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Zurich Instruments launches SHF+ quantum computing platform

Zurich Instruments developed a platform called SHF+ specifically for quantum computing technology.

Better performance for qubits the fundamental units of quantum computing is promised by the SHF+. Higher precision when executing quantum algorithms is the result of this. Lower noise levels result in less interference during measurements and better coherence, which is an essential qubit characteristic.

SHF+ is primarily intended for researchers who are creating large-scale quantum processors and high-quality qubits. Leading laboratories are working with Zurich Instruments to make sure the platform can handle the demands of developing quantum technology.

Zurich Instruments’ SHF+

  • Intended for use with quantum computing systems.
  • Seeks to enhance the performance of qubits, resulting in quantum algorithms that are more precise.
  • Accomplishes this by:
    • Decreased levels of noise: less interference in the course of the measurements.
    • Enhanced qubit coherence is an essential qubit characteristic.
  • Focuses on the research projects that researchers are working on:
    • Creating qubits of superior grade.
    • Constructing massive quantum computing systems.
  • Zurich Instruments is working with top labs to make sure the platform can adapt to the changing requirements of quantum computing.

Restrictions on the information available now:

  • The SHF+‘s technical specs are not made available to the general public.
  • The platform’s specific uses and features are not properly explained.

The Engineering Toolkit You Need for a Quantum Edge

A new benchmark for high-fidelity qubit control and readout is established by the SHF+ product line. The SHF+ instruments offer superior analogue performance for your lab with an even higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and lower phase noise thanks to a new analogue front end. The SHFQC+ Qubit Controller, SHFSG+ Signal Generator, and SHFQA+ Quantum Analyzer all come with the redesigned front end, which makes Zurich Instruments the best option for pursuing quantum advantage.

Increased Loyalty

The SHF+ products’ signal outputs are all among the highest on the market thanks to a 10 dB better SNR. Lower effective qubit temperature and higher gate integrity are associated with improved SNR for qubit control. Less measurement-induced dephasing results from higher SNR for qubit readout. Furthermore, for measurements on even the most sensitive qubits, the new fast output muting feature enables you to further muffle the output channels in the intervals between pulses.

In the control of long-lived qubits, phase errors can be suppressed thanks to a significantly improved phase noise. Zurich Instruments specifically focused on the phase noise at low offset frequencies because this has a significant effect when pulses are spaced out in time.

When these crucial parameters are performed at their best, the fidelity of the quantum computing algorithm can be maximised.

Quicker Processes

LabOne Q, the software foundation for quantum computing that speeds up your progress in the lab, is included with all SHF+ devices. High-level coverage of the entire experimental workflow is provided by LabOne Q, which also handles all instrument synchronisation and programming. With LabOne Q’s vast example collection, you can spend more time concentrating on your quantum engineering discoveries and less time programming.

Tested in Premier Laboratories

Real-world qubit measurements are the best available test. To make sure that the technical specifications of the new instruments result in exceptional performance gains in the lab, Zurich Instruments cooperated with some of the top labs in the world, located in Switzerland, Korea, Germany, and the US. Would you also like to unleash power over qubits in your lab? Contact Zurich Instruments right now to arrange a demo!

Important SHF+ Series Platform Features:

Broad Range of Frequencies:

The wide frequency range covered by the SHF+ series is essential for applications needing extreme speed and precision.

Superior Signal Accuracy

Because of its excellent signal fidelity, this platform is perfect for sensitive measurements in cutting-edge research domains like quantum computing.

Combined Approaches:

The SHF+ series provides integrated solutions that streamline setup and cut down on the need for extra equipment by combining several functions into a single device.

Interface That’s Easy to Use:

The SHF+ series is user-friendly, with a straightforward interface that frees researchers and engineers to concentrate on their investigations rather of being distracted by complex instrumentation.

Support for Advanced Software:

The platform is enhanced by the capabilities of the hardware through the use of complex software that offers extensive control and analysis tools.

Uses for Quantum Computing:

The SHF+ series is ideal for creating and testing quantum computing systems because to its precise control and measurement capabilities.

Frequency-High Electronics:

It encourages the advancement of high-frequency electronics research and development, encompassing radar systems and communication technologies.

Scientific Investigations:

The platform is useful in many fields of science research where accurate and consistent measurements are essential.


What is SHF+?

Zurich Instrument created the SHF+ platform especially for quantum computing technology.

What are the benefits of using SHF+?

It seeks to enhance the functionality of qubits, which are the fundamental units of quantum computing. This may result in:
Decreased levels of noise: reduced interference throughout the measurement process to increase precision.
Improved qubit coherence: An essential qubit characteristic that improves quantum algorithm performance.

How does SHF+ compare to other quantum computing platforms?

It is challenging to directly compare SHF+ with other platforms in the absence of additional information about its functionality.

What is the cost of SHF+?

It’s pricing details are not made available to the general public.

When will SHF+ be commercially available?

It’s scheduled release date has not yet been disclosed.

How will SHF+ contribute to the advancement of quantum computing?

It provides a platform that enhances qubit coherence and reduces noise, which could help scientists create quantum computers that are more dependable and potent.

SHF+ for?

It focuses on scientists who are creating high-fidelity qubits.
Constructing massive quantum computing systems.

Recall that the material in this FAQ is incomplete. This FAQ can be updated with further information as Zurich Instruments releases it, giving a more complete picture of SHF+.

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