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VMware Rapid Migration Plan for SQL Server Migration

 Announcing VMware Rapid Migration Plan

Azure VMware Solution Documentation

Incentives and licensing advantages for the Azure VMware Solution, such as a brand-new 20% off

You are undoubtedly reassessing how to run your VMware workloads and whether to migrate them to the cloud or maintain them on-premises, just like a lot of other customers are doing these days. You will need to commit time and money to any route you decide on. This is a chance to think about your long-term platform strategy, making sure you allocate your resources effectively to pay down technical debt and position yourself for future success.

The advantages of executing your workloads in the cloud will increase in ways you haven’t yet realised as the AI era approaches. Your IT department must be prepared to handle new demands if you want your business to be a leader in its field:

  • When company demands emerge, will you be able to react quickly and effectively to satisfy them?
  • Are you ready to offer the necessary degrees of resilience, compliance, and security?
  • Do your developers have easy access to the most recent data and AI services, as well as the tools they need to innovate?
  • Have you optimised your environment with automation to free up staff members’ time for strategic initiatives?

Making the switch to Azure now will provide you peace of mind and offer you access to more than 200 cloud services, ensuring that you can confidently meet these business needs for years to come.

Azure VMware Solution

Azure is a full-featured cloud that offers services from edge computing to public cloud. For VMware customers, Azure VMware Solution is an excellent introduction to the cloud, and Microsoft is dedicated to working with Broadcom to satisfy the demands of Azure shared customer base.

Microsoft operates and provides support for a fully managed VMware environment in Azure with the Azure VMware Solution. Workloads from VMware can be moved “as is” to Azure, requiring little to no reworking of your apps. This simplifies the conversion process and allows you to pick up new Azure abilities while utilising your existing ones. In less than three months, the State of Alaska moved 1,200 servers with 700 apps on them. Because of its size and location, the state has particular problems. By centralising apps and data on Azure, the state was able to improve security and resilience while also enhancing data transparency for its residents.

Azure advise you to optimize using Azure security, automation, monitoring, and other services as part of your transition. The multinational manufacturing company Knorr-Bremse, with its headquarters in Germany, has successfully implemented this strategy. To ease their shift, they used Azure Migrate and Modernize, which covered staff training for Azure skills in addition to planning and migration.

They currently use Azure VMware Solution and other Azure IaaS and PaaS services to operate their workloads efficiently. Because you can use Azure management services, such as Azure Monitor, to control VMware workloads on-premises or even those running in other clouds, they are ideal for managing all of your cloud workloads. Azure becomes your new unified IT operations centre with access to any Azure service you require today or in the future thanks to this flexible strategy.

Utilize the VMware Rapid Migration Plan to get started

Microsoft offers you a wide range of licencing perks and programmes with the VMware Rapid Migration Plan, so you can transition to Azure VMware Solution with price protection and savings.

VMware Rapid Migration Plan
Image credit to Azure

Azure VMware Solution pricing

Obtain discounts and price protection

To lock in prices for one, three, or five years, use Reserved Instances. Azure are pleased to announce that if you buy a new one-year Reserved Instance before December 31, 2024, you will receive a 20% discount on Azure VMware Solution. The Azure VMware Solution’s five-year Reserved Instance is only accessible for a short period of time; access expires on June 30, 2024.

Preserve current SQL Server and Windows Server licences

VMware environments are often used to run SQL Server and Windows Server. You can operate cloud versions of Windows Server and SQL Server in Azure VMware Solution without paying extra licencing fees if you acquire Software Assurance. Moreover, older versions that are nearing the end of their useful lives come with complimentary Extended Security Updates.

Obtain aid with migration

To obtain resources, professional assistance, and money for a smooth move, use Azure Migrate and Modernise.

Acquire Azure credits to update

You are eligible to receive an extra Azure credit of up to $120,000 when you purchase a new Reserved Instance for Azure VMware Solution. Use this to help you optimize and modernize in the cloud for Azure VMware Solution, or think about utilizing it for other Azure services.

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