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Gigabyte unveils GIGA POD for AI and Energy Efficiency

GIGABYTE’s GIGA POD booth features

The industry leader in green computing and AI servers, Giga Computing, a division of GIGABYTE, said today that it would be attending COMPUTEX and showcasing solutions for large-scale, complicated AI workloads as well as cutting-edge cooling infrastructure that will improve energy efficiency. Additionally, GIGABYTE plans to provide NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 systems in Q1 2025 to support advances in accelerated computing and generative AI. NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, which are a component of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, are also supported by GIGABYTE servers as an NVIDIA-Certified System supplier.

Changing the Meaning of AI Servers and Upcoming Data Centres

The GIGABYTE booth features GIGA POD, a rack-scale AI solution from GIGABYTE, together with all current and upcoming CPU and accelerated computing technologies. The most recent solutions, including the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, NVIDIA HGX B100, NVIDIA HGX H200, and other OAM baseboard GPU systems, show off GIGA POD’s versatility. GIGA POD is a turnkey solution that can support baseboard accelerators at scale with switches, networking, compute nodes, and other features. It can also support NVIDIA Spectrum-X, which can provide strong networking capabilities for infrastructures utilising generative artificial intelligence.

A peek at the NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 system is a major attraction in the AI section of the GIGABYTE pavilion. Large language model (LLM) inference is performed 30X faster, 25X less expensive, and 25X less energy-efficient using the NVIDIA GB200 NVL72. It’s a liquid-cooled, rack-scale solution that uses NVIDIA NVLink to link 72 NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs and 36 NVIDIA Grace CPUs to form a single, gigantic GPU that can handle 130 TB/s of bandwidth.

Applying Cutting-Edge Cooling Technologies

GIGABYTE will present a fantastic spectrum of products and partners for single-phase immersion cooling and direct liquid cooling (DLC) technologies in an effort to break into new, more highly efficient levels of cooling. The days of processors with a TDP of 100–200W providing the highest performance are long gone. The incorporation of liquid cooling, which dissipates heat more quickly and efficiently than air cooling, is necessary to support next-generation computers.

The DLC rack of GIGABYTE houses servers for its technological partners, CoolIT Systems and Motivair, as well as AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. One particularly good DLC server is the GIGABYTE G4L3-SD1, which has cold plates for liquid cooling and supports both the NVIDIA HGX B200 8-GPU and twin Intel Xeon processors. The G593-ZX1 rack, which liquid-cools AMD EPYC 9004 processors and OAM modules, is also included in it. GIGABYTE’s immersion cooling portfolio offers an example of what may be achieved with immersion tanks and servers that are suited for immersion, allowing for even greater energy efficiency.

Unlocking Cloud-to-Edge Data Potential

With a modern take on classic servers, GIGABYTE offers a wide range of options, including Arm-based platforms, general-purpose servers, and OCP solutions. Visitors can view cutting-edge systems including servers equipped with a selection of AMD EPYC processors that are ready for the upcoming generation and storage servers that support E3.S or E1.S drives. To satisfy the demands of modern data centres, a total of more than 25 servers are on show.

Professional and Passionate Server Solutions

GIGABYTE motherboards for AMD EPYC 4004, Intel Xeon W-3400, Intel Xeon 6, and other AMD and Intel processor series come equipped with server-grade capabilities including RAS and a BMC chip. Adjacent to the eleven motherboards are entry-level servers that are reasonably priced and have Broadcom-based solutions for LAN cards (HBA, RAID, and OCP). The goal of this IT gear is to enable remote server control and monitoring while being adaptable, versatile, and dependable.

The Perfect GIGA POD for You

Enterprise products from GIGABYTE are superior in terms of availability, dependability, and serviceability. Their flexibility is another strong point, encompassing options for GPU, rack size, cooling system, and more. GIGABYTE has experience with all conceivable hardware configurations, data centre sizes, and IT infrastructure types. Numerous GIGABYTE clients choose their rack configurations by taking into account the amount of floor space that is available as well as the amount of power that their facility can supply to the IT systems. This is the rationale behind the creation of the GIGA POD service. Consumers get options. Customers can choose between direct liquid cooling (DLC) and classic air-cooling when it comes to the initial steps of component cooling and heat removal.

Get to know the GIGA POD

GIGA POD has the infrastructure to grow, enabling a high-performance supercomputer, from one GIGABYTE GPU server to eight racks with 32 GPU nodes (a total of 256 GPUs). AI factories are being deployed by state-of-the-art data centres, and it all begins with a GIGABYTE GPU server.

In addition to GPU servers, GIGA POD also includes switches. Not to add, the entire system provides easy-to-deploy hardware, software, and services.

Concerning Giga Computing

Giga Computing Technologies is a market leader in enterprise computing and a pioneer in the sector. After splitting out from GIGABYTE, Giga Computing continues to be a stand-alone company that may increase investment in core skills while maintaining hardware manufacturing and product design experience.

In addition to traditional and developing workloads in AI and HPC, Giga Computing offers a comprehensive product portfolio that covers all workloads from the data centre to the edge, including cloud computing, 5G/edge, data analytics, and more. Due to Giga Computing’s long-standing relationships with important players in the technology industry, its new products will always be the most cutting edge and will debut alongside new partner platforms. Systems using giga computing combine sustainability, scalability, security, and performance.



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