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Z3 VMs Unveiled: Discover Unmatched Efficiency in Google

Storage-dense workloads require reliable performance, high SSD density, and data-preserving maintenance. They launched google cloud first storage-optimized VM family, the Z3 machine series, last week at Google Cloud Next ‘24. Z3 VMs offer more storage capacity for fewer cores, reducing total cost of ownership by offering more storage capacity for fewer cores. They also have an industry-leading 6M 100% random-read and 6M write IOPs, an incredibly dense storage configuration of up to 409 SSD (GB) per vCPU, and a highmem configuration.

Google Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine customers get the enterprise-grade performance and reliability of the 4th Gen Intel Xeon scalable processor, Google’s custom Intel Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU), and the latest Local SSD in the Z3 machine series. Next-generation Local SSDs in Z3 offer 3x disc throughput and 35% lower disc latency than previous generations. Z3 is perfect for horizontal, scale-out, flash-optimized, data warehouse, and other dense storage applications.

Z3 initially comes in two configurations: 176 vCPU with 1.4T DDR5 memory and 88 vCPU with 704 GB and 36TB of next-generation Local SSD.

Improvements in maintenance

New infrastructure lifecycle technologies in Z3 VMs improve maintenance management and specificity. It’s receive system maintenance notices several days in advance. You can schedule the maintenance event or let it default. This lets you plan ahead for disruptive events and gives us better performant and secure infrastructure. In-place updates and planned maintenance events will protect your data.

Powered by Titanium

Google’s Titanium system of custom silicon, security microcontrollers, and tiered scale-out offloads powers Z3 VMs. Workload performance, lifecycle management, dependability, and security improve. Titanium gives Z3 up to 200 Gbps of fully encrypted networking, 3x faster packet-processing than previous generations, near-bare-metal speed, integrated maintenance updates for most workloads, and improved controls for critical applications.

We’re excited to work with Google Cloud on its first storage-optimized VM family after a successful cooperation since 2016. This partnership delivers Intel’s 4th Gen Intel Xeon processor and Google’s proprietary Intel IPU for increased efficiency and performance. Intel Corporation General Manager-Intel Xeon Products Suzi Jewett

Hyperdisk storage

Google Cloud’s latest block storage is Hyperdisk. Hyperdisk, built on Titanium, decouples storage processing from the virtual machine host to boost performance, flexibility, and efficiency. Data-intensive applications like data analytics and databases may easily fulfil storage I/O needs using Hyperdisk’s dynamic storage performance and capacity scaling. You no longer need pricey, massive compute instances to improve storage performance.

Start Z3 now

Us-central1 , europe-west4 , and asia-southeast1 have Z3 VMs. When building a new VM or GKE node pool in Google Cloud, pick Z3 under the new Storage-Optimized machine family to use Z3 instances. Visit the Z3 machine series page. Ask your Google Cloud sales person for area availability.


Virtual machines (VMs) are essential in cloud computing, where efficiency, speed, and scalability are key. The revolutionary Z3 VMs have changed virtualization. This detailed tutorial explores it’s unmatched IOPS . capabilities and the features and benefits that make them industry leaders in performance.

Understanding IOPS

Before discussing Z3 VMs, they must understand IOPS in cloud computing. IOPS, which monitors storage device read and write speeds, is a key system performance parameter. Higher IOPS numbers mean faster data transfer speeds and better responsiveness, making them crucial for fast, flawless applications.

The Z3 VMs Benefit

Unmatched Performance

A complex design powers Z3 VMs’ unmatched performance. Z3 VMs have industry-leading IOPS thanks to powerful processors and optimized storage. Z3 VMs enable lightning-fast performance for data-intensive workloads and real-time transactions, improving cloud infrastructure efficiency.

Scalability, Flexibility

Z3 VMs’ unrivalled performance, scalability, and flexibility enable enterprises to adapt and develop in a changing digital landscape. Z3 VMs optimize resource utilization and cost effectiveness by effortlessly scaling resources up or down on demand. Z3 VMs give startups and established enterprises the agility and scalability they need to stay ahead.

Better Reliability

Cloud computing requires reliability since even a small outage can have serious repercussions. Because of this, Z3 VMs prioritize stability and resilience. By using redundant components and robust failover techniques, Z3 VMs reduce downtime and maintain continuous availability, boosting mission-critical application confidence.

Applications in Real Life

The unequalled IOPS of Z3 VMs opens up many opportunities across sectors and use cases. From real-time data processing for high-frequency trading platforms to lightning-fast inference for AI-driven apps, Z3 VMs enable organizations to innovate and evolve. Z3 VMs provide the performance and stability you need to succeed in finance, healthcare, e-commerce, or other fields.


Finally, Z3 VMs offer unmatched IOPS performance, scalability, and dependability, marking a milestone in cloud computing. Businesses may boost innovation and efficiency by using Z3 VMs to maximize their cloud infrastructure. Z3 VMs are ready to lead the digital age in speed, scalability, and reliability as technology advances and high-performance computing demands rise.

IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second)6 Million (Read & Write)
Storage per vCPUUp to 409 GB SSD
MemoryHigh-memory configuration (1 vCPU : 8 GB RAM)
Processor4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor (Sapphire Rapids)
Local SSDNext generation with 3x throughput and 35% lower latency
Ideal workloadsHorizontal databases, log analytics, data warehouses, flash-optimized databases
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Thota nithya
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