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GIGABYTE’s AORUS AI Gaming PC Hits Global Stage!

GIGABYTE Unveils First Wave AORUS AI Gaming PC Worldwide

As a world leader in computer hardware, GIGABYTE Technology has embraced the age of AI PCs by introducing the AORUS 15 and AORUS 17, the first gaming laptops driven by AI, with Intel Core Ultra series CPUs and NVIDIA RTX 40 series laptop GPUs. inviting players to experience AI applications from edge to cloud as trailblazers. An AI Neural Processing Unit (NPU), created expressly to speed up AI applications, is built into the first-generation Intel Core Ultra CPUs.

This results in a huge increase in processing speeds for generative AI software, while simultaneously lowering CPU loads and improving energy efficiency. In addition, the NVIDIA RTX 40 series laptop graphics is combined with both models. In order to serve demanding professional applications, this guarantees a faster computing experience for generative AI content generation, speeding rendering times and delivering seamless realizations.

⁠GIGABYTE is committed to giving mobile gamers an optimal experience. Users may take advantage of Intel NPU’s strong energy efficiency and portability while running on battery power. An array of AAA games and business apps may be accelerated by the NVIDIA RTX 40 series laptop GPU when it is plugged in, offering intelligent enjoyment and a smarter way of living all day long. Last but not least, the user experience is optimized in terms of energy conservation and software performance by GIGABYTE’s new AI Nexus control software and the integrated Microsoft AI assistant, Copilot.

This program helps with picture or video editing, content authoring, report analysis, and producing visually appealing presentations. Additionally, for a fully cord-free, on-the-go premium performance, AI productivity, and immersive gaming experience, the laptops have Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos!

⁠AI Entertainment All Around

With its Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processors, the newest AORUS 15 and AORUS 17 laptops provide a revolutionary 3D hybrid with Intel 4 Process and FOVEROS 3D packaging technology. With a maximum frequency of 4.8 GHz, this arrangement provides a total of 16 cores, performance cores, efficiency cores, and low power efficiency cores. With the help of three powerful AI engines, the integrated Intel Arc graphics processor provides an impeccable AI experience. Features like face and eye tracking, text-to-image content production, automated backdrop blurring during video conversations, and background removal are all done with ease. These improvements also result in longer battery life.

⁠The NVIDIA RTX 4070 laptop GPU, which supports Advanced Optimus technology and has a maximum graphics power (Max. TGP) of up to 140W, is installed in the AORUS 17 discrete graphics feature. DLSS 3 uses artificial intelligence (AI) to produce extra high-quality frames, giving players the needed gaming performance and remarkable ray tracing.

It is powered by the new fourth-generation Tensor Cores and Optical Flow Accelerator on GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs. The WINDFORCE Infinity cooling system, which consists of six heat pipes with high coverage, three sets of 12V power-enhanced fans, and 3D VortX intake and exhaust air circulation, is the secret to the success of the AORUS high-performance laptop. It efficiently regulates temperatures produced during hard gaming and professional rendering by maximizing airflow and greatly enhancing heat dissipation, guaranteeing a pleasant, icy touch feel.

⁠The AORUS 15/17, the first gaming laptop with AI capabilities, has two AI-accelerated platforms that provide AI-driven complete entertainment, lifestyle, and work modes.

⁠Unique Technology for AI Optimization

Apart from superior performance, GIGABYTE presents the brand-new AI Nexus program, which enables a large number of customers to be among the first to use distinctive AI PC features. Utilizing proprietary fine-tuning with up to 400 top-tier game titles, Microsoft Azure AI’s “AI Boost” dynamically modifies fan and system power consumption, allowing players to enjoy an overclocked gaming experience. By using Stable Diffusion and edge AI computing capabilities, the “AI Generator” enables users to create AI-driven content by utilizing the inbuilt NPU of the Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU for AI processing. By optimizing power use, the “AI Power Gear” extends product longevity and improves battery life.

⁠The “Copilot” generative AI chatbot is the main feature of the Windows 11 operating system. Working as a user’s virtual assistant, it manages creative and documentation duties. By utilizing the keyboard hotkey or by clicking on the Copilot icon on the taskbar, users may initiate text chats with the application. Tasks like editing virtual films, launching programs (Apps), summarizing site information, putting a webpage in dark mode, and capturing screenshots may all be completed using this interaction panel. The practical use of AI to automate routine operations greatly improves labor productivity via workflow integration.

AORUS 15 and AORUS 17:

With the goal of giving players an entirely immersive gaming experience, this year’s AORUS high-end gaming laptop series includes the highest configuration available for the AORUS 15 and AORUS 17, which boasts QHD resolution, a maximum screen refresh rate of 240Hz, and a DCI-P3 100% wide color gamut.

These laptops, which are certified with Pantone Validation, provide vibrant, realistic colors and withstand the test of TÜV Rheinland low blue light and flicker-free certifications to guarantee a pleasant visual experience even after prolonged use. Top-tier HDR visuals and a rich, nuanced surround sound experience are provided by the support of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos cinema-grade audio and visual effects, which elevate the visual and aural experience and give gamers unmatched immersion, gaming realism, and precise audio positioning.

⁠AI-driven panoramic entertainment, lifestyle, and work modes are all seamlessly integrated into the 2024-upgraded AORUS 15 and AORUS 17 gaming laptops. In addition to the next-generation computing platform, the AORUS design has been recognized with the Red Dot Product Design Award 2023 for its elegant, streamlined lines and thin aluminum chassis for improved mobility.

With PD 3.0 charging compatibility and a maximum battery capacity of 99Wh, these laptops provide portable emergency power. With up to 10 extensive I/O ports including HDMI, USB-C Thunderbolt, Ethernet, and an SD card reader it’s very practical to expand connection while on the go. Preorders for the AORUS 15 / AORUS 17 (2024), the first gaming PCs with AI technology in the world, are opening up the possibilities for intelligent gaming.

ModelAORUS 17 (2024)AORUS 15 (2024)
FeaturesUp to GeForce RTX 4070Up to Intel Core Ultra 7 155H1st gen AI processor, Build-in NPUTÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light + Flicker-free CertificationWINDFORCE Infinity Cooling SystemGIGABYTE AI Nexus TechnologyAdvanced Optimus TechnologyDolby Vision + Dolby AtmosUp to GeForce RTX 4060Up to Intel Core Ultra 7 155H1st gen AI processor, Build-in NPUTÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light + Flicker-free CertificationWINDFORCE Infinity Cooling SystemGIGABYTE AI Nexus TechnologyMUX Switch TechnologyDolby Vision + Dolby Atmos

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