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Breaking News: NVIDIA R100 GPU Revealed Blackwell B100

NVIDIA R100 GPU: Vera Rubin-named Blackwell B100 successor

The latest news is that the available graphical processing unit (GPU) technology about NVIDIA will come to be called to as Rosa Rubin. Along with NVIDIA R100 to being an innovator in the field of studying on the speed of rotation of galaxy clusters, Vera Rubinstein was an Us astronomy who produced major contributions to the knowledge about the existence of dark matter in the universe.

The gravitational dynamics of galaxies are influenced by the presence of huge quantities of dark matter, which is often referred to as dark matter. Her results led to the existence of dark matter. The accolade that is going to be bestowed upon Vera Rubin by NVIDIA is quite fitting, given that she has been instrumental in shaping how people think about dark matter in the modern period.

After mentioning Vera Rubin in a post on X and revealing prospective SKUs with the “R” branding in another tweet, kopite7kimi did not directly say that NVIDIA’s future GPU architecture would be named after her. However, he did mention her there. Although it is anticipated that the new architecture will take the place of the Blackwell 2025 naming system, it is also likely that new graphics processing units (GPUs) with the letter “R” will be introduced.

NVIDIA has not yet officially used or acknowledged the terms NVIDIA R100 or GR200, which is an essential point to keep in mind to keep in mind. X100 or GX100 is still the name used to the graphics processing units (GPUs) that are the successor of the Blackwell B100. In spite of this, Kopite, who has a solid record when it comes to GPU names, seems to be of the opinion that the X100 series could be delayed and that the NVIDIA R100 GPUs will be introduced without delay.

It is going to be very intriguing to watch what naming strategy NVIDIA ultimately decides to go with for the successor to the Blackwell B100 graphics processing units, which are almost certainly going to be formally announced. Blackwell GPUs are used for both high-performance computing and artificial intelligence (HPC/AI) and gaming GPUs by NVIDIA.

However, it is yet unknown if the “GR***” naming pattern will be adopted from Rubin’s gaming line or whether the architecture will be seen in any form in the consumer market. Only time will tell. They don’t know till the launch date grows closer since the launch of the range is still some years away. Nevertheless, there will undoubtedly be moments that are thrilling in the future.

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