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Corsair RMx SHIFT Series RM1200x PSU A Game Changer


An innovative ATX 3.0 power supply model called the RMx SHIFT Series was introduced by CORSAIR in white color. Because RMx SHIFT’s cabling is simpler and cleaner than that of conventional power supplies, it is the first PSU in the world to have a DC connector panel on the side of the unit. DIY PC enthusiasts took to the device immediately after it was released last year.

Exhibiting CORSAIR’s dedication to meeting changing customer needs, the RMx SHIFT Series comes in 750, 850, 1000, and CORSAIR RMx shift series RM1200x watt capacities. Installing and maintaining it is easy because of the side panel’s new location, which gives builders unhindered access to all of the Type 5 Gen 1 micro-fit connections. Reducing unnecessary strain on cables and connectors also entails less bending and twisting of the cables.

CORSAIR RMx shift series RM 850x

A completely modular ATX power supply unit (PSU) with 850 watts and 80+ Gold certification, the Corsair RM850x Shift has a ground-breaking patent-pending side cable interface. Because of this design, routing and managing wires in your chassis especially in confined spaces is made simpler by being able to connect cables into the PSU’s side face with ease.

CORSAIR RMx shift series RM RM1000x

RMx Shift series PSUs like the Corsair RM1000x Shift are powerful. Fully modular, 80 Plus Gold-certified ATX power supplies with 1000 watts are appropriate for high-performance PCs with demanding components.

CORSAIR RMx shift series RM1200x

A powerful 1200 watt, completely modular ATX power supply unit (PSU) with 80+ Gold certification, the CORSAIR RMx shift series RM1200x is designed for high-end computers. It has greater power to manage even the most demanding systems while maintaining the same capabilities as the RM850x Shift.

RMx SHIFT Series

The greatly expressed need for additional customization options to accommodate a greater variety of builds from the PC building community is addressed by the white versions of RMx SHIFT series. With a clean aesthetic that matches white system builds, the new white units keep all the features that have made the RMx SHIFT a market leader: fully modular cabling, 80 PLUS Gold-rated efficiency, premium 105°C-rated Japanese capacitors, and a 140mm fluid dynamic bearing fan.
The RMx SHIFT Series is equipped with a PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR GPU cable to support contemporary graphics cards like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series and is ready to power the newest systems thanks to its ATX 3.0 certification and PCIe 5.0 compliance.

CORSAIR RMx shift series RM1200x
Image Credit to CORSAIR

If the PC case is at least 210mm (8.3′′) wide and supports the ATX format, RMx SHIFT PSUs and cables will fit inside. While installed in the case, the PSU must also be reachable from the side. To verify case compatibility, kindly consult the CORSAIR PC Builder online.

CORSAIR RMx SHIFT Availability

  • Both the CORSAIR webstore and its global network of approved retailers and distributors are currently stocking the CORSAIR RMx SHIFT Series.
  • Along with the global customer service and technical support network of CORSAIR, the RMx SHIFT Series is supported by a ten-year warranty.
  • The most recent pricing information for the RMx SHIFT Series can be found on the CORSAIR website or by contacting a local sales or PR representative.

Regarding CORSAIR

CORSAIR is a leading PC gaming, content creation, and enthusiast hardware developer and manufacturer Worldwide. CORSAIR helps pro and amateur gamers perform at their best with award-winning PC components and peripherals, high-end streaming gear, intelligent ambient lighting, and esports instructional services.

Reserved copyright 2024 CORSAIR Memory, Inc. It is registered in the United States and/or other countries as CORSAIR and the sails logo. Trade names, trademarks, and registered trademarks of the respective owners may be attached to any other company and product names. Details such as features, costs, accessibility, and specifications can alter abruptly.

Original Black RMx SHIFT appealing to PC enthusiasts:

  • Side-mounted connectors: This creative design makes cable management easier and cleaner.
  • Many power options: 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W are available to accommodate different PC builds.

For builders who want a PC with a white theme, the white version offers a new aesthetic option while keeping all these features. It also features the same premium parts, such as fully modular cabling, premium Japanese capacitors rated at 105°C, and efficiency certified at 80 Plus Gold.

CORSAIR RMx shift series RM1200x Specifications

Certification80+ Gold Certified
EfficiencyUp to 90%
Form FactorATX
DesignFully-Modular with Side Cable Interface
ComplianceATX 3.0 & PCIe 5.0
Fan ModeZero RPM Fan Mode
Warranty10 Year Warranty
Dimensions (L x W x H)180mm x 150mm x 86mm


What is RMx shift?

The ground-breaking, patent-pending side cable interface of the fully modular CORSAIR RMx SHIFT Series power supplies keeps all of your connections conveniently accessible while providing incredibly convenient 80 PLUS Gold efficient power

What are the benefits of the White RMx SHIFT?

Aesthetics: The white color scheme allows for a unique and modern look in your PC build.
Performance: The RMx SHIFT inherits the performance and reliability of the RMx series, delivering stable power and efficiency.
Modular Cables: For cleaner cable management and better airflow within your case.

Will the White RMx SHIFT fit in my case?

The majority of PC cases should be compatible with ATX standard PSUs, such as the White RMx SHIFT. To guarantee a perfect fit, double-check the PSU dimensions listed in the specifications of your case.

How efficient is the White RMx SHIFT?

It’s anticipated that the White RMx SHIFT will keep up the RMx series’ high efficiency and probably earn an 80+ Gold or Platinum rating. This results in less heat production and energy usage

When will the White RMx SHIFT be available?

It’s possible that the White RMx SHIFT’s exact release date is still pending. For the most recent information on availability, visit the [PSU Manufacturer Name] website or authorized retailers.


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