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Boost Your Workloads with 4th Gen Intel Xeon Processors

The 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, launched in January 2023, have showcased significant advancements in performance, particularly in areas such as AI, data analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC). Intel has conducted extensive testing against comparable processors from competitors and has obtained compelling results that surpass standard industry benchmarks.

In terms of mainstream compute, where mid-range core counts are commonly deployed, per-core performance, power efficiency, and throughput are crucial performance indicators. Intel compared its 32-core 4th Gen Xeon processor to the best mainstream 32-core part of the competition. While general-purpose benchmarks like SPEC CPU are important, they do not provide a complete picture of performance for customers whose workload requirements are continuously evolving. In workloads such as databases, networking, and storage, Xeon outperforms the competition by delivering superior CPU performance, higher performance per watt, and lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO). Additionally, Xeon offers sustainability benefits by reducing server numbers, fleet power usage, and CO2 emissions.

Xeon processors are designed for AI workloads, and Intel’s investment in software optimizes AI across various frameworks, libraries, and model types. Intel’s testing demonstrates its CPU leadership in AI workloads, leveraging its advanced hardware acceleration technology called Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel® AMX). More cores alone do not always yield optimal performance. The inclusion of Intel AMX allows the 4th Gen Xeon processors to scale significantly, surpassing what is achievable through core counts alone. This powerful AI engine is integrated into each Xeon core, providing an advantage over the competition and enabling customers to benefit from its capabilities.

In the realm of HPC, Intel compared its 56-core Intel® Xeon® CPU Max Series processor, equipped with Intel® AVX-512, against the top-bin 96-core offering from the competition. By combining powerful compute capabilities, high memory bandwidth, and Intel HPC engines, Xeon Max CPUs deliver a 40% performance advantage in numerous real-world HPC workloads, including earth systems modeling, energy, and manufacturing.

Overall, the 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors have demonstrated industry-leading performance across critical workloads and have gained rapid adoption and recognition from customers worldwide. The data-driven proof points provide evidence of Xeon’s value and leadership in comparison to the competition, dispelling misconceptions and showcasing the continued advancements in Xeon technology.




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