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Google Cloud Confidential VMs for Data Protection with AMD

Confidential virtual machines

Organisations processing sensitive data in the cloud with robust confidentiality assurances may benefit from Confidential Computing. Google has kept moving forward with developing this significant technology, and they are working with top players in the market including NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel to further Confidential Computing solutions.

Google Confidential VMs or Google Cloud Confidential VMs

Google Cloud is thrilled to present developments in their Confidential Computing solutions at Google Cloud Next today. These developments include increased hardware options, support for data migrations, and expanded partnerships, all of which have contributed to the recognition of Confidential Computing as a critical solution for data security and confidentiality. 

Confidential virtual machines with Intel TDX and an integrated accelerator with AMX

Intel TDX

The Intel Trust Domain Extensions (TDX) for Confidential Computing preview is being released with much excitement. For virtual machines, Intel TDX provides a new degree of hardware-based confidentiality, integrity, and isolation, enhancing security for your most critical files and programmes.

Anand Pashupathy, vice president and general manager of Intel’s security software and services division, stated, “Intel’s collaboration with Google Cloud on Confidential Computing helps organizations strengthen their data privacy, workload security, and compliance in the cloud, especially with sensitive or regulated data.” “Organizations can effortlessly move their workloads to a confidential environment and work with partners on joint analyses while keeping their data private with Google Cloud’s new C3 instances and Confidential Spaces solution.”

Intel AMX

The new C3 virtual machine series’ Google Cloud Confidential VMs make use of Intel Trust Domain Extensions (Intel TDX) technology and 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs. They collaborate with Intel AMX, a recently introduced integrated accelerator that enhances deep learning training and inference performance on the CPU. Additionally, they are perfect for workloads including image identification, recommendation systems, and natural language processing.

Now that Confidential Computing is available on Intel TDX and AMX, their customers may experience its advantages and provide input as they continue to improve this ground-breaking technology.

“By using Google Cloud’s C3 virtual machines that are outfitted with Intel TDX, Edgeless Systems has been able to improve Google Constellation and Contrast offerings even further. According to Moritz Eckert, chief architect of Edgeless Systems, “the addition of Intel TDX now gives their customers greater choice and flexibility, ensuring they have access to the latest in Confidential Computing hardware options.”


Preview of private virtual machines on the N2D series with AMD SEV-SNP

AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization-Secure Nested Paging (SEV-SNP)-equipped general purpose N2D machine series now provides Google Cloud Confidential VMs in preview. The newest Confidential Computing technology from AMD is called AMD SEV-SNP. In addition to adding robust memory integrity protection to help thwart malicious hypervisor-based attacks like data replay and memory remapping, it improves upon AMD SEV and its security features of data and memory confidentiality. Your most sensitive data may be completely safeguarded in the cloud with remote attestation thanks to Google Cloud Confidential VMs equipped with AMD SEV-SNP technology.

Confidential VM live migration support is now widely accessible

Customers may employ Confidential Computing technology with their long-lived workloads by using Live Migration for Confidential VMs. It can maintain in-use protection while reducing downtime caused by host maintenance activities. Live Migration for Confidential Virtual Machines is now available to all regions on the N2D machine series.

Announcing NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU-Powered Confidential Virtual Machines for AI Tasks

Google is thrilled to introduce Confidential VMs on the A3 machine series with NVIDIA Tensor Core H100 GPUs, extending their capabilities for secure compute. This product allows for faster workloads that are essential to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and scientific simulations by extending hardware-based data and model security to GPUs.

It also provides confidentiality, integrity, and isolation from the CPU. Customers no longer have to choose between security and performance with NVIDIA and Google, they can have the benefit of both as NVIDIA Confidential Computing on H100 GPUs gives them the extra advantage of per formant GPUs to protect their most valuable workloads. This allows customers to secure data while in use and protect their most valuable AI workloads while accessing the power of GPU-accelerated computing.

NVIDIA H100 GPUs with NVIDIA HGX Protected PCIe are available in Confidential VMs on A3 VMs, which may help guarantee that data, AI models, and sensitive code are kept safe even while doing compute-intensive tasks. Private previews of Google Cloud Confidential VMs will be available later this year on accelerator-optimized A3 machine series with NVIDIA H100 GPUs.

“In the most efficient and secure manner possible, the Confidential VM A3 powered by NVIDIA HGX H100 with Protected PCIe will help power a new era of business innovation driven by generative AI insights.”—Vice President of Product Security at NVIDIA, Daniel Rohrer

Confidential VMs

Forming important alliances

Google’s dedication to developing a cooperative environment for Confidential Computing does not waver. Their alliances with top industry players, such as semiconductor manufacturers, cloud service providers, and software suppliers, have grown. These partnerships are crucial to hastening the development and use of Confidential Computing solutions, which will eventually improve cloud security as a whole.

“There is a growing need to protect the privacy and integrity of data, particularly sensitive workloads, intellectual property, AI models, and valuable information, as more businesses move their data and workloads to the cloud. Through this partnership, businesses can safeguard and manage their data while it’s in use, in transit, and at rest with completely verifiable attestation. Their strong partnership with Google Cloud and Intel boosts our clients’ confidence when moving to the cloud,” said Todd Moore, vice president of Thales’ data security solutions.

Google is dedicated to making Confidential Computing the cornerstone of a safe and prosperous cloud ecosystem via constant innovation and teamwork. They cordially encourage you to peruse their most recent offers and set out on your path to a safe and private cloud computing future.

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Thota nithya
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