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Google Cloud Next 2024: 20 Significant Security Updates

Google Cloud Next 24

Cloud CISO Views: 20 significant Next ’24 security updates. Help outline some of the most significant security product and Google Cloud security enhancement announcements in this update.

Google Cloud Next conference

Twenty significant security updates from Next ’24

Earlier this month, they had yearly Google Cloud Next conference. During the opening speech, they focused on how AI is revolutionizing business operations, their remarkable customer growth, and of course, google cloud fantastic lineup of 218 new product releases.

A summary of the keynote address is available here. They made big announcements about how Gemini powers Google Cloud and how Google Cloud powers the next wave of AI firms. additionally talked about how database management, workload-optimized infrastructure, and application development have all improved.

They also put a lot of effort into developing secure and security products, integrating Google into your security team wherever you operate and enhancing your defenses with artificial intelligence.

Organizations require security necessities that can “bring simplicity, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency and effectiveness,” which was stated at Google Cloud Next 2024.

Naturally, at Google Cloud, they want every organization to select us as their security supplier, but our offerings go much beyond what google cloud company can sell. They note that a multi cloud strategy is actually used by 92% of organizations that use at least one cloud provider. They approach is to concentrate on protecting Google Cloud users and their whole environment.

Google Cloud Next Agenda

The list of top 20 security announcements from Google Cloud Next 2024 has been divided into sections that concentrate on Gemini for Security, which gives defenders even more ability to recognize and reduce danger.

  • The end of this month will see the general release of Gemini in Security Operations, a new assisted investigation tool that walks analysts through their workflow in Chronicle Enterprise and Chronicle Enterprise Plus. Now, you can ask Gemini directly in-line for the most recent threat intelligence from Mandiant, along with any signs of compromise discovered in their surroundings.
  • With the public preview of Gemini in Threat Intelligence, you can use conversational search to access Mandiant’s cutting-edge threat intelligence. Additionally, Virus Total now automatically consumes OSINT reports, which Gemini summarizes on the platform; these reports are currently generally accessible.
  • The Security Command Center’s Gemini feature, which summarizes attack routes and delivers summaries of critical and high-priority misconfiguration and vulnerability warnings, allows security teams to search for threats and other security events using natural language in preview.
  • Gemini Cloud Assist also offers the following tools to help with security tasks: Confidential Computing Insights, which can recommend options for adding confidential computing protection to sensitive workloads based on your data and compute usage. Key Insights, which can assist during encryption key creation based on its understanding of your data, your encryption preferences, and your compliance needs and they Recommendations, which can offer clear, contextual recommendations to remove roles from over-permissioned users or service accounts.

Google Cloud Next 2024

Here are some more security alerts:

  • Now that it’s widely accessible, the new Chrome Enterprise Premium combines the well-liked browser with enterprise policy controls, threat and data protection from Google, Zero Trust access controls, security analytics, and reporting.
  • Now publicly accessible, Google Security Operations‘ applied threat intelligence automatically applies global threat visibility and tailors it to the specific environment of each customer.
  • Mandiant Hunt, which is now in preview, is included in Security Command Centre Enterprise, which is now generally accessible.
  • Presenting Isolator: Enabling multi-party, secure collaboration with medical records.
  • In addition to providing Confidential Accelerators for AI workloads, Confidential Computing is a crucial solution for data security and secrecy. It also offers an extended hardware portfolio, help for data migrations, and new partnerships.
  • Management of Identity and Access Just-in-time, time-bound, and approval-based access elevations are provided by Privileged Access Manager (PAM), which is currently accessible in preview.
  • Management of Identity and Access IAM principals are subject to limitations thanks to a new identity-centered control called Principal Access Boundary (PAB), which is currently under preview.
  • Palo Alto Network’s threat prevention is now included in the general availability of Cloud Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW) Enterprise.
  • With a pay-as-you-go strategy that incorporates comprehensive network DDoS protection, web application firewall capabilities, network edge policies, adaptive protection, and threat intelligence, Cloud Armor Enterprise is now widely accessible.
  • Now widely accessible, the Security Command Centre Enterprise risk engine has a thorough integration of Cloud SQL with Sensitive Data Protection.
  • Customer encryption key creation and maintenance is made easier with Auto key’s key management feature, which is currently in preview. (CMEK).
  • There are now more locations where bare metal HSM deployments are possible in PCI-compliant buildings.
  • Regional Controls for Assured Workloads is now accessible in preview across 32 cloud regions across 14 nations.
  • In preview, Audit Manager streamlines control verification for workloads and data on Google Cloud by providing evidence of compliance.
  • Shadow API detection is now available in preview for Apogee API Management’s Advanced API Security.
  • Google have extended the data residency assurances to 11 additional countries: Australia, Brazil, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and Taiwan for data stored at-rest for the Gemini, Imagen, and Embeddings APIs on Vertex AI.
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