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RTX 50 Series Launch Date Leak & Generational Advancements!

RTX 50 series performance and release date leaks indicate a 2024 launch and generational gain behind RTX 40

The most recent performance and release date leak for the RTX 50 Series from Moore’s Law Is Dead indicates that NVIDIA may introduce the next GPU architecture as early as Q4 2024, but with a performance boost that isn’t as noteworthy as what the RTX 40 series offered in terms of pure rasterization over the RTX 30.

When it comes to the top-tier RTX 5090 board with the GB202 GPU, NVIDIA’s next GPU architecture, codenamed “Blackwell,” is said to provide up to a 2.6x performance boost over RTX 40 Ada cards. One possible explanation for the uplift might be a higher SM count of 192. Now that the SM count has been confirmed, RedGamingTech has reviewed the RTX 5090 specs. Moore’s Law Is Dead also claims to have information on the release date and performance of the RTX 50.

Performance and release date for the RTX 50 series

Let’s start with MLID’s revelation. According to one of the leaker’s NVIDIA sources, Team Green is getting ready to release the RTX 50 Blackwell cards in Q4 2024, if the firm decides it’s time. Sales of the RTX 40 and how well-positioned RDNA 4 seems to be for the holidays are reportedly taken into consideration by NVIDIA when preparing the early launch scenario. NVIDIA is “planning to make a big deal about RTX 5000 efficiency at CES 2025,” the insider adds.

The rasterization boost of the RTX 50 won’t be “as impressive as Ampere to Ada” in terms of performance, according to MLID’s source. In our testing, they found that in the 3DMark Time Spy Graphics benchmark, the RTX 4090 outperforms the RTX 3090 by an average of 1.9x. With that in mind, the performance of the RTX 5090 may not even come close to the 2.6x that have been hearing about.

Paradoxically, according to MLID’s source, NVIDIA can make the RTX 5090 performance boost “feel” comparable in case circumstances warrant it, given that the RTX 4090 “was cut down by more than 10%.”

The specs of the RTX 5090

Red Gaming Tech has provided us with the RTX 5090 specs in addition to information on the RTX 50 Series performance and release date. Sadly, none of the leaker’s information is very novel since they already know the majority of the hardware specifications he discusses.

First off, 192 SMs, 36 GB of 36 Gbps RAM, and a 384-bit bus are all suggested by RGT for the RTX 5090 (GB202). A monolithic die made using the TSMC N3E process is another suggestion made by the leaker.

Lastly, RGT asserts that the 96 MB of L2 cache that has been reported may not be accurate.

To make the long tale short, the RTX 50 Series class of GPUs did not equivalent the substantial boost they saw during the RTX 40 series when it comes to performance, and it might ship late in 2025 or early next year. However, the information is unofficial and subject to change, as is often the case with leaks of this kind.

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