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MSI’s New AI Platforms with 4th-Gen AMD EPYC Processors

AMD EPYC processors

Leading worldwide server manufacturer MSI will debut its newest server solutions, which are built around the 4th generation AMD EPYC processors, at Computex 2024, which takes place from June 4–7 in Taipei, Taiwan, at booth #M0806. These new platforms provide data centres a combination of efficiency and performance, tailored for expanding cloud-native environments.

Danny Hsu, General Manager of Enterprise Platform Solutions, said, “MSI’s latest server solutions scale and are flexible thanks to 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors CXL technology and DC-MHS architecture, helping data centres achieve the most scalable cloud applications while delivering leading performance.”

CXL Memory

Redefining High-Performance Computing with the New CXL Memory Expansion Server

MSI and its partners are working with top CXL (Compute Express Link) technology companies including AMD, the Samsung, and Micron to advance CXL solutions for large-scale AI training and HPC applications.

For use with in-memory databases and data-intensive tasks, the S2301 CXL memory expansion server is designed specifically. With 24 DDR5 DIMM slots, two PCIe 5.0 x16 slots, CXL 2.0 standards, and dual-socket 4th Gen AMD EPYC CPUs, this 2U server is equipped with the capability to support select next-generation AMD EPYC CPUs. Memory extension up to 8TB is possible with this system because it has eight E3.S 2T drive bays for CXL memory and eight E3.S 1T bays for NVMe storage.

Various GPU Platforms Developed for Cloud and AI Markets

The high-performance, GPU-accelerated rack-mounted workstation known as the 4U 4-GPU G4101. It can accommodate twelve DDR5 RDIMM slots, four PCIe 5.0 x16 slots for triple-slot GPUs, twelve 2.5-inch U.2 NVMe/SATA disc bays, and one AMD EPYC 9004 Series processor with liquid cooling. It has liquid closed-loop cooling and airflow spacing for the best possible thermal control and long-term performance.

A 2U all-flash platform that accommodates two double-wide GPU card slots is the CX271-S4056. This system may improve with two OCP NIC 3.0 mezzanine slots, a single-socket AMD EPYC 9004 Series processor, and up to 24 2.5-inch PCIe 5.0 U.2 NVMe drive bays processing rates and provide greater performance for a variety of applications, including AI inferencing.

Platforms with Multiple Nodes for High-Density Cloud and Data Centre Settings

The CD360-S4051-X2 and CD260-S4051-X4 multi-node server solutions from MSI are intended for high-density cloud and data centre scenarios.

A 3U 2-node server platform for next-generation high TDP server AMD EPYC processors is the CD360-S4051-X2. Twelve DDR5 RDIMM slots, two optional double-wide PCIe 5.0 x16 slots for GPU cards, one OCP NIC 3.0 mezzanine slot, two NVMe M.2 ports, three 2.5-inch U.2 NVMe storage bays, and one AMD EPYC processors are all included in each node.

A 2U 4-node server platform is the CD260-S4051-X4. Twelve DDR5 RDIMM slots, two NVMe M.2 slots, one OCP NIC 3.0 mezzanine slot, three 2.5-inch U.2 NVMe, and one AMD EPYC processors are supported on each node.

MSI’s new systems provide improved server serviceability and management flexibility with a front I/O design based on OCP DC-MHS M-DNO architecture and support for the DC-SCM2 Server Management Module with Aspeed AST2600 BMC.

MSI’s latest AI and computing solutions, powered by 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors, made waves at Computex 2024. With this announcement, computing systems’ performance, efficiency, and AI integration have improved. MSI’s announcement of these cutting-edge platforms shows its commitment to expanding technological capabilities to meet commercial, data centre, and AI-driven application needs.

Advanced Performance With AMD EPYC 4th Gen Processors

AMD’s 4th Gen EPYC CPUs, noted for their performance and energy efficiency, underpin MSI’s latest platforms. Advanced 5nm manufacturing and AMD’s Zen 4 architecture provide higher core density and power efficiency in these CPUs. AMD EPYC processors 9004 series are ideal for real-time analytics, AI model training, and large-scale data processing with up to 96 cores and 192 threads.

Improvements in AI

One of the new MSI systems’ best features is its AI. The 4th generation AMD EPYC processors serve AI and machine learning workloads well with inbuilt AI accelerators and compatibility for the latest AI frameworks. As a result, the platforms can perform better on tasks involving AI inference and training. The CPUs also guarantee fast data transfer and connectivity with AI accelerators and other peripherals by supporting PCIe 5.0 and CXL (Compute Express Link).

Innovative Design for Platforms

MSI upgraded the 4th generation AMD EPYC CPUs using a cutting-edge platform architecture. New systems’ sophisticated cooling options including liquid cooling maintain appropriate temperatures even with high workloads. This ensures reliability and performance. The architecture supports DDR5 memory, which has a higher bandwidth and energy efficiency than DDR4, to boost system performance.

Entire Security Features

Modern computing platforms have security as a top priority. MSI has addressed this by incorporating extensive security measures into their new solutions. Protection that is hardware-embedded is provided by AMD Infinity Guard, a comprehensive package of security measures included with 4th generation AMD EPYC CPUs. These include AMD Shadow Stack, which aids in preventing control-flow attacks, and Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV), which separates virtual machines at the hardware level. Data security is guaranteed by these security protocols, even in cloud systems with multiple tenants.

Flexibility & Expandability

The new platforms from MSI are incredibly adaptable and flexible, supporting a broad range of uses from virtualization and cloud computing to artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC). To suit the unique requirements of distinct workloads, the platforms can be customised with a variety of networking and storage options. These systems’ numerous NVMe SSDs and capability for up to 12TB of DDR5 RAM allow them to manage large datasets and provide quick, responsive performance.

Real-World Applications

During Computex 2024, a number of practical applications and use cases for MSI’s new platforms were showcased. In AI, these systems can be utilised for deep learning tasks, sophisticated neural network training, and real-time AI inference for applications like smart cities, autonomous cars, and healthcare diagnostics. When it comes to HPC, the platforms are perfect for applications like financial modelling, scientific research, and simulations where efficiency and processing capacity are crucial.

Working Together with Sector Leaders

The strategic alliance between AMD and MSI is exemplified by their joint venture, which aims to create innovative solutions by combining their respective capabilities. Through this collaboration, MSI’s platforms will be fully optimised to maximise the capabilities of the 4th generation AMD EPYC processors. Furthermore, MSI is collaborating with other leading companies in networking, storage, and AI to build a comprehensive ecosystem that facilitates the smooth operation and integration of their platforms.

Future-Ready and Eco-Friendly

With an eye towards the future, MSI is dedicated to securing its platforms by integrating cutting-edge technology and endorsing developing standards. By including PCIe 5.0 and CXL, the platforms are prepared for the newest peripherals and accelerators, laying the groundwork for future enhancements. Additionally, MSI is ecologically conscious and energy-efficient in the design of their platforms. The total carbon footprint of data centres and enterprise deployments is decreased through the use of modern cooling technologies and power management features.

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