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Ghost of Tsushima directors cut with DLSS 3, DLAA & Reflex

What is DLAA

DLAA is Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing. Nvidia created it for its Tensor Core-based RTX graphics devices.

The DLAA’s functions are:

  • Improves Image Quality: DLAA removes jagged edges (aliasing) from objects to improve game graphics. AI helps it do this.
  • AI-powered Anti-Aliasing: Unlike standard anti-aliasing approaches, DLAA uses a deep learning model built on a vast dataset of high-resolution images. This model can detect and smooth jagged edges, creating a crisper image.
  • Focus on Native Resolution: DLAA functions at the game’s native resolution, unlike DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). However, DLSS can upscale a lower-resolution image, improving performance but sometimes reducing image quality.
  • Performance Trade-off: DLAA increases image quality but decreases performance compared to no anti-aliasing. For users with powerful RTX graphics cards, the performance loss may be worth the visual boost.

Two upcoming, much awaited DLSS games, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut and Homeworld 3, offer the ultimate first-hand experience thanks to Nvidia most recent Game Ready Driver.

For additional information, continue reading. Download and install the latest version of the GeForce Game Ready driver from, GeForce Experience, or the Drivers page of the NVIDIA app beta.


Ghost of Tsushima directors cut: Game Ready with DLSS 3, DLAA, and Reflex

During their conquest of the East in the late 13th century, the Mongol empire destroyed numerous countries. All that separates mainland Japan from a vast Mongol invasion fleet under the command of the ruthless and crafty general Khotun Khan is Tsushima Island.

Jin Sakai, a brave samurai warrior, is unwavering while the island burns after the initial wave of the Mongol invasion. Jin, one of his clan’s last living members, is determined to protect his people and get back his home by any means necessary. In order to build a new road the path of the Ghost and fight an unusual war to free Tsushima, he must put aside the traditions that have fashioned him as a warrior. Experience the full Ghost of Tsushima experience for the first time on a PC by following Jin Sakai’s adventure in this Director’s Cut

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, which launches on May 16th, supports Nvidia portfolio of game-improving technologies right out of the box. All GeForce RTX users can now achieve faster frame rates thanks to DLSS 2, GeForce RTX 40 Series users can now experience the fastest performance possible with frame rate multiplication thanks to DLSS 3, and DLAA maximises image quality by using a native resolution image instead of increasing speed. DLAA and DLSS 3 Frame Generation can be combined for even better performance and image quality.

NVIDIA Reflex can also be enabled by GeForce gamers, and it can be used on GeForce RTX and GeForce GTX GPUs with any combination of parameters. This ground-breaking technology makes it possible to play single-player and multiplayer games more responsively and joyously by reducing system latency on GeForce graphics cards and laptops.You have an advantage over your rivals because of this.

More than 90% of GeForce gamers have used NVIDIA Reflex since its launch in September 2020, and it has decreased system latency in more than 100 titles. Reflex support is available in nine out of the ten best competitive shooters, which also include highly regarded single- and cooperative gameplay. Reflex’s cutting-edge system latency reduction technology allowed GeForce gamers to play over 10 billion hours of their favourite games with improved responsiveness in 2023 alone.

Before Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut launches on May 16th, make sure to download and install Nvidia’s latest Game Ready driver if you plan to play through this amazing, critically acclaimed game.

DLSS 2 in a Game Ready for Homeworld 3

The much awaited Homeworld 3 marks the return of the acclaimed Homeworld series to the PC. Take control of a mobile fleet and fight strategically in this colourful, fully 3D environment. Utilise the decaying ruins of a long-gone civilization to draw attackers into a cunning ambush or conceal your fleet from formidable adversaries. Engage your adversaries head-on, shrewdly from the side, or even from above and below.

Homeworld 3’s fully realistic ballistics take into account crucial strategic elements and create line of sight. Your fleet endures during the course of missions. Your ships have lasting scars. Through combat chatter, capital ship captains and strike craft pilots exchange vital information.

Although players who purchase the Fleet Command Edition can start playing Homeworld 3 today, May 10, the game officially opens on May 13. When you go across space in your mothership, you’ll find that GeForce RTX PCs run faster thanks to day-one support for DLSS 2. Additionally, you can turn on Homeworld 3’s ray-traced shadows to further enhance visual realism and immersion if you can locate a fast enough frame rate.

Optimal Settings for New Games

GeForce Experience and the NVIDIA app offer one-click optimal settings that let you quickly set up game parameters for your system’s hardware, resulting in fluid, optimised gaming. Nvidia support more than 1200 titles, and Nvidia are added support for 5 more since Nvidia latest driver release:

  • Content Caution
  • Grey Area Combat Manor Lords
  • No Sleep for the Wicked Outpost: Siege of Infinity
  • Get the GeForce Game Ready Driver right now.

Get the most recent GeForce Game Ready 552.44 WHQL driver via GeForce Experience

 Uncapped frame rate:

The game can be played at any frame rate that your machine can manage, which may  make it run more smoothly and responsively.

Support for ultrawide screens:

The game works with ultrawide monitors that have an incredible 49:9 aspect ratio, which  can provide for a more engaging gaming experience.

Legends mode requires a PSN account to play:

Despite cross-play witFor Legends mode to be played, you will still require a PSN account even though it will allow cross-play with PlayStation platforms.

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