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ASUS ExpertBook P5: Dual-Storage, All-Day Battery Life

ASUS ExpertBook P5

ASUS is thrilled to present its newest work-related computing solutions at Computex 2024, an event that brings together innovators and industry leaders. The biggest news of the year is the launch of the brand-new ASUS Expert P series, which is intended primarily for home offices, prosumers, and entrepreneurs and represents a major increase in ASUS’s business products.

The flagship ASUS ExpertBook P5 (P5405) model, the first ASUS next-generation AI PC built for work, leads this series. It is the perfect example of combining cutting-edge technology with useful utility.

The ASUS ExpertBook P5, which is powered by Intel Core Ultra processors, also referred to as “Lunar Lake,” represents a new paradigm for work. With over 45 TOPS NPU, over 100 platform TOPS, and roughly three times the AI performance of the first-generation Intel Core Ultra processor, it introduces cutting-edge ASUS AI PC technology and promises quieter and cooler operations perfect for the demanding environments of today’s mobile professionals.

With the release of ASUS ExpertBook P5, ASUS is revolutionizing professional work practices and representing a major advancement over current AI-powered ASUS PCs, like the B5 (B5404, B5604) and B3 (B3404, B3604) series. This development demonstrates ASUS’s view that innovative technology ought to be available to prosumers, home offices, and entrepreneurs in addition to big corporate environments.

With the release of these cutting-edge AI PCs, ASUS shows its dedication to leading the way in the development of AI technology and establishing new standards for improving corporate operations in all industries. This idea is embodied in ASUS ExpertBook P5, which transforms work processes regardless of business size by providing every expert with access to cutting-edge technology.

After the release of the ExpertBook P5, ASUS will present a full range of ExpertBook laptops, such as the incredibly light ExpertBook B9 OLED (B9403) designed for C-suite executives who are always on the road and the sturdy B5 and B3 series that meet a variety of business requirements. The most recent ExpertCenter PCs, including the dependable D7 Tower (D700TER) and D9 Mini Tower (D901MDR) models designed for demanding corporate situations, are also on show at Computex.

Furthermore, ASUS is thrilled to introduce its Chromebooks, which include the ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus, that feature the finest of Google AI. These products highlight ASUS’s commitment to incorporating cutting-edge AI technology with ease across its product line, with a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and security.

Unveiling ExpertBook P5, a next-generation AI PC for work evolution

The ASUS ExpertBook P5, a model that combines cutting-edge AI capabilities with a precisely constructed but sturdy design to reinvent technology for modern professionals, is proudly unveiled by ASUS at Computex 2024 as part of the brand-new Expert P series aimed for professionals. This flagship model raises the bar for next-generation AI work PCs and demonstrates ASUS’s dedication to fusing cutting-edge technology with sustainability.

ASUS ExpertBook P5, created for aspirational prosumers, small office employees, and people with an entrepreneurial spirit, guarantees that professionals across all levels, including home offices and startups, have access to the most recent developments.

Thinking back to its humble beginnings as a small firm 35 years ago, ASUS recognizes that all professionals, regardless of size, should have access to cutting-edge technology to support their development and success.

With Intel Core Ultra (also known as “Lunar Lake”) processors, the ExpertBook P5 ASUS ExpertBook P5 boosts productivity with a scalable, seamless experience that can be customised to meet a variety of professional demands. With clever, AI-driven features like AI meetings, AI assistants, and AI creativity, it improves workflows by greatly streamlining complicated jobs and boosting productivity and teamwork. With just one click, AI-driven file search streamlines file management by enabling rapid document retrieval via natural language.

AI-voiceprint technology provides exceptional audio and video quality that isolates the user’s voice and lowers background noise during worldwide meetings a critical feature for collaborative document creation. Additionally, the meeting transcript function ensures smooth communication across languages, and real-time co-editing and generative meeting notes facilitate seamless teamwork.

ASUS ExpertBook P5 makes sure that the focus stays on work rather than upkeep or security for professionals with little access to IT help. It is protected by a strong security barrier that completely safeguards data and privacy. This barrier consists of a commercial-grade BIOS that complies with NIST-155 standards, a Windows 11 Secured-core PC foundation, and an optional discrete TPM 2.0.

Furthermore, its cutting-edge cooling systems, sturdy construction with reinforced hinges, drop-resistant design, and military-grade durability ensure long-lasting dependability. ASUS ExpertBook P5, which comes with a three-year warranty, is an essential tool in today’s challenging work situations since it gives professionals confidence in the device’s continued performance and security.

ASUS ExpertBook P5, designed for contemporary professionals, is a style statement that elevates professional appearance in every situation by skillfully fusing elegance and great performance. Its 14-inch 16:10 2.5K display, which is optimized for comfort and enhanced visual engagement, highlights its elegant design, making it ideal for both personal and high-stakes meetings. ExpertBook P5’s cutting-edge AI capabilities, which convert simple to difficult jobs with previously unheard-of efficiency, revolutionize productivity. At its launch in Q3, further information regarding ASUS ExpertBook P5 will be accessible.

Increasing AIOps: Using ASUS commercial PCs to improve company operations

By incorporating AI into all of its commercial PCs and creating solutions to improve security, productivity, and collaboration for a range of business situations, ASUS is leading the way in the future of work. With products like the ExpertBook B5 and B3, which are driven by Windows Copilot and Intel Core Ultra CPUs, ASUS provides more effective IT management solutions that streamline workflows and increase productivity.

With products like StoryCube for sophisticated image-file identification and Copilot in Windows for AI-assisted tasks, the ExpertBook series increases professional efficiency. AI capabilities that assure good audio in virtual meetings, such as speaker noise reduction and video focus, improve collaborative work.

ASUS ensures strong data protection by fortifying its devices with AI-driven security technologies that protect against online threats. IT managers may improve network performance by prioritising key applications and optimising WiFi connectivity using ASUS’s solutions for AI deployment and optimisation.

ASUS has added the AI-enhanced ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus to its lineup of AI products. With built-in video-call control functions, this laptop is perfect for hybrid learning and distant work environments. A complimentary 12-month Google One AI Premium plan subscription is included with the ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus. They With the help of a package of AI technologies called Gemini Advanced, which can be used to analyze and streamline operations in Gmail, Docs, and other applications, this subscription promotes increased productivity and efficiency in daily chores.

SMB cybersecurity: Strengthening defences in workplaces with AI enhancements

ASUS is aware of the particular cybersecurity requirements that SMBs have in the AI-flooded business world of today. Every ASUS device, including the renowned ExpertBook B5, has advanced security features like biometric authentication and commercial-grade BIOS to secure critical corporate data from sophisticated cyber threats and enable comprehensive protection against growing security risks.

ExpertBook B5, a shining example of endpoint protection, uses IBM QRadar EDR for AI-powered threat detection, enabling SMBs to confidently and proactively traverse the cybersecurity terrain. With ASUS Control Centre, small and medium-sized businesses can manage their IT more easily, managing digital ecosystems more effectively and with less operational strain.

With enterprise-grade BIOS, TPM, and advanced threat detection, the comprehensive ASUS security approach guarantees SMBs are ready to take on the demands of a quickly changing digital world. ASUS gives SMBs the tools they need to prosper safely and creatively in the contemporary business environment.

Sustainability and durability: Creating resilience for the business environment of tomorrow

As part of the 2024 Expert-series ESG development, ASUS keeps raising the bar for environmental responsibility. Every ExpertBook and ExpertCenter series device is built with military-grade durability and high performance in mind, with an emphasis on minimising environmental effect. Rigid military-grade testing, encompassing up to 28 processes that surpass industry requirements, emphasises this durability and guarantees that every gadget lasts beyond normal usage needs.

ASUS has used more eco-friendly materials this year. Nowadays, over 20% of plastic models have post-consumer recycled (PCR) content; the ExpertBook B9 OLED contains 60% PIR materials, and the ExpertBook B3 series includes BioPCR. In addition, all of the current ExpertBook models are built with 40% higher energy efficiency than ENERGY STAR criteria and come in post-consumer recyclable packaging.

ASUS anticipates that all of the ExpertBook and Chromebook laptops in its 2024 portfolio will be certified as TCO 9.0 and Climate+, earning them the EPEAT Gold designation. Programmes like ASUS Carbon Partner Services, which help companies improve their sustainability efforts, complement this goal.

SBTi-validated ASUS environmental targets pledge to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2035 and a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. ASUS PCs adhere to the strictest sustainability guidelines in these areas.

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