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VMware Cloud Foundation Licenses on Azure VMware Solution

What is VMware Cloud Foundation?

A multi-cloud platform called VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) offers everything needed to set up and maintain a private cloud environment.

VMware Cloud Foundation VCF

For many years, Microsoft and Broadcom have worked closely together to support their shared customer base. As customer needs evolve, they still develop and innovate together. They are happy to announce today that VMware Cloud Foundation subscriptions on Azure VMware Solution will now be supported as part of Microsoft and Broadcom’s collaboration expansion. Clients with VMware Cloud Foundation licences can utilise them on both their own datacenters and Azure VMware Solution, providing them with flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements.

Azure VMware Solution

This offers an extra way to buy Azure VMware Solution, which Microsoft has been selling and running since 2019. VMware licences are currently included in the solution that customers can buy, and this will remain an option for customers who would rather buy their VMware licences directly from Microsoft as part of their solution.

Microsoft operates and provides support for a fully managed VMware environment with Azure VMware Solution. Client workloads can be moved “as is” from VMware to Azure with little to no reworking. This simplifies the transfer process and enables users to pick up new Azure talents while maintaining their current skill set.

Through the migration to Azure VMware Solution, which is currently offered in 33 global locations, enterprises may capitalise on Azure’s high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure. Business-critical features like backup, high availability, threat protection, and performance monitoring are available for customers to adopt. Workloads operating on Azure VMware Solution may also be connected with Azure’s array of over 200 cloud services to modernise corporate applications, boost innovation, and obtain deeper insights from data through powerful AI capabilities.

A private cloud platform that is universal, adaptable, and integrated across cloud endpoints is provided by VMware Cloud Foundation. Customers may take advantage of a highly optimised cloud operating model that combines the security and performance of a private cloud with the scale and agility of a public cloud by using VMware Cloud Foundation on Azure. By implementing VMware Cloud Foundation on Azure, businesses can improve cyber resilience and security, modernise IT infrastructure with a provable total cost of ownership, and give developers a self-service private cloud experience that boosts productivity.

Customers will be able to acquire subscriptions of the new VMware Cloud Foundation software and have total mobility to and from their on-premises environment to Azure VMware Solution with increased licence portability for customers with valid VMware Cloud Foundation entitlements. VMware customers can transfer the balance of an existing subscription to Azure VMware Solution if they have previously purchased and started deploying the new VMware Cloud Foundation. Furthermore, when customers’ needs and requirements change over time, they will be able to transfer their VMware Cloud Foundation subscription between on-premises and Azure VMware Solution. When customers transfer from VMware Cloud Foundation to Azure VMware Solution, they will still be able to use their software subscription rights.

VMware Rapid relocation Plan: Cut down on the time and expense of your relocation
The VMware Rapid Migration Plan offers an extensive range of licencing benefits and programmes to shorten the time and expense required for organisations to transition to Azure VMware Solution, in addition to the recently introduced benefit of VMware licence portability.

The scheme consists of:

  • Price protection: Customers can lock in prices for one, three, or five years with reserved instances.
  • Savings for SQL Server and Windows Server: In VMware setups, SQL Server and Windows Server are frequently used workloads. Organisations can use their current Windows Server and SQL Server licences in the Azure VMware Solution at a discounted rate by using Software Assurance for on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server licences. Extended Security Updates for older versions that approach end of support are offered free of charge.
  • Support for migration: To access resources, professional assistance, and funding from Microsoft and its partner ecosystem, use Azure Migrate and Modernise.
  • Azure credits: Clients can receive extra Azure credits good for other Azure services or the Azure VMware Solution when they buy a new reserved instance.

Assisting you in your cloud journey with Broadcom and Microsoft

They pledge to keep working together and embracing innovation to help their shared clients adjust to their evolving business needs. Later this year, VMware Cloud Foundation licence portability to Azure VMware Solution will be available, so now is a great time to start organising your transfer by getting in touch with your account team or a Microsoft partner.

Azure VMware Solution Pricing

Azure VMware Solution has two pricing tiers:

  • Base Price: The Azure VMware Solution resource costs per hour. Cost depends on two factors:
    • Microsoft offers Azure VMware Solution Standard and Premium SKUs with different prices.
      Your solution can be deployed with several scale units for enhanced capacity. Number of deployed units affects hourly cost.
  • Outbound data transfer is free for the first 5 GB each month, but you’ll be charged for more. Tiered pricing reduces costs with consumption.

VMware Cloud Foundation Pricing

No price list is available for VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), unlike Azure VMware Solution. The reason is:

  • Enterprise Solution: VCF targets larger companies with complicated IT demands. Custom quotes negotiate pricing based on specific needs. Number of cores, desired functionality, and support contracts affect cost.
  • Indirect Sales Model: VMware’s partners sell VCF and customise solutions and pricing for clients.

There are approaches to estimate VCF pricing:

  • VMware Partner Contacts: Contact a VMware partner to discuss your needs and get a customised price.
  • While official price isn’t available, some resources provide industry benchmark figures. These are estimates, not accurate.
  • Some third-party cloud providers offer managed VCF with pre-configured pricing. This may provide more predictable costs.

Consider these other points:

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): VCF’s initial licencing cost may seem high, but efficiency, automation, and resource consolidation often cut TCO over time.
  • Scalability: VCF scales to your needs, so you only pay for what you need.

VCF is best explored with a VMware partner to discuss your needs and get a customised estimate.

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