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Dell APEX: Simplify Your IT Infrastructure as a Service

According to an IDC analysis, Dell APEX Pay-Per-Use solutions offer 194% three-year ROI in addition to speed, agility, and scalability.

Continued investments in technology are necessary to stay competitive across all industries and geographical areas. Technology is the engine that drives business, giving it speed, agility, and scalability while also empowering companies to build stronger futures.

Dell APEX Solutions

Dell APEX Pay-per-Use solutions

Despite knowing this, IT leaders are concerned about staying up to date. According to a recent IDC report, 69% of global IT leaders are very concerned about the rising amount of money that must be invested in technology in order to stay competitive and resilient.

This growing worry is addressed and profitably by Dell APEX Pay-per-use solutions, according to the same IDC survey. IDC conducted interviews with Dell APEX Pay-per-Use clients to learn about the concrete, measurable results that these solutions produce. It users break even in eight months with a 194% three-year ROI.

Lowering Operating Expenses

Based on data from companies utilizing Dell APEX Pay-per-Use solutions for compute, storage, and data protection, IDC computed the ROI over a three-year period. Over a three-year period, organizations experienced a 35% reduction in operating costs.

These operational savings result from optimizing infrastructure costs and raising worker productivity across multiple domains:

Optimization of infrastructure costs

  • Reduced compute expenses by 31% and storage costs by 22%.
  • 31% less expensive data security.
  • Higher employee output and 51% greater total efficiency.
  • 96% more time to create new things.
  • This level of operational savings is noteworthy.
  • Beyond the financial KPIs, other business features that help organizations achieve higher-order outcomes are made possible by it’s Pay-per-use solutions.

“They just pay as Dell grow with it, but they also reduce that as shrink.” One Dell APEX Pay-per-Use user said, “It’s been crucial to the expansion of IT business unit, and They really couldn’t have done it any other way.

Increasing Agility and Speed in Business

Adopting Dell APEX Pay-per-use solutions has improved study participants’ performance, scalability, and agility. The ultimate benefit of digital revolutions for organizations is better business outcomes. Better business outcomes are supported for Dell APEX Pay-per-Use clients by the ease, agility, and control that these solutions offer.

Improved business outcomes start with quickness. Users report deployments that are 67% faster for new storage resources and 60% faster for new hype converged/compute capacity in the IDC study. Organizations get newfound agility from these speed improvements.

Organizations acquire new capacities to satisfy changing market demands and maintain their competitiveness with this agility. According to a survey by IDC, Dell APEX customers experience 91% fewer unplanned downtime and report annual revenue increases of $9.21 million per organisation.

“Being able to embark on this amazing digital transformation journey is the biggest advantage of Dell APEX because it gives us access to things they didn’t have before and that Pay-per-use Dell APEX user: “will eventually provide the customer experience IT industry demands.”

Quickening the Process of Development

In order to meet client needs, keep firms sustainable, and keep up with the market, Dell APEX users also expedite product development. IDC discovered that enterprises may increase development team productivity by 16% and shorten development lifecycles by 16% by utilizing Dell APEX Pay-per-Use solutions.

They were unable to scale in a way that would allow us to fulfil their schedules. As a result, the time to revenue was prolonged, which caused a major delay in receiving income. You can therefore appreciate the value Dell receive from Dell APEX’s consistent ability to meet its deadlines. A Dell APEX Pay-per-Use customer said, “It has clearly benefited the organisation.”

Keeping Ahead of Client Requirements

To anticipate and satisfy the demands of a developing market, IT must continuously advance. The efficient management of this ongoing enhancement is facilitated by a versatile, consumption-oriented framework that can promptly adapt to changing market needs.

Customers of Dell APEX Pay-per-Use say that the capacity-on-demand feature of the solution is essential to being “at the ready” and consistently satisfying client needs. By using Dell APEX Pay-per-Use solutions now, these businesses are putting gasoline on the fire for a more robust tomorrow and the near future.

“With the Dell APEX Data Centre Utility agreement, a consumption-based model is great since it allows us to have capacity on demand without requiring large capital outlays, which are just not feasible. One Dell APEX Pay-per-Use user said, “As a new business unit, what Dell APEX Data Centre Utility has enabled for us is to build out capacity well in advance of demands from IT customers.”

Create APEX Subscriptions

Create APEX Subscriptions in three simple steps.

  • Select the technology that you use.
  • Servers, storage, cloud platforms, data security, converged, and hyper-converged infrastructure are available. Set up the capabilities according to your particular needs.
  • Choose your offerings.
  • APEX Subscriptions require deployment and support. To fulfil your company demands, you can expand your infrastructure and add managed services to support people, processes, and workloads.

Cover the cost of what you use

Gain financial freedom by matching costs to real usage instead of projected usage, and enjoy piece of mind knowing that monthly billing will be capped at 85% of installed capacity a feature that no other infrastructure supplier can match.

Thota nithya
Thota nithya
Thota Nithya has been writing Cloud Computing articles for govindhtech from APR 2023. She was a science graduate. She was an enthusiast of cloud computing.


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