of motherboard brands‘ ARGB software is seamlessly compatible with the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan. Because of its compatibility, you can easily integrate the fan into your current setup and synchronise its beautiful ARGB lighting effects with the other parts of your system. With the unmatched versatility of the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB PWM fan, you can design a visually appealing and cohesive space that suits your tastes.

Contents of the Package

You can choose between a single pack or a triple pack of the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB fan, depending on your exact cooling requirements. We provide solutions for improving airflow in individual systems as well as upgrading multiple setups at once. With the XPG VENTO 120 ARGB cooling fan’s ease of use and adaptability, you can improve the cooling of your PC.


ADATA founded XPG to offer high-quality gear to gamers, techies, and esports pros. Adata work closely with esports and gaming communities to understand their needs and create high-performance products. They design all their products for maximum performance, stability, and dependability. Their products range from complete systems to peripherals, systems, and components. They also create products with incredibly cool designs, for which they have won numerous important international awards, including Good Design and iF Design. Besides their products, they support and sponsor esports teams and events worldwide to provide the best xtreme gaming experiences.



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