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Google Cloud Services in Berlin-Brandenburg

Our second area in Germany and our 12th in Europe, the Google Cloud region in Berlin-Brandenburg, is now available for client usage. As part of our plan to invest 1 billion euros in Germany’s digital infrastructure and clean energy between 2021 and 2030, the Berlin-Brandenburg region provides Google Cloud customers with local cloud capacity to scale their workloads and meet significant in-country disaster recovery requirements.

“The openness of the Berlin-Brandenburg area is fantastic news for both our Google-joined solution and for digital sovereignty in Europe. With the addition of a new cloud region, our creative proposal expands Google’s worldwide network while bringing together European ideals for data. – Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems and a member of the management board of Deutsche Telekom AG.

“Berlin is a thriving center for business and technology with a solid reputation outside of its borders. of particular, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and 3D printing are at the forefront of our capital city. We’ll keep spreading the word about this development. Our metropolitan area has a fantastic chance thanks to the Berlin-Brandenburg Cloud Region. Berlin-Brandenburg will become even more appealing as a location for doing business for many different industries as a result of the additional opportunities the Google Cloud Region presents. The area provides the best circumstances for businesses to relocate, for new businesses to launch, and for the development of new employment and traineeships. — Kai Wegner, Berlin’s mayor-elect.

A new territory is welcomed by German enterprises

The new Berlin-Brandenburg region is now open at a time when German businesses of all sizes are eager to accelerate their adoption of the cloud by having access to more capacity nearby their clients, as well as to meet regulatory requirements and guarantee in-country business continuity for critical workloads.

We are dedicated to make Google Cloud the greatest platform for European businesses to undergo a digital transformation on their terms, offering clients low-carbon solutions for running their infrastructure and apps. In keeping with our ambitious 2030 aim to run on carbon-free energy 24/7 everywhere we operate worldwide, we announced a first-of-its-kind deal with ENGIE in 2021 to acquire sustainable energy to power our facilities in Germany. Google is aiding the broader decarbonization of the German electrical system by collaborating with our energy providers to alter how renewable energy is distributed to customers.

“With GovMarket, we hope to accelerate the public sector’s procurement procedures while building a strong and trustworthy ecosystem of innovative GovTech solutions. By doing this, we create new benchmarks for digital cooperation between private businesses and government agencies. An integral part of our effort is the new Berlin-Brandenburg Google Cloud region. While pledging to adhere to European data protection laws, Google and T-Systems’ joint sovereignty solution takes use of the cloud’s scale and creative possibilities. By working together, we help the government’s technological future, ensure sustainability and security, and collectively set new standards for digital engagement between service providers and public administrations. GovMarket’s managing director, Jana Janze

“The Deutsche Börse Group is establishing new benchmarks for cloud innovation within the financial services sector with its multi-cloud approach. We can employ two completely resilient, locally accessible cloud regions with the highest German security requirements for our services thanks to the availability of the new Google Cloud region in Berlin-Brandenburg together with the current area in Frankfurt thanks to Google Cloud being our chosen partner in this endeavor. – Hinrich Völcker, Deutsche Börse AG’s chief security officer

“Using cutting-edge services and technology, millions of people shop every day in REWE shops and online at REWE Group. We at REWE Digital are revolutionizing digital food retail by establishing new benchmarks with our multi-cloud strategy. We can use two completely robust cloud regions with the highest German security requirements for our services thanks to the availability of the new Google Cloud region Berlin-Brandenburg in conjunction with the already-existing cloud region in Frankfurt. – Robert Zores, CEO of REWE digital’s digital innovation division

“Scalability and quick performance are essential for successfully managing a retail organization. As the top commerce platform, we want to put customers’ smooth shopping experiences first during times of high sales while still supporting the global goals of our millions of merchants and maximizing local data hosting. We can increase the standard for performance, size, and reliability thanks to the new Google Cloud region in Berlin-Brandenburg, and we can create a remarkable customer experience that enables our merchants to prosper. Head of Revenue for EMEA at Shopify, Birk Angermann

We provide AI-based decision-support solutions for the Lufthansa Group airlines as part of our strategic cooperation with Google Cloud, resulting in a more robust and sustainable airline operation. The new Berlin-Brandenburg cloud zone highlights geo-redundancy and enhanced data protection, underscoring Google’s commitment to technology in Germany. We are excited about the commercial opportunities this area has for Germany and for us as a partner. – Christian Most, Senior Director for the Lufthansa Group’s Digital Operations Optimization.

Serving Europe and Germany

The newly created Berlin-Brandenburg area is now a component of the 38 regions and 115 zones that make up the Google Cloud global network, which provides cloud services to more than 200 nations and territories globally. The new area serves clients of all sizes, including public sector institutions, small, medium, and big businesses, as well as startups in Germany and the European Union, with high-performance, low-latency services and solutions. Key controls that enable organizations in the area to maintain high security, data residency, and compliance standards, including particular data storage needs, will also be advantageous to them.

The Berlin-Brandenburg region is connected to Google’s secure network infrastructure, which is made up of a system of high-capacity fiber optic cables buried beneath land and water all around the world, like all other Google Cloud regions are. Organizations throughout Germany will benefit from the new region’s high-performance, low-latency services and products.

Please get in touch with our regional partners if you need assistance moving to Google Cloud. Visit our locations page for more information on Google Cloud regions, as well as updates on the availability of additional services and areas. To get started or to access any of our numerous educational materials, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can’t wait to see what you create in the future with Google Cloud.



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