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Micron 2500 SSD: M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 4 SSD with QLC NAND

Most value and user experience for regular computing to help you get the most out of your everyday computing experience, the Micron 2500 SSD offers a best-in-class user experience, increases user productivity, and outperforms competing drives in PCMark 10 benchmark testing. The first 232-layer QLC NAND in a client SSD is only offered by Micron and offers the highest density and layer count in the market. It is also the densest OEM-production the NAND.

With class-leading PCIe Gen4 performance that outperforms the competition, you can get more out of your applications. For regular computing demands, the Micron 2500 SSD provides a good mix of storage performance and affordability.

Micron 2500 SSD fits daily storage needs

It is the first client SSD in the world to use 200+ layer QLC NAND and leads the industry with best-in-class everyday computing user experience, QLC value, and performance that outperforms comparable TLC and QLC based SSDs.

Top-notch user interface for regular computer use with its excellent user experience benchmark scores, speed-boosting enhanced caching for quicker write performance, and a wide choice of form factor and capacity options, the Micron 2500 SSD dominates the competition.

QLC figure. TLC output. Small-scale innovation

The Micron 2500, a top-tier QLC SSD, outperforms TLC- and QLC-based SSDs from competitors in sequential and random read/write performance, with sequential read speeds of up to 7,100 MB/s and random read IOPS of up to 1 million.

First consumer SSD with 200+ QLC NAND layers

The first company to supply OEMs with SSDs made of QLC NAND with the highest density and layer count is Micron. With ONFI rates of up to 2,400 MT/s, this is the densest NAND in the world, enabling the creation of speedier SSDs.

Sophisticated Micron 2500 SSD features

  • 232-layer QLC NAND Micron 3D
  • Hardware-based encryption using AES 256 bits15
  • Defence against power outages (data at rest)
  • Controlled heat management by the host
  • Optimising performance with expedited caching
  • Thermal SMBus S.M.A.R.T.
  • Commands for basic management (BMC)
  • FW turned on without a reset
  • Block sanitization and cryptoerasure
  • Support for power-loss signals
  • TCG Pyrite 2.01, TCG Opal 2.02
  • Tool for managing Micron Storage Executive SSD

Key advantages of the Micron 2500 SSD

Storage that boosts everyday programme productivity

The Micron 2500 SSD is engineered to optimize your productivity by providing the finest user experience possible for the daily applications you utilize.

It comes in a wide variety of M.2 form factors are available in sizes up to 2TB, ranging from 22 × 80mm to a single-sided 22 x 30mm.

The SSD with industry-leading performance and low cost

With best-in-class storage performance designed for daily computing, the Micron 2500 SSD outperforms all of its TLC and QLC rivals.

It is the first QLC SSD in the world and is based on Micron QLC NAND. It can reach PCIe Gen4 maximum performance of 7,100 MB/s sequential read.

Advanced NAND improves SSD performance and usability

For the second consecutive year, Micron is the first to supply SSDs to OEMs with the highest density and greatest layer count QLC NAND! 300+ layer QLC NAND is 33% denser than micron 232-layer TLC NAND and allows for 30% higher density than micron previous generation 176 layer QLC NAND.

Leading the industry With 2,400 MT/s speed, SSD performance is among the best in its class. Great user experiences in thin and light notebook PCs, mobile devices, and anywhere else that performance and value are required together are powered by Micron 200+ layer QLC NAND.

Superior adaptability and user experience

The Micron 2500 SSD offers the greatest user experience among its competitors’ TLC and QLC NAND-based SSDs, according to PCMark 10 testing results. For maximum versatility, it comes in three small, M.2 single-sided form factors with capacities of up to 2TB.

Serious value and performance

With a sequential read speed of up to 7,100 MB/s, the Micron 2500 is the first QLC SSD in the world. It outperforms competitors in terms of overall performance, regardless of whether they utilise TLC or QLC NAND.

The top NAND in the world

Excellent NAND goes into making amazing SSDs. Using the densest NAND available, the Micron 2500 SSD accelerates daily workloads with a 2,400 MT/s ONFI speed, contributing to the development of best-in-class SSD performance for OEM PCs.

Micron 2500 SSD Specs

InterfaceNVMe 1.4c
Form FactorM.2 (2230, 2242, 2280)
PCIe Gen4.0 x4
Endurance (TBW)200
Warranty5 years
MTTF2,000,000 hours
DRAMHost Memory Buffer (HMB)


What is the Micron 2500 SSD?

Micron 2500 SSDs are high-performance SSDs for everyday computing. Its QLC NAND technology provides high storage capacity at a lesser cost than TLC or MLC.

Considerations before buying a Micron 2500 SSD?

QLC NAND: QLC NAND has shorter endurance (write cycles) than TLC or MLC NAND but is cheaper and larger. This may not bother casual users, but if you write a lot of data to the drive, you may want to choose another choice.
Pricing: NVMe SSDs are more expensive than SATA SSDs but perform better.

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