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Dell APEX File Storage Optimizes File Management For Azure

CLOUD SOLUTIONS: APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure enables AZURE AI Anywhere.

Presenting Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure: Multi-cloud, high-performance storage designed with artificial intelligence in mind.

In the transportation sector, semi-trucks and race cars appear to be from different worlds. But despite all that separates them, they all have the urge to give their all on stage. Comparably, with cloud computing, combining state-of-the-art technology with a variety of applications, such artificial intelligence (AI), necessitates solutions that provide performance and scalability in storage.

Additionally, for the next innovation to be driven, users must have access to their data wherever it is housed. As a matter of fact, 87% of businesses already use a multi cloud approach. With the launch of Dell’s new Dell APEX File Storage for Public Cloud service, they are thrilled to support clients as they continue their multi cloud journey.

Now introduce Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure, a revolutionary invention that closes the knowledge gap between AI-driven insights and cloud storage. Power Scale One FS, a dependable, high-performance scale-out file storage solution that has been trusted by over 16,000 customers globally, is the foundation of Dell APEX File Storage for Azure.

Dell gives clients the ability to better consolidate and manage data, save storage costs, improve data safety and security, and use native cloud AI technologies to get insights more quickly by extending the capability of capability Scale One FS to the Azure cloud.

Furthermore, the most sophisticated file storage features available in Azure are provided by Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure.This improves team productivity and optimises our storage environment. With this offer, Dell has excelled.”

Dell APEX File Storage for Azure combines efficiency and agility in a world where many clouds are commonplace, enabling your company to fully use scattered cloud ecosystems for your AI operations. The use of AI has always been characterised by disjointed infrastructure and silted solutions. Nevertheless, a fresh route is provided by Dell’s APEX File Storage for Azure, which seamlessly integrates high-performance storage capabilities to be deployed on Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure.

Advanced native replication makes it simple to transfer data from on-premises to the cloud without requiring you to mirror your storage infrastructure. You may also use all enterprise-grade Power Scale One FS capabilities once you’re in the cloud. Scalability and flexibility without compromising simplicity of use are provided by APEX File Storage for Azure, which has a scale-out architecture that supports up to 18 nodes and 5.6PiB in a single namespace.

In actuality, Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure allows the following in contrast to Azure Net App Files:

  • Six times better cluster efficiency
  • 11 times more namespace
  • 23 times as many photos in each volume
  • Two times more cluster resilience
  • More robust and easier cluster growth
  • APEX File Storage for Azure is distinguished further by its dedication to meeting client demands.
  • 4 Dell Support Services offers highly skilled professionals around-the-clock, globally, to handle your One FS demands, minimise interruptions, and assist you in maintaining a high level of productivity and results.
  • They have a 97% customer satisfaction record and provide proactive support.
  • The days of compromising between utility and performance are long gone since this solution offers both, according to your needs.
  • Dell APEX File Storage for Azure provides the greatest performance at scale for AI, 5 driving AI workloads to new heights of innovation and efficiency.
  • It is designed for hybrid cloud and cloud burst use cases, whether it’s typical IT workloads or cutting-edge Gen AI applications.

Several characteristics of Dell’s APEX File Storage for Azure help AI workloads on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure:

Multi cloud by design: lessens the difficulty of maintaining disparate on-premises and cloud storage solutions, and simplifies the deployment of AI across hybrid cloud systems with a consistent user experience.

Excellent-performance storage: Specifically created to meet the rigorous needs of AI applications, it offers excellent performance at scale. Large datasets may be processed and AI models trained more quickly as a result.

Smooth cloud integration: Facilitates data transfer between on-premises and cloud settings by integrating with Azure architecture. By doing this, moving AI workloads to the cloud is made possible without the need to redesign storage infrastructure.

Advanced data replication: Makes use of built-in replication features to facilitate effective data transfer between on-premises and cloud storage. By doing this, data migration downtime is reduced and data consistency is guaranteed.

The following are APEX File Storage for Azure’s main advantages:

  • “Multi cloud by design” simplicity With a unified user experience across on-premises and cloud environments, accelerate the adoption of multi clouds. Benefit from automatic replication tools without requiring any modifications to the cloud’s underlying storage.
  • Exceptional adaptability: With sophisticated One FS data services and scalable capacity of up to 5.6PiB, you can easily handle shifting workload needs and quickly expanding datasets.
  • Data management: Utilise built-in AI technologies to handle even the most demanding jobs.
  • Multi cloud strategies are more important than ever in an era when digital technologies are developing at a fast pace.
  • In this journey, a major turning point has been reached with Dell and Microsoft’s strategic partnership, which gives clients the flexibility to store and analyse data wherever best suits their AI use cases.
  • Dell is keeping their promise to enable companies to use AI to produce revolutionary results and accelerate innovation with APEX File Storage for Azure.
Thota nithya
Thota nithya
Thota Nithya has been writing Cloud Computing articles for govindhtech from APR 2023. She was a science graduate. She was an enthusiast of cloud computing.


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