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How Mantle Simplifies Equity Management with Gemini

Mantle’s Equity Management

Every startup has a fantastic idea and a tonne of paperwork. When it comes to tracking equity, a company’s paperwork for options, shares, SAFEs, and other agreements is likely the most crucial layer. It is the one source of truth that auditors and attorneys will carefully review to ensure that the business operates ethically and that reported figures are correct.

The conventional connection between platforms and documents

However, managing documents is a laborious task that necessitates users to manually enter data from files onto platforms. These platforms are frequently handled as independent entities and have poor integration with other business systems. Founders are accustomed to this pattern: in order to begin using any data-intensive and auditable platform correctly, you must first read your files/documents, enter the information into a platform, and then “attach a file.” Although this is a terrific method to arrange documentation next to data, files are never treated as integrated parts of the user experience on traditional platforms; instead, they are treated as adjacent datasets.


For contemporary founders, Mantle is a next-generation equity platform. By integrating platforms and documents, it overcomes these difficulties by decreasing the need for human data entry. Time is saved and human mistake is reduced.

Mantle enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the platform by using Vertex AI to extract data from documents. This allows customers to concentrate on their primary business tasks, secure in the knowledge that their equity data is current and correct.

Using Gemini to handle documents as data

Data extraction techniques via Vertex AI
Image credit to Google Cloud

Vertex AI data extraction tools have reduced these operations from hours to minutes, substantially boosting your confidence that the data you view on the platform is correct and up to date.

Mantle uses Gemini to expedite these processes so that the important information in the documents is understood. Mantle can quickly transform the papers in your data room into a cap table for your on boarding and review procedures, notifying users when platform values deviate from document values.

Mantle can “template” and produce documentation for standard workflows following onboarding. Spreadsheets and worksheets can be uploaded to be processed and imported for particular cases like mass updates. This implies that your worksheet doesn’t need to be modified or recreated in a format unique to the platform.

Vertex AI for data extraction

Data extraction with Vertex AI
Image credit to Google Cloud

Within seconds, the Mantle process begins. It has the ability to categorise papers and examine them for particular information. Real-time document extraction and processing are used to extract and process data such as purchase amounts, dates, and vesting schedules. There is a library to produce, experiment with, and test prompts based on data definitions, making this realistic and manageable at scale.

Mantle gives you the impression that it is an assistant that is assisting you in completing your work more quickly by always presenting document findings for inspection and verification.

Mantle’s dedication to accuracy, privacy, and user-centric solutions is centred around Gemini, which positions Mantle as the platform of choice for entrepreneurs looking for dependable and efficient equity management, hence saving time for founders, attorneys, auditors, and other stakeholders involved in business equity management.

Mantle and Google Cloud Combined, better generation AI

Mantle uses Google Cloud to automate time-consuming procedures related to traditional document workflows and streamline equity administration. Vertex AI and Gemini, two crucial Google technologies, are the foundation of this collaboration.

Vertex AI: Accurately extracting data

The unified machine learning platform from Google Cloud, Vertex AI, is essential to Mantle’s data extraction procedure. Vertex AI intelligently pulls important data from corporate documents, including option and shareholder agreements, by utilising cutting-edge machine learning models. By doing away with the necessity for manual data entry, time is saved and the possibility of human error is decreased.

Gemini: Converting papers into understanding

Google’s most recent large language model, Gemini, elevates document integration to a new level. It assists Mantle in comprehending the context and meaning contained in materials, going beyond mere data extraction. As a result, Mantle is able to produce insights and automatically add pertinent data like purchase quantities, dates, and vesting schedules to the platform.

A complementary pair

Vertex AI and Gemini work together to power Mantle’s creative equity management strategy. Gemini assists in converting the data that Vertex AI gathers into insights that may be put to use. By doing away with the need for users to manually enter data and read documents, this combination frees them up to concentrate on their primary business tasks.

The advantages of Google Cloud and Mantle

Using Google Cloud technology, Mantle provides a number of important advantages:

Enhanced productivity

Founders, solicitors, and auditors can save countless hours by automating data extraction and document processing.

Amazing accuracy

By removing the possibility of human error, Vertex AI and Gemini guarantee that the data in Mantle is correct and current.

Simple user interface

Managing equity data and gaining insights is made simple for users by Mantle’s user-friendly platform.

A new era of accuracy and efficiency in equity management is being ushered in by Mantle and Google Cloud. Using AI and machine learning, Mantle frees up professionals and entrepreneurs to concentrate on what really matters.

Since June 2023, Drakshi has been writing articles of Artificial Intelligence for govindhtech. She was a postgraduate in business administration. She was an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence.


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