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Dell ProSupport Plus for AI-powered self-healing PCs

Dell ProSupport Plus Features

Dell AI-powered technology, automated self-healing processes, and effective support keep redefining the foundation of support you’ve become accustomed to. The Dell ProSupport Plus for PCs enables IT admins automate and customise PC support to prevent fleet downtime and keep employees productive and pleased.

AI-powered self-healing

  • Use a collection of scripts to automate processes and fix problems throughout your fleet.
  • Create and distribute customised update catalogues for the Dell BIOS, drivers, firmware, and apps automatically.
  • Automatically identify and fix problems before they cause problems for your staff

Check the condition of your fleet and devices

  • View your fleet holistically from a single dashboard.
  • Examine problems with a specific computer.
  • Use utilisation metrics to identify trends.
  • Identify the causes of problems and implement fixes for the whole fleet. based on the outstanding assistance provided by Dell
  • Get access to in-region ProSupport experts, onsite next-business-day service powered by AI, and optional coverage for unintentional damage and the option to keep your hard drive if it needs to be replaced.
  • Take advantage of having a dedicated Service Account Manager as your single point of contact for planning and reporting on your account.

Latest Self-Healing PC

The PC has reaffirmed its position as being essential to how organisations and end users rely on cutting-edge technology, and Dell Technology is well-positioned to lead the way into an era of AI-led transformation. It is imperative to make sure that this mainstay of worker productivity is constantly operational, particularly in times of restricted finances and when IT teams are faced with the task of supporting a mixed workforce.

The modern PC is more complex and highly customised, necessitating enhanced support services that are meant to yield constant productivity. Businesses are looking for services that leverage the same telemetry-based and AI capabilities that power PCs. Additionally, when they profit from the value that their service offers, they wish to pay for them gradually.

Current Difficulties

Following are some of the most typical support queries that clients have brought to Dell Technology’s attention:

Owing to its vast installed base and diverse workforce, Dell Technology need access to AI-based support tools that can identify and resolve issues before they become serious ones.

It is imperative that Dell Technology utilise CapEx to maximise hardware purchases. We have more flexibility in managing our cash flow and budget when we use OpEx to pay for support services.

For the benefit of Dell employee personas, Dell Technology prefers to purchase standard items and services. Dell procurement procedures are best suited for doing this directly from vendors online.

At this turning point, a large number of Dell customers are being forced to upgrade the PCs they bought at the start of the pandemic. In order to future-proof their purchase, many are going with configurations that have AI capabilities. They would like to spread out the cost of PC support throughout the course of the device’s lifetime, given the unstable state of the economy.

PC Support Subscriptions The Silver Bullet

Customers can choose how they want to pay and have peace of mind with Dell term-based subscriptions for Dell ProSupport Plus and ProSupport Flex. Dell ProSupport Plus for PCs provides the most feature-rich functionality in a single solution, eliminating the need for service stacking. Additionally, only Dell, a well-known PC manufacturer, provides independent commercial support services through a subscription-based business model. Dell assists in keeping end users up and running and provides organisations with predictable support expenses. Customers choose the subscription term and billing cycle that work best for them.

This is the operation of the term-based subscription model:

  1. Get the gear and sign up for a Dell ProSupport Plus or ProSupport Flex membership.
  2. Select the option for either annual or monthly billing.
  3. Utilise a customer portal to manage subscriptions.
  4. In order to keep devices covered, subscription auto renews (optionally) at the conclusion of the term.

Automation with Proactive Monitoring and Self-Healing

Support Assist technology powers the telemetry and AI-driven features of Dell ProSupport Plus and ProSupport Flex. Recently, Dell Technology disclosed Dell’s automated self-healing capabilities. Customers may improve PC performance and fix a range of PC problems with self-healing automation; end users can minimise interruptions and downtime and IT can take a backseat.

Networked PC telemetry data sets off systems that proactively identify issues. Tasks are automated and problems like blue screen failures and heat difficulties are fixed with a library of Dell-authored scripts. More scripts will be added to this expanding range of features by Dell Technologies over time.

Purchase and use with ease

Customers of Dell increasingly tell us that they would rather make purchases online, allowing them to configure goods and services and create bids that require internal clearances before committing to a deal. Furthermore, ProSupport Flex and Dell ProSupport Plus memberships can now be bought via the Dell B2B portal Dell Premier. The Dell sales force is still accessible to help with the procedure if necessary. At this point, you can privileges:

  • A handy motion for online purchases.
  • You can balance your cash flow with predictable support charges.
  • AI-powered assistance services that cut down on lost time and output.

Customer satisfaction ratings for Dell customer service are consistently well above 90%. Dell Technology is thrilled to augment its products with artificial intelligence (AI) driven self-healing automation and offer them for online purchase through a subscription model.

Concentrating on your controllable aspects is crucial for success, as any business leader is aware. Uncertainty coming from macroeconomic reasons does not fall under that category. It is definitely worth selecting Dell as your partner to guarantee that your staff members have access to state-of-the-art equipment and full support.



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