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Dell APEX Cloud Platform Openshift

Dell APEX Cloud Platform

Businesses are using multicloud deployments for contemporary containerized programs to improve user experiences, increase productivity, and increase revenue. Organizations now frequently choose multicloud, with Kubernetes at the forefront. Of the enterprises, 42% use Red Hat OpenShift for container management. Multiple clouds, however, might add complexity. For IT peace of mind, modern multicloud container deployments require reliable automation and continuous operations. This allows IT professionals to concentrate on providing application value rather than managing infrastructure.

Red Hat’s Dell APEX Cloud Platform Designed in collaboration with Red Hat, OpenShift is a turnkey platform that revolutionizes on-premises OpenShift installations. The platform is intended to optimize workload outcomes, improve security and governance, and lower the cost and complexity of OpenShift deployments with a bare metal implementation.

Dell APEX PowerSwitch Revolutionizes Cloud Strategy!
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Cut back on complexity and expense. Everything you need to quickly install and operate Red Hat OpenShift on a turnkey, integrated bare metal infrastructure is provided by Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift. The Dell APEX Cloud Platform Foundation Software’s considerable automation reduces time for complicated lifecycle management operations by up to 90% while cutting deployment times by over 90%. To ensure predictability and dependability, they also put in over 21,000 hours of interoperability testing for every major release.

Maximize the results of your workload. Through the platform’s optimization of OpenShift’s on-premises delivery, application modernization initiatives are accelerated. The platform, which is based on Dell’s scalable, high-performance SDS and the next-generation PowerEdge servers, offers strict SLAs for a variety of contemporary mission-critical workloads. Furthermore, the platform makes it easier to shift workloads throughout your IT estate by providing a unified storage layer between Dell’s APEX Cloud Platform on-premises and Dell’s APEX Storage for Public Cloud.

Boost governance and security. The next-generation PowerEdge nodes’ cyber-resilient foundation serves as the basis for the Dell APEX Cloud Platform, which offers multi-layer security and governance features integrated throughout the technological stack and speeds up the adoption of Zero Trust. Additionally, by lowering the potential attack surface, the platform improves security with a bare metal implementation.

Dell APEX Cloud Platform Red Hat OpenShift

The network requirements of any enterprise IT infrastructure are the same for Dell APEX Cloud Platform for OpenShift: scalability, performance, and availability. In accordance with your purchase order, Dell APEX Cloud Platform for OpenShift is produced in the factory and delivered to your data center prepared for deployment. Dell PowerSwitch platforms have been used to test the entire solution.

Dell networking Top of Rack (ToR) switches are compatible with the nodes of the Dell APEX Cloud Platform for OpenShift. These fulfill the functional requirements of the ACP for Red Hat OpenShift network, which include, in general, 25G / 100G NICs, support for LACP (802.3ad), MTU sizes of 1500 for management and 9000 for data, the ability to disable IPv6 multicast snooping to guarantee proper node discovery, and VLAN support tagged 3939 or Native 0 on management ports.

Make Red Hat OpenShift and Dell APEX Cloud Platform Work for You

Customers may construct a unified and effective IT infrastructure with an end-to-end stack from Dell Technologies, allowing them to concentrate more on their primary business goals rather than handling complicated and disjointed infrastructure components. Utilizing Dell for integrated networking, storage, and computing solutions has a number of important advantages, such as:

  • Dell networking and Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift are seamlessly integrated, making deployment, management, and maintenance easier and lowering the chance of interoperability problems.
  • When Dell Networking is used in conjunction with Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift, system performance is improved and optimized overall.
  • A single point of contact for assistance throughout the deployment that offers a constant level of service.
  • When compared to individual components from different suppliers, the Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift solution with Dell networking offers comparable cost.
  • Lower operational costs are the result of less complexity and more effective management (OpEx).
  • System updates that are seamless and frequent throughout the ACP for OpenShift ecosystem.
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